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Friday, December 11, 2009

Rockhopper and Coins for Change 2009 are HERE :)

HURRAY! This is GREAT! I am so HAPPY That Coins for Change, Rockhopper and Yarr are Back :) The Migrator is Decorated and docked here at the Beach :)

Coins for Change

…Right Now we can’t enter the Migrator…I guess Rockhopper isn't ready with the Rare items yet…LOL :)

Coins for Change

…Now we can Enter the Migrator… I like the Coins for Change and Christmas Decorations :)

Coins for Change Migrator

…Up in The Crow’s Nest The Rockhopper snowman is Back :) Coins for Change 2008 :)

Coins for Change Migrator

…Lots of Christmas Decorations in The Ships Hole :) Remember to look at Rockhopper’s Rare Items :)

Coins for Change Migrator                           …Coins for Change Head Quarter :)

Coins for Change Migrator …click on Rockhopper’s Notice Board to see his Plans for this visit :)

Rockhopper's Notice Board

Coins for Change Goals!

  • Donate 71.500 coins!
  • Dais a ruckus to raise coins!
  • Round up pirates for Treasure Hunting!

Ideas for sharing me time!

  • ARR! Serve 1.000 coffees a minute!
  • Avast! Sing Christmas carols as lout as possible!
  • Decorate 100 Christmas trees!
  • Keep landlubbers at the Cove safe!
  • Ask that Aunt Arctic lass to help out!
  • Ask around for more ideas!


This will be so Much FUN :) I Looking Forward to meet Rockhopper and Raise Coins TOGETHER :) Remember to Send a Gift Postcard with item inside to New and Old Friends :)

Links will be added here soon…

Coins for Change and Constructions in Town :)

Rockhopper’s Rare Items :)

Coins for Change Postcards in Club Penguin :)

Gift Postcard with Item inside :)

Igloo Upgrades December 2009 CHEATS :)

Better Igloos Furniture Catalog December 2009 CHEATS :)

Coins for Change Home Picture in Club Penguin 2009 :)

How to Donate to Coins for Change :)

FUN with Friends at Coins for Change 2009 :)

Rockhopper in Server Snow Board during Coins for Change 2009 :)

How can Virtual Coins for Change Help Real Children and make a Difference in the Real World?

Christmas Party Coming on Friday 18, 2009 to Club Penguin :)

Fundraising Party in Club Penguin :) INVITATION!

THANKS for the FUN Fundraising Party :)

Rockhopper’s Coins for Change PARTY in Server Flurry :)

Coins for Change close on December 20, 2009!

Igloo Decorating Tips and New Year - Reviewed By You :)

Holiday Season – Penguin Poll :)

Christmas Holiday PARTY in Club Penguin 2009 is HERE :)

Holiday Party Home Page Picture :)

Party!! by Billybob :)

How to Enter The Holiday Igloo Decorating CONTEST :)

Codes for Change :) CONTEST!

FUN with Friends :)

Coins for Change 2009 is Over…Rockhopper still Here :)

Coins for Change Result 2009 :)

Coins for Change Result Video 2009 :)

Keep Making A Difference :)

Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic says THANKS!


Teddy3tie said...

If you can't get in then log out then back in.

Carly971 said...

Im on the ship
soo awesome!
Rare items
silver bell:75 coins
Tricon hat:350 coins
Banner Coins for change:500 coins
Coins for change bucket: 75 coins!
free item is Background

Anonymous said...


Are you going to take down your Coins for change 2009 cheats yet? LOL!

Saraapril said...

Hi Anonymous :) Nope :) I plan to keep it there to Coins for Change 2010 :)

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