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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mission nr 10 Waddle Squad BUG!

               A Bug are in our Mission 10 Gary cant talk…

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…You have to leave the Room and come back before The Secret Agent react…but he too can only say Undefined!

2009-02-05 12.52.16 - Copy

                                …the same for Rookie…

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…Because we Not can talk to Gary and our fellow Agents we Never get our Mission…so the clue hunt can’t  start…and no Penguins are here to answers our questions…

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…all The other Nine Missions working Fine so you can Play them until Club Penguin Bug Team have fixed this :)

UPDATE: If you get this problem you can fix the bug yourself by clearing your cache or temporary Internet files. Here is how to clear cache.

Puffle Party Decorated Igloo :)

We are Ready for February 13 :) It will be so Much FUN to see My Puffles New Cool, Cute, Awesome Tricks…I can Hardly Wait! 

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                           Thanks for visiting Flingky :)

Puffle FUN Furniture !

February 13 our Puffles will started to play with The Puffle Furniture :)

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                          …Look how Happy they are :)

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Now Me and my Puffles will Prepare Our Igloo…TIME TO REDECORATE :)

Ninja Fun in Igloo

           Today when I climbing around in our Igloo I got an Idea…click to enlarge

                     …Hi Puffles try to find me know…LOL

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Classified: Warning Secret Revealed!

                                 Time for Secret Nr 12…click to enlarge …it is about How to Master Astro-Barrier…shoot The Blue Ship and wait…click to enlarge

…Now you know How you find the Secret Levels and…More Next week :)

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