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Friday, February 13, 2009

Send a Card!

There are New Post Cards :) Pick a Team and have FUN!! Meet other Penguins and Cheer for your Friends TOGETHER! Are you Blue or…are you RED? Why not Cheer for Both that is FUN :)

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

                                           GO TEAMS!!!


This is NOT FUN!!! A Bug have made My Puffles Run Away! They was PERFECTLY Feed and Cared for! Please Club Penguin Team Find My Puffles and Bring them Back to me!click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Usually My Puffles send me a Card if they are Hungry…This time they DIDN'T! If Anyone see My Puffles PLEASE Help Me to Bring them Home! I Miss them so this is a very sad Situation…click to enlarge                                  I can’t stop Crying :(

Puffles Playing in Igloo Pictures :)

            My Puffles are so Cute and Playing around in Our Igloo :)

                                   Click on Food or Sleep…

                                …and they go for water…

                                          …or a nap…

...sometimes they do that without you have to do Anything! AWESOME!!! Now My Puffles can walk in ALL Areas in the Igloo :)


               …and they LOVE to sleep in their Houses…

                                      Puffle Play Pics…

click to enlarge             This is so Much FUN to watch I can do this for HOURS :)

Puffle Party Preparations

  We have started to get The Island Ready for the BIG Puffle Party…

click to enlarge

                      …Climb up on the ladder…Great view!

click to enlarge

                            …Puffles will have FUN here :)

click to enlargePuffle Toys in here? Maybe a Gym Set, Trampolines, Swings and Slides…and…

click to enlarge 

          Can it be Balloons in here? And…in flatable  Bouncers…:)

click to enlarge

A PINK CARPET! GREAT!!! I have asked Club Penguin Team for that! THANKS!!!

click to enlarge

                   …It will be MORE FUN Here at The Cove :)

click to enlarge

                     More Puffle Toys will be put up Here :)

click to enlarge

…all water is drained from the underground Pool instead we will get…

click to enlarge 

Now I have No more time to Blog…I will grab My tools and I meet you all in Club Penguin :) Lets us work TOGETHER and Make this Party to the BEST PARTY EVER!

click to enlarge

New Play Red Team vs Blue Team at The Stage

                         The New (Old) Play is Here!click to enlarge

                                     …use the Script…

click to enlarge

          on basket…or throw a snowball…

click to enlarge

                                    …click to keep score…

                                    …adjust spotlights…

                                   The Costume Trunk…

click to enlarge

           Here is The Secret Hidden Red Viking Helmet Cheat :)

 click to enlarge

                    Have FUN and try to find Shakespeare :)

New Club Penguin Pin-Box O’ Puffle O’s

            Della Jean and I found the New Pin inside The Mine :)

click to enlarge                            …Food for our Puffles…Cool :)

click to enlarge

                     Now you have the latest Pin Cheats :)

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