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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cheats for Lime Green Dojo Clean- Paint by letters Book

Here is the Cheats to finding the Secret Hidden Coins in Lime Green Dojo Clean…so skip this Blog Post if you haven't played The Game yet…

Depending on how you write your story you will find Coins in Different places…This is ONE way to get Maximum Coins…

Use the Broom and Clean away the Mountains…as always Click on Coin!

                                      …Lift the Bucket…


…Drag the Paint Blob over the Penguins head around and around and it will appear a coin

       …click on the Track making Penguin…and click him again…

      …look at the Green lights remember them and click the wall and door in that order…

                                …Move the Bucket again…

     …this is a Favorite :) you have to solve a mini Game :) Grab light bulb and drag it to the labyrinths…(this Light Bulb is GOOD for the environment GO GREEN!)   

                                    …click on the octopus vent…

                         …Book Completed and BONUS COINS :)


I Think this Book is AWESOME! Now I will go and Read it Again in a Different way :)

One More Cheats from Lime Green Dojo Clean-Paint by Letters

Paint by Letters Game in Club Penguin :)

Paint by Letters Book is HERE!

Go to The Bookroom and play The New Book Lime Green Dojo Clean :)

click to enlarge

Now we have Three Paint by letters Books…I LOVE them and I hope we will get MANY MORE!

click to enlarge

                          Lets start Lime Green Dojo Clean!

click to enlarge  

Try this cool Game look for the Coins…They are hidden in cool places use your imagination…Next Blog Post will be about the cheats for this Book…But try to find the Coins yourself first That is More FUN!

New Comic :)

                      A New Comic on The Community site :) Click to enlarge

                          Click HERE to go to Community

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 and Club Penguin problems

First some Good News…The problem in Club Penguin with “Multiple Connections error message when using the Log Off button” is solved now :)  In the latest Internet Explorer 8 RC1 (IE8) running on Windows Vista or running Internet Explorer 8.0.7000.0 Beta running on Windows 7 Beta build 7000. The latest Adobe Flash Player is also installed

The bad News is that there are still bugs and problems with Arrow keys doesn’t work in Aqua Grabber This makes it impossible to play The Games where you use the keyboard arrows like Aqua Grabber, Sled Race, Cart Surfer and Jet Pack Adventure…Only workaround is to use another Web Browser…click to enlarge

This is not good because unless Club Penguin works with Microsoft and Adobe this problem might not be solved when Internet Explorer 8 is released

See also Problem with Club Penguin and Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2, Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 tip for Club Penguin and Furniture missing from Storage and Igloo Thanks to IE8 B2!

UPDATE: Now there is a SOLUTION to this Problem :) How to get Club Penguin Games work in Internet Explorer 8.0 :)

Rocky Mountains Igloo!

Me and My Puffles have worked hard to Decorate our Igloo…It was VERY heavy work and now I have a back pain..LOL This time we live in The Rocky Mountains :) and we have invented a New Game…we call it Finding the Flowers…

click to enlarge

                                 Welcome to visit us :)

Soon it is Time to Celebrate our Puffles!

Me and Many others have write to Club Penguin and asked for a PUFFLE PARTY! And at February 20 we will have that! WOOHOO!!!click to enlarge

This month Club Penguin Team promised us that  we're going to be Celebrating Puffles like we Never have before! GREAT :) Starting on February 13th our Puffles will PLAY with their toys and Furniture…COOL!

THANKS! CPT This is FANTASTIC FUN NEWS :) I Think this can be The BEST Club Penguin Party EVER! I can Hardly wait for this!!!click to enlarge

                       I LOVE MY PUFFLES and FLOWERS…LOL

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