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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sketch from Dance Contest Game

We Penguins LOVE to Dance and the Night Club is one of the oldest rooms in Club Penguin…it was there from the start :) It is Great that we now have a Dance Game that includes a Multiplayer Mode…I Love that we can Dance and have FUN TOGETHER :) Thanks Screenhog for showing us this Cute sketch from way back when Club Penguin Team first designing the Dance Contest Game :)click to enlarge

500 Blog Posts!

This is My 500th Blog Post and I will say THANK-YOU to All Penguin Friends over the World that follow my Blog THANKS! This Blog have Readers from 107 Countries and TOGETHER I hope that we will continue to Have FUN in Club Penguin :)click to enlarge                      Me and My Puffles had a 500 Blog Post Party :)

click to enlarge         See you all in CP :) Have a Puffely Happy Day and Waddle ON!  

Fiesta Party Tomorrow :)

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow,Party, Party, Party…Lalalalalaa :)click to enlarge

January 23-25 2009 La Gran Fiesta! Club Penguins BIG Fiesta PARTY! and YOU ARE INVITED! See you there :)click to enlarge        …Lalalalaaa…Party! Party!…Party!…Lalalaaalaaa laaa :)                 

Secret Revealed: Classified

                                         Secret Nr 10

click to enlarge …this time it is about Secret Rooms in Club Penguin…Captain’s Quarter, HQ and Ninja Hideout…

click to enlarge

Bring Your Purple Puffle to The Dance Game :)

      Cadence will stay around so you can still meet her :) GREAT!click to enlarge

   You can Bring Purple Puffle to the Dance Game :) Cool and FUN!

click to enlarge 

                       Together we ROCK The Night Club :)

click to enlarge

                                         …Again :)

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