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Friday, January 9, 2009

SQUIDZOID at The Stage

             Squidoid, Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl are Back!

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          There are No Secrets in the Costume Trunk this time…

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                    …I LOVE the Stories about our Monsters…

click to enlarge                                      …and Heroes…

click to enlargeMe, Jazmin998 and Diver610 are all Gamma Girl and we got The POWER! Dress up and wave and you get The Power too…

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                         Super Puffle Shakespeare in Action!

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                    Use the Switchbox 3000 for Cool Effects! :)

click to enlarge                                    …FLOWER POWER…

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                             Victory for the GOOD Again :)

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   Thanks to all Fellow Actors :) We saved the City WE ARE HEROES!

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