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Monday, November 30, 2009

Rockhopper will be here soon :)

     The Chill Party is over and our Island is Back to Normal again :)

Club Penguin IslandBillybob has just told us that Rockhopper soon will be here with Coins for Change :) So I Hurried up to The Beacon to have a Look…No Rockhopper and Yarr yet…but they will be here December 11 :)

Saraapril at Beacon         …Soon we will see Rockhopper’s Ship The Migrator Here :)

…The Amazing Snow Maze is Gone…I will Miss it So MUCH! Can we Please get The Snow Maze Back Club Penguin? Pretty Please? I feel so LOST without it…LOL :)

Saraapril in Ski Village…The Decorations at The Ski Hill are Gone too…But we can still buy Racing Sleds in PINK…LOL…and Green and The Toboggan :)

Saraapril at Ski Hill

                     …I am so HAPPY that the Ice Rink is Here :)

Saraapril at Ice Rink ...We have so Much FUN to Looking Forward to in Club Penguin :) I think the Lighthouse Benefit Concert will be a Blast! What do you Think?

It is Always FUN when Rockhopper and Yarr visit Club Penguin Island :) Click on This Labels Rockhopper and Yarr to Find Many Post about them and all the FUN we have TOGETHER :)

Coins for Change will soon be Here :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

Every year we hear from you guys about how much you love participating in Coins For Change. The 3rd annual Coins For Change program will go from December 11th - 20th and we're gearing up to celebrate how contributing (in big or small ways) can help to change the world!

Coins for Change Club Penguin

Coins For Change is all about playing games to earn coins... and then donating coins at stations around the island. Every donation of coins in Club Penguin means you'll be helping decide how a 1 million dollar donation will be divided. This year the categories are: helping kids who are poor, helping kids who are sick, and helping the environment. And this year, there'll be some new ways to donate and celebrate - including a benefit concert at the Lighthouse!!

Keep checking for Rockhopper because his arrival will kick off the celebrations!! And he'll bring some rare items that'll make it possible to donate coins right inside your igloo...

Let us know if you're planning on saving up your coins to share during Coins For Change!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Thanks Billybob :) I LOVE to Help other Kids :) And to be able to Donate right in our Igloos is an AWESOME Idea! Thanks :)  I Think Right NOW is a Good Time to start save up Coins so we have Coins to Donate :) Now I will go and Make Pizzas at the Pizzatron 3000 Game and earn Coins :) Waddle On!

Saraapril and Pizza

 Coins for Change Coming Back December 11, 2009 in Club Penguin :)

Kids Help Phone :)

If you have a Problem and no Grownup to Talk to you can ALWAYS Phone Kids Help Phone 1 800 668 6868 and they will HELP you :) If you need Help Please Call Kids Help Phone

This information is from Kids Help Phone:

At Kids Help Phone, there's no such thing as a problem that's too big, too small, too unimportant, too serious, too embarrassing... too anything! No matter what your problem or question, we're here to help - you choose the way! You can either phone a counsellor directly or ask a counsellor online.

Go to Kids Help Phone and


The fastest way to get help is to call 1-800-668-6868.

Rory The Jet Pack Guy Ready to Help!
Kids Help Phone's telephone counselling is:

  • anonymous (we don't have call display)
  • confidential
  • available from anywhere in Canada
  • toll-free
  • immediate (open 24/7)
  • staffed by professional counsellors

This service was developed for you! Some kids worry that their problem isn't serious enough or they aren't sure what to say when they call. Our professional counsellors understand how difficult it can be to talk about something that is bothering you. We understand the things that are bugging you. And we are available day or night.

