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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sneak Peek New Furniture Coming Friday!

Time to save up some coins so you can buy this and other Cool Colorful Items…click to enlarge  On Friday there's a new Better Igloos catalog and Club Penguin Promise us that it will be Extra Colorful :) Great! I looking forward to Decorate my Igloo in New, Bright Furniture items.

On a Secret Mission…Free The Puffles

This Morning I was fast at sleep when My Spy Phone started to ring…It was Gary…click to enlarge “GOOD MORNING” he said can you come to HQ The Director want to talk to you…I Hurried up grabbed some clothes and cold seaweed Pizza… …and then I run all the way to HQ…Hi Gary I said I am ready! In that moment The Director started to talk from the computer screen…Agent Saraapril we need to do some research Herbert and Klutzy have not been seen after Herbert's escape…They might have gone underground again and we don't need more earthquakes or Tremors…Your order is to secure the ground and look for new tunnels please keep a low profile we don't want to create any panic…Okay I said I will do My best…In the Gadget room I borrowed a Jackhammer 3000 from Gary and off I went…I started to drill  in The Forest…The Ground was solid…click to enlarge                                         …The Dock…

click to enlarge                       …and Ski Village was soon secured too…

click to enlarge ..I sat down for a while and started to think…is it any place at the Island that is different? YES! The Ice Rink! Something is wrong at the Ice Rink! We can not slide on the ice anymore! Something must be wrong at the Rink! I hurried over and started to drill…What is this?click to enlarge

…This is NOT Ice just some plastic material…and I found a lid…

click to enlarge…Wow! This get More and More interesting a Hole…I found a lamp on a hook connecting to the lid…Great! Just what I needed :)click to enlarge

…I climbed down and found myself standing in the beginning of a long dark tunnel…I was so Happy for the light…

click to enlarge

…I had walked some minutes in the tunnel when I heard something…It was a little sad trembling Puffle…What is wrong I asked? The little Puffle jumped up in my lap and then starting to jump up and down to explained something for Me…Oh I understand your friends is down here and you cant find them? Yes! The Puffle nodded Well I said I will find your Friends can you find your way out and wait for me there? My new Friend nodded smiled and jumped away…

          …The Tunnel looked scary…What is this? a Puffle Toy!click to enlarge…Can Herbert and Klutzy have capture Puffles down here? The Tunnel gets darker and darker I turned left and…click to enlarge

…suddenly I could see light…Now I know were I am this tunnel leads to the Boiler Room!click to enlarge            …Good Morning Herbert what are you up to this time?…

click to enlarge

…Nothing is impossible for a Secret Agent you should Known that by now…What have you done to The Puffles?

click to enlarge

    …Remember we Secret Agents are very smart so you cant win…

click to enlarge  …in that moment I saw a cage filled with sad captured Puffles I open the cage door… and The Puffles run to their freedom.. 

                 …Klutzy was so scared and tried to hide…

…NOOOOOOO! Screamed Herbert and stomped with his feet…WHAT HAVE YOU DONE…NOW I HAVE NO PUFFLES ANYMORE!click to enlarge

…YOU WILL NOT CATCH ME! Before I could stop them Herbert and Klutzy run away…What is it with Herbert and Klutzy? Why did he capture all Puffles? Was it for some Plan or does they feel lonely and wanted them for company?

click to enlarge

…When I come back up from the Tunnel My New Friend waiting for me just outside the Ice Rink…

click to enlarge

…I hurried to HQ to report everything to Gary…He Thanked me and said that he will send other Agents to investigate the Tunnel immediately…Can you Please fix The Ice Rink too? I asked I LOVE to slide around on the Ice…I will do My Best Gary promised…I will do My Best…click to enlarge

…When I came out from HQ All the Free Puffles waited for me they was so Happy and jumped around and danced…

click to enlarge  

They followed me to my Igloo and was so Happy to meet my Puffles :)TOGETHER we started to prepared for a Puffle Freedom Party! Lots of Cream Soda…click to enlarge

                                           …cookies…click to enlarge

                                        Puffle Toys and…                                             …O rings…

                                …Balloons…and karaoke… click to enlarge

We had a GREAT FUN Time TOGETHER Singing, Eating, Dancing Jumping around and Celebrate our Friendship :) We will all be Friends for Life! After the Party I followed the Puffles to The Pet Shop so they can be adopted to nice Homes…If you happen to adopted some of them please bring them to us for a visit…Friends are always Welcome in Our home and Friends to my Friends are my Friends too :)

click to enlarge

                    …Then I went to rest at the Beach…click to enlarge

               …Just another Morning in a Secret Agents life :)

Herbert and Klutzy lives here – My Stories and Adventures :)

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