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Monday, February 9, 2009

Club Penguin Now in French!

         Now we can Play Club Penguin in French…AWESOME!!!

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                                      …Explore Plus…

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     …French Servers are…Brise, Jour de Neige and Antarctique…

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                     That's ALL French Servers…for Now :)

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                                Bonjour and WELCOME!

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…It is GREAT FUN to Waddle around in a French Server :) and I  have learn some New words in French :) I LOVE THAT!!! Most of us have Not our names yet just Numbers…That make it HART to Remember my New Friends…I hope we get our NAMES Soon…Can you Please fix that Club Penguin Team? Can you fix that in the Portuguese servers too?

Puffles Loves to PLAY :)

On Friday our Puffles will get Happier and More FUN :) Our Puffles will start to Play with their Furniture items…This will be FANTASTIC FUN to watch :) If you don't have a Puffle or Puffle Toys and Furniture's you can buy that at the Pet Shop in the catalog…or you can buy MORE…LOL…Put out some Puffle stuff in your Igloo and get ready to watch the New ways they sleep, play, and eat…The Best part is that their Health will increase too!


                        Waiting for FRIDAY PUFFLE FUN :) 

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