Still not sure? We know it helps to understand what you’re getting into before you pick up the phone. Check out:


  1. When you dial the number (1-800-668-6868) you'll hear a recorded message that goes like this:
    " Hi! Welcome to Kids Help Phone. For service in English press 1. For service in French press 2."
    After you choose a language, you'll hear a longer message that talks about things like why kids call and how we help.
    Why do we ask kids to hang up if they're pranking?
    We want this service to be available for every person when he or she needs it and pranks can prevent kids from getting through.
  2. When you get through to a counsellor, he or she will want to understand what your situation or problem is, so they'll probably ask you some questions. You don't need to say your name, and you don't have to share anything that you aren't ready to talk about. The more the counsellor understands about your situation the more helpful the conversation will be.
  3. You'll be encouraged to begin by telling your story. Past experiences help us learn, but what has happened in the past we can't change - we can change the future. This will be the focus of the conversation between you and the counsellor - what small changes can be made now?
  4. The counsellor will help you define your problem, think about what's important and help you figure out what to do next. The counsellor will also make sure you've got accurate information and may encourage you to consider different strategies or points of view.


Counselling is really just a conversation between two people.
At Kids Help Phone, we believe:

  • the problem is the problem - not the person
  • people have the strength and resources to make necessary changes in their lives
  • that sometimes we need a little help to tap into our strengths
  • the counsellor's job is to help people make sense of their experiences and open up possibilities for positive change

Sometimes, people who use Kids Help Phone think that a counsellor will tell them what to do. Counsellors are trained to know about a wide range of concerns and experiences, but every individual is unique and therefore must make their own decisions.
Counsellors help young people:

  • define the problem
  • think about what's important
  • figure out what to do next
  • express their feelings and needs
  • tap into their own strengths and resources
  • examine unhelpful habits, coping methods, self-defeating beliefs, values and attitudes
  • gather all the relevant facts
  • consider different points of view
  • understand how their behaviour and emotional reactions affect those around them and vice-versa
  • work out how the caller and others can help
  • begin to make decisions based on what you've learned


Anonymous means that Kids Help Phone:

  • does not trace calls
  • does not have call display
  • does not track IP addresses


Confidential means that Kids Help Phone will not provide any information that you shared during a conversation with a counsellor to anyone outside of Kids Help Phone except when the following TWO things happen together:

if you tell the counsellor that someone has harmed you in the past, is harming you in some way now, or that they will probably harm you in the near future,


you give the counsellor identifying information (like your name, address or phone number), the counsellor is obligated by law to inform the police and/or child protection authorities.

If you are ready to speak with a counsellor, call 1-800-668-6868

Spy phone

If you Need HELP Please call Kids Help Phone and They will HELP you :)

Here you find More Information from Kids Help Phone :)


Violence and Abuse






Physical health

Emotional health

The Internet

Living on your own



Violence and Abuse


The Internet

Phone 1 800 668 6868

      Thanks Club Penguin for Donating Money To Kids Help Phone :)

Saraapril Thanks Club Penguin :)

       Kids Help Phone Receives $150,000 Gift from Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin 2'' Figure 8 Pack Club Penguin Toys :)

Now we can buy a collection Pack of our Penguin Friends :) Includes: Ninja, Gary the Gadget Guy, Herbert P. Bear, Esquire and Klutzy the Crab, Rockhopper, Sensei, Faery, Squidzoid and Aunt Arctic. And Coin to Unlock Items Online :)

Club Penguin 2'' Figure 8 Pack

This Toy set is Available to purchase in stores that sell Club Penguin toys and at

                            How to Unlock lock Items Online!

      Sensei 2'' Mix 'N Match Club Penguin Figure Pack :) Club Penguin!

               Card-Jitsu FIRE Trading Card Game Value Deck :)

Card-Jitsu Fire Trading Card Game Value Deck :)

More Card-Jitsu cards to Play with Offline TOGETHER with Friends :)

Card Jitsu Fire Series 3 Value Pack or Card-Jitsu Fire Trading Card Game Value Deck contains 2 Customize Your Penguin Cards, 3 Foil Power Cards, 2 Customize Your Penguin Sticker Sheets, 3 Code Cards
18 Game Cards (a total of 23 game cards)

