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Monday, February 16, 2009

Were are My Puffles?

After My Puffles disappeared I went to The Forest to look for them…

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                             Puffles, Puffles were are you?

click to enlarge …There they are :) Playing, Dancing, Singing and Having FUN :) I was so relived that I had found them but…

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                                …a HOT PINK PUFFLE!!!

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      The Hot Pink Puffles played fearless TOGETHER with mine :)

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Then The Hot Pink Puffle spotted me and jumped closer to look at me…With a cute smile it gave me some Flowers and then jumped away in The Forest again… click to enlargeclick to enlarge 

Me and Sunshine, Gosig, Chillie and Speed went Home…there we had a BIG WELCOME HOME PARTY!

                  We are so HAPPY to be TOGETHER again :)

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                              In My Igloo I have Three Cute Lily's… 

click to enlargeI Wonder if I ever will meet the Hot Pink Puffle again? I have named her Flower :)

Club Penguin-What can I do if My Puffles gone Missing due to a Glitch or BUG?

Well…in Club Penguin we are suppose to Celebrate our Puffles Now  in February…Club Penguin Promised us “surprises” Coming Home to our Igloo and finding Four of My Best Puffle Friends gone FOREVER is NOT what I Counting as Celebration! But it was a SURPRISE!!!click to enlarge

If this Happen to you write to Club Penguin Support and they will give you Coins to Adopt NEW Puffles!

But what  if you like me don't want New Puffles! You only want your OLD Puffles Back? Then you have to go and looking for them around the Island…Because your Puffles are tamed and used to a worm Igloo with Food and Toys they soon will start to Miss that and they will find a Penguin to catch them…Then you will find them in the Pet Shop for Adoption again and you and your Puffles can be Happily Reunited!

click to enlarge I understand that a