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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dance Party Extended

The Great FUN Members Dance Party was supposed to end on Sunday but Club Penguin Team decided to extend it until Tuesday!!! THANKS :) 
Cadence will continue to show up at the party so you still have time to find her and Party TOGETHER! Have you heard this rumor?

“Cadence won't show up unless the metal landing pad on the rooftop is clear…”THAT IS NOT TRUE! We are free to use the entire area to show off our Dance Moves! Thanks! Club Penguin Team for letting us Know about this :)

                                       LETS DANCE!

Igloo Decorations Again :)

I Liked My Cute little Igloo in Mexico Style but Now I have Upgrade to the Candy Split Level Igloo…Me and My Puffles LOVE to Decorate so here we go Again :)

click to enlaege

…I LOVE the colors in the Mexican blanket :) All My Friends knows how Much I Love FLOWERS…LOL…so I think the Terracotta vase,Terracotta pitcher and Terracotta Pot is PERFECT! and they are cute too :) I can Never have to Manny Flowers :) I am Glad that the Wall Geckos only are Decorations…OR?…and The Terracotta Sun, is so Puffely Happy :)  It is so FUN to Dance on my Dance Floor…We LOVE Our New Home!click to enlaege  …Now I will make a Seaweed Pizza in my Oven…Yummy :) Welcome to visit us! Have a Puffely Happy Day :)

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