Card-Jitsu Fire Trading Card Game Value Deck

Card-Jitsu Fire Tin is a Collector Tin and contains 8 Blister Packs (4 Fire Series Packs and 4 Regular Series Packs) with 64 Game Cards + 8  Stickers + 8 Code Cards for both Series 2 and Series 3

Club Penguin 2009 Holiday Tin Set

Read More about this here Club Penguin Holiday Tin Card-Jitsu Trading Card Game :)

Fire Blister Pack includes 8 game cards + 1 code card + 1 sticker sheet

Card Jitsu Fire Series 3 Value Pack

Set of 30 Cards - 30 Club Penguin Game cards, including 6 foil cards this set includes the new Golden Puffle Card (no Picture yet)

Card Jitsu Fire Series 3 Booster Pack - Each Card-Jitsu Fire pack contains: 1 Foil Power Card, 7 Game Cards, 1 Customize Your Penguin Card, 1 Customize Your Penguin Sticker and 1 Code Card which unlocks online versions of game and power cards (no Picture yet)

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Fire Expansion Deck Trading Card Game with 30 all-new cards :)

Includes: 26 Club Penguin Fire Expansion Deck Game Cards, 1 Club Penguin Foil Power card, 1 Customize Your Penguin Game Card, 1 Customize Your Penguin Sticker Sheet, 1 Club Penguin Code Card, Game Guide

These Card-Jitsu Cards are Available to purchase in stores that sell Club Penguin toys and at and

                            How to Unlock lock Items Online!

    Card-Jitsu Trading Card Game Sensei Collection Tin Club Penguin :)

        NEW Power Card-Jitsu Cards and Animations :) Sneak Peek :)

          How to Play Card-Jitsu Fire Game online in Club Penguin :)

FUN on Ice :)

I am so HAPPY that the Ice Rink is Back :) Time for Hockey and Figure Skating TOGETHER with Friends :)

Chill Party Ice Rink in Club Penguin

              ...Now it is time for my Figure Skating Program :)

Saraapril Figure Skating…Thanks for Watching me and Snowflake Figure Skating :) See you All in Club Penguin :)

Home Page FUN Secret in Club Penguin :)

Have you found this Secret? If you take a Close look at the Chill Party Decorated Island you will se a Snowman…If you click on him or on the Blue Tour Guide Penguin you will start the Club Penguin Video :) AFTER that the Snowman will Jump if you mouse over…Cool :)

Snowman on Club Penguin  Home Page

Hide and Seek in The Snow Maze :)

               I met My Friend Yay212 at The Snow Fort Today :)

Saraapril and Yay212 at Snow Fort             …We had a Worm…Sorry a WARM Cup of Tea…LOL  :)

Ski Village in Club Penguin                 …Then we Tried to get Lost in the Snow Maze…

Saraapril in Snow Maze                                 …It was so Much FUN :)

Saraapril in Snow Maze

…Then we had a “We are lost Yeti’s Party” We Danced and Sang :)

Saraapril in Snow Maze

...Yay212 wants to Play Hide and Seek…GREAT Idea :) Lyndi26 can Fly and will Help us so we don’t get Lost Forever…LOL :) I start to count You Hide…

Saraapril in Snow Maze                                     ...I Found you :)

Saraapril in Snow Maze

                             …This is FUN…Now I will Hide…

Saraapril in Snow Maze       …This is a Good Hiding Spot…Yay212 is still Looking for me :)

Saraapril in Snow Maze                                      …You Found me :)

Saraapril in Snow Maze…I will count now…10. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Ready or Not here I come :)

Saraapril in Snow Maze

                     Hurray! I Found you :) I will count again :)

Saraapril in Snow Maze     …What!!! I Almost found you…LOL :) I have to Waddle around…

Saraapril in Snow Maze                          …I DID IT! I Found you my Friend :)

Saraapril in Snow Maze

…I LOVE to Waddle over The Maze Finish Line The Fanfares and Confetti is so Cool and Makes me Feel Special :) I DID IT! HURRAY :)

Saraapril Finish Maze

…This is a GREAT Place to sit and Talk if we Laugh too Loud we might starts an Avalanche…LOL :)

Saraapril in Snow Maze         …Kuwaga, Yay212 and I Racing Down The Penguin Run :)

Saraapril in Snow Maze                              …This was FUN Good Game :)

Saraapril in Snow Maze

...I have to go Goodbye Yay212 and Puff Puffly see you another Day in Club Penguin :)

Saraapril in Snow Maze

The Great Snow Maze Walkthrough – Help to Find the Way :)CHEATS!

