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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sneak Peek from Clothing Catalog :)

This Friday we will get a New Penguin Style Catalog…so if you are short of Coins it is time to work and Earn some :)

click to enlargeI LOVE the striped Pink and Purple Rugby shirt it will mach my Hair Perfect :) Only on my Penguin Mum would go CRAZY if I had that for Real…LOL

I Want To Apologize…

…Today I discover that I have messed up My real Time and The Club Penguin Time…So when I have made an appointment to meet Friends in CP I have been there and waited…But NOT at the Right Time…  

click to enlarge 
…So to ALL Penguins that have waited for me in vain…Please Forgive Me!

click to enlarge

                            …a Flower to all My Friends…

click to enlarge 
      …Lets us try again…Hope to meet you soon in Club Penguin :)

One More Cheats from Lime Green Dojo Clean-Paint by Letters

I found one More Secret Hidden Coin…click on box again and again…Take socks and put them on Flippers…click to enlarge

       This story is GREAT! and I LOVE that they work TOGETHER :)

Cheats for Lime Green Dojo Clean- Paint by letters Book

Paint by Letters Game in Club Penguin :)

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