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Monday, January 19, 2009

Opening Pictures in Club Penguin!

This is the Five Different opening Pictures I could find…I am sure that this will be changed often :) Have you found More? Please let me Know :)           

                       PARTY! I LOVE the Member Party's :)


       …It is so Much FUN to Dress up and Play with My Friends…

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…I Always Decorate and Redecorate My Igloo I can do that for Hours and Hours…LOL

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…I LOVE My Cute and FUN Puffles and I Love that all of them have different personalities :)

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                              …I Love to be a Member :)

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…TO ALL MY FRIENDS in CP Member or Non-Member lets meet in Club Penguin and have FUN TOGETHER! Friends to my Friends are My Friends too :)

What is Club Penguin? How can I be a Member in Club Penguin?

We have got some Updates On Club Penguin information pages and New Cool Front Page too :) This opening picture changes so next time you log in you probably will see another…I Like that :)

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…Membership Means More…

Membership Means More creativity and exploration, more celebration and more fun!

It all starts with this badge! It’s your key to access all kinds of exclusive items, games, parties and events that unlock a host of fun for you and your friends!

Add to your collection every week and find something new to play and explore every time you login.

Club Penguin is packed with surprises and secrets; your member badge lets you access it all! Look for it on your player card when you become a member. What are you waiting for? Dive in and explore!

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             …Create More…

Get creative with igloos, costumes, outfits and more.

  • Design the prefect igloo and invent all your friends!
  • Collect new furniture and outfits every month!
  • Create unique combinations and discover special actions!

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                         …Explore More…

Exclusive access to games, upgrades and rewards makes Club Penguin even more exciting to explore!

  • Upgrade games with equipment and gear to earn more points!
  • Access more levels in games!
  • Grab a costume and act in a play at the Stage!
  • Explore new areas first!

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                                    …Play More…

Whether you’re with friends or chilling on your own, puffles are always a fun addition to playing Club Penguin! They’re cute, cuddly and every one of them needs a home!

  • Get to know your puffle! Every color has a unique personality.
  • Play with and care for up to 16 puffles all at one time!
  • Take a puffle with you in games!
  • Collect special puffle furniture.

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                                             …Access More…

Stay at the front of the line! Priority entrance into servers and rooms means you don’t have to wait to play your favorite games or hang out in your favorite rooms—you get there first.

  • Jump to the front of the line for every event and part!
  • Visit your favorite servers—there’s extra space reserved for you!
  • Add to your collection with unlimited access to catalogs and items!
  • Add your igloo to the Club Penguin map, so all your buddies can visit you easily.

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                                                   …Celebrate More…

Join exclusive parties and event that are created just for members! They’re the perfect place to discover the latest and greatest Club Penguin has to offer from what’s new at the Stage to brand new games!

  • Attend exclusive parties and special events!
  • Hang out with your favorite characters!
  • Access member-only areas at major parties!
  • Throw a party in your igloo and celebrate with friends!

2009-01-20 00.07.26 - Copy 

I LOVE Club Penguin I have so Much FUN in CP Everyday :) It is so Much I can do in this Game so I never have Time to get bored…LOL

        Click Here to go to Club Penguin and Get your Membership

You can purchase membership online for different lengths: monthly, 6 months or 12 months.

You can also purchase membership in store. Club Penguin Membership Cards are available in 1 month and 6 months cards in stores.

To stay updated with everything on Club Penguin this blog is updating you with the latest and greatest news.

Member Badge!

    I am a MEMBER :) So Today I got this Card from Club Penguin!

 click to enlarge Soon everyone can see on your Players Card if you are a Member…I Think the Members Badge is Cool :)click to enlarge

One thing I Like about CP is that EVERYONE is Welcome to play Club Penguin…Member or Non Member we ALL can have FUN TOGETHER! That is AWESOME! But Members PAY so it is GREAT that CP let us Members get this Special Treats :) THANKS!

A Big “Thank You” to our Members!

This Blog Post is from “What's New”

Hello Penguins,

We received an overwhelming amount of emails and comments from all of you members over the weekend thanking us for the Dance Party--but WE should be thanking you!

It's because of you that we are able to keep turning the great ideas and suggestions from the community into reality in Club Penguin. Without you guys we wouldn't be able to make Club Penguin as fun and safe as it is for everyone. So thank you for all your passion and contribution to the game!

Over the weekend, many of you let us know not only how happy you were we finally had another member party, but asked if we can do more for members in the future.

We are listening - and the answer is yes! This year, we're going to be adding more creative and exciting activities for you to do as members--and we decided to start now.

The Dance Contest game is going to stick around and we're giving you the multiplayer mode exclusively! Everyone will be able to play solo, but we wanted to give members something special.

We also decided to add one more thing to the game today, as a way to celebrate being a member. Check your Penguin Mail and look closely at your player card if you're a member. Right now, only you can see the badge that's there, but we're working on making it so that other penguins can see it, too! Let us know what you think.

We will continue making Club Penguin fun for everyone, but without members Club Penguin couldn't exist.
Until then...Waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on January 19 2009 11:24

THANK YOU Billybob and Club Penguin Time :) We are Happy to Help Club Penguin to be a Fun and Safe Place!

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