                     FUN with Friends in The Amazing Maze :)            

                   More Fun with Friends in The Great Maze :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Stories and Adventures: The Secret in the Yeti Cave :)

I Love this Chill Party I am Glad that we can have FUN on the Island and that Sensei have came to his Senses and started to act More Responsibly so we were able to turn around the Big Climate Change he caused on Club Penguin Island :)


                         …Now I will Waddle to The Yeti Cave…

Maze Waddle in CP

                               …What Way was it? This Way!

Saraapril in Maze This Way

                     …Just some More Twists and Turns :)

Saraapril Waddle in Maze 

…I am Here! The Yeti Cave :) Brrr…It is COLD outside I better Hurry inside…

Saraapril and Yeti Cave

…YES! The Yeti Cave is EMPTY :) I will Pretend that this is MY Cave and That I am a YETI :) This will be FUN :)

Saraapril in Yeti Cave 

…I LOVE the serene Icicle Sound in here it is so calming and The Yeti Cave is a Perfect Place for Ice skating too :)

Fun on Ice in Yeti Cave…Sitting in my cozy Yeti chair eating Popcorn and Watching Cartoons :) LOL…This one is Funny :)

Saraapril in Yeti Cave

…I wonder if there are any Treasures in this Cave? Time for Treasure Hunting :) So Pretty these Gems are Sparkling…But…What is that sound? Someone is coming into the cave I can hear Heavy Footsteps and small Claws…CLAWS!? Can it be…

Saraapril and Yeti Cave Gems

…HERBERT AND KLUTZY! Wow They’re Dancing and Having FUN :) They must think they are ALONE in here…H…I stopped myself…

Herbert Klutzy Saraapril in Yeti Cave

…Wait a little…I will sneak out without them seeing me Herbert gets so Grumpy if we Agents disturb him…

Saraapril in Yeti Cave…It was GREAT to see Herbert and Klutzy having FUN TOGETHER again :) I Must tell Gary about this right now…

Saraapril in Maze                     …I wonder where Uncle Gary is Today?

Saraapril...I found Gary the Gadget Guy in HQ and told him that I have seen Herbert and Klutzy Having FUN Dancing in the Yeti Cave! Thanks Agent Saraapril This is Very important information...Hmmm… interesting indeed! Gary said…
Do you think HERBERT has made the Yeti outfits for us I asked Uncle Gary? That is another interesting thought indeed! Uncle Gary answered…It wouldn't be the First time Herbert did something nice…The Maze Guardian…I am very Happy over this continuing Positive Progress in Herbert's Personality and that he more and more acclimate to Club Penguin Island and our life here :) Uncle Gary looked very pleased…But he still makes up Problem too I pointed out Remember how Herbert’s Plan stopped The Festival of Flight, that was DANGEROUS!…Yes Uncle Gary said I better send out Agents to keep an eye on him just in case…

Gary The Gadget Guy…Good Work Agent Saraapril I will soon contact you for a New Mission and introduce you to a Great Agent that will be a Good Help for you and other Agents…For now I personally will keep a close eye on the Monitors to se what Herbert is up to Next…

Gary The Gadget Guy

…I will be ready I said and smiled :) Goodbye Uncle Gary see you soon Remember that Grandma need your Socks to wash :) But Gary didn't listen anymore he was occupied with the Monitors…I Waddled away to the Ice Rink…Time for some Figure Skating :)

Find Many More Stories under the Label My Stories and Adventures :) 

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