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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hanging out in our Igloo

Today Pretty 5006 visit us in our Igloo Me and my Puffles Loves to have company…My Puffles had a Surprise for me Today…I will Blog More about that later :)

click to enlarge

Party Delayed!

The Winter Festival have been postponed from February to March…So we have to store the snow in the Attic a little bit longer…Now I will play Find Four :)click to enlarge

Member Badge Update!

Now we can see on other Penguins Player Cards if they are Members or not :) This is Parputt and she is a Member…Cool Outfit :)

I Hope Paint By Letters Coming Soon

What are Club Penguin Team up to? I know Today they Squashing Bugs :)
Here is a Update about the new Paint By Letters Book that was scheduled to launch on Friday...Sorry! No New Book yet…CPT found some bugs that need to be fixed so the game are not ready for us to play yet…
This FUN Book is worth waiting for so we will try to patiently wait for CP to fix the bugs…but it is REALLY Hard to wait…lol…

Thanks Club Penguin Team for your Hard Work to fix this so we can have FUN playing it soon :)

New Play at Stage at 13 February

Here is a Sneak Peek from The Stage! Next Play will be Team Blue vs Team Red again :)

click to enlarge  No Matter what Team you Cheer for It is ALWAYS MORE FUN to Work TOGETHER :)click to enlarge          …So Welcome to The Stage February 13…Lets have FUN!

Classified: Secret Revealed

                                        Secret Nr 11…

click to enlarge This Weeks Secret is from The Boiler Room…Here you find old News Paper and you can access other Rooms from here too…The Night Club Speaker has a secret door and…click to enlarge

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