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Monday, January 26, 2009

Sneak Peek from Sports Catalog

I Think this is a Climbing Wall! That is so COOL! I have tried one for real and it was so MUCH FUN! I Will LOVE to have one in my Igloo :) And I LOVE the cute colors…Pink…Purple…Spring Green…click to enlarge

The Catalog is out this Friday so in a Couple of days we will know for sure…Time to Work and earn some Coins :)

Forest Party :)

                     We hade lots of Fun in the Fiesta Forest :)

click to enlarge

                …Gosig Loved to flying around the Dragons…

2009-01-25 06.37.18 - Copy

                      Ninja Agentr are Fantastic on Guitar :)click to enlarge

        Nivalinia invited us all to Dance…and Danced we did :)click to enlarge

                            It was a GREAT FUN PARTY!click to enlarge

Thanks! To all Party Penguins :) It was so Much FUN to Party TOGETHER see you soon again in Club Penguin :)

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