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Friday, January 23, 2009

Golden Stairs Party!

Today I meet Eggplant80 and TOGETHER we started a FUN Party!click to enlarge

…we Dancing…Laughing…Singing and Talking on the Golden Stairs :)

click to enlarge             …don't be sad Jv5050 please come and Party with us :)

click to enlarge                            Lets ALL have FUN TOGETHER :)

Fiesta Party Decorations and Secrets!

Some of the Party Decorations are the same as Last Year and some are New…The Night Club Looks Very Cool :) You can hit all Piñatas and you find them here and there…

click to enlarge

…The Forest is AWESOME! This is Already My Favorite Room :) Click on Palm Tree…WATCH OUT!…LOL

click to enlarge

                    ...Perfect! Here I can Plant FLOWERS :)

click to enlarge  

                            FLOWERS! FLOWERS!! FLOWERS!!!

click to enlarge

              …click on Bell to serve different kinds of  Mexican Food…

click to enlarge

                              …Coffee and Nachos Anyone?

click to enlarge

            …Remember to send a Party Card to your Friends :)

click to enlarge              Lets Party TOGETHER in CP see you All There Today :)

Fiesta Party Free Item :)

The Fiesta Party is HERE :) and you find the Free Item at Cove…

click to enlarge                                  …It is a Mini Sombrero…

click to enlarge

                    …Cute  Little Sombrero! Time to Party!

click to enlarge

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