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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Penguins LOVES Puffles! That's why we will have a PUFFLE PARTY! February 20-24 :)click to enlarge All Puffles have unique Personalities…on the Party it will be Cool Stuff for each of them in  different places on the Island to Match their interests…So take them one by one for a walk and let them PLAY :)

click to enlarge                                …I CAN HARDLY WAIT :)click to enlarge

Secret Revealed: Classified Astro-Barrier Secrets Part 2

                                       Secret Nr 13…click to enlarge …Here is Good Tips…Save your shots…and How to get a Extra Life…

click to enlarge This is GREAT! Now you know How to get Extra Points and The secret about the Blue Target :) Have FUN!

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