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Sunday, February 1, 2009

What am I doing Today?

                      Today is a GREAT day for Surfing :)

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…I have invented a New Game…I call it Flying Surfboard... and it is So Much FUN…LOL

click to enlarge …I went Home to Feed My Puffles there I found Sunshine and Speed in a Climbing Adventure…

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…G contacted me Today…All Computers in HQ had Gone CRAZY…We think it is Herbert and Klutzy that somehow have manage to hack in and plant a virus…Well It is Fixed Now and all Agents are Alerted to keep an eye open for anything Suspicious…If you see Herbert or Klutzy please report to Gary immediately…

click to enlarge …I LOVE this Flower Pin and now I wonder if we can have a Spring FLOWER PARTY? Please Club Penguin Team can you fix that? Maybe a Green House too? Lets Make Club Penguin Blooming :) FLOWERS EVERYWERE! THANKS :) and I think Herbert will like that too…

click to enlarge                   Me and Supriya5 have a Flower Pin  Party :)

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…looking for Fashion Penguins…My Friend Keeby1 have a Great style…

                     …Tammyih have the Cute PINK Bunny hat :)

                         …Xtreamefinn is a Cool Dragon :)

                    …Spending time with Friends in The Forest…click to enlarge    

…now I will go and work in The Coffee Shop  they are short of staff Today and then…

The Dock Party!

So Many Penguins Party TOGETHER at the Dock Today! and we all had Great FUN :)click to enlarge Bikeboy93 is a Old Rare Penguin…you can see on the Player Card that it has the Pin…It is the FIRST Pin in Club Penguin History :) And The FIRST Beta Hat…

                               …The Four-Leaf Clover Pin…

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..Read More about This in Club Penguins Year Books you Find them in The Book Room over The Coffee Shop :)

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                                       Hello Friends :)

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                            Rockinroll50 is a Old Penguin too…

           …We had so Much FUN Dancing and Happy Running :)

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                          …Monk55392 is a Great Dancer…

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                            …FLOWERS to ALL FRIENDS!

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                  Hi Blazyboy1! Yes I want to be your Friend…

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         …my Buddy List is Full..Sorry! Lets Be Friends Anyway :)

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..Eli Morgan is Old Too…If you meet a Old Penguin you can ask them about Club Penguin…They Know EVERYTHING! And they can tell you about Old Cool Party's…and Secrets…and…

                         PARTY TOGETHER WOOHOOO!!!

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                                 Great Outfit Violetluver :)

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                                      It is FUN to PARTY!

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                                 …and Meeting FRIENDS! click to enlarge  

Thanks to All Party Penguins! It was GREAT to PARTY TOGETHER…

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               …See you ALL soon Again in CLUB PENGUIN :)

Mountain Climbing…

Gosig, Sweet, Blueberry, Purple and I have done some Mountain Climbing Today If you are a Member you can buy this Climbing Rock from the Sport Catalog…

click to enlarge  …I Love to Climb and this Climbing Wall is FUN to use in your Igloo too ;)

Party in Oi Moi’s Igloo

                                    This is Oi Moi :)

…I was invited to a Great Igloo Party Today :) Thanks Oi Moi your Igloo and swimming Poole are AWESOME! And your Puffles are so cute…It was so Funny when they jumped around in the Pool and splashed us all with water…LOL

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                            Thanks for the GREAT Party :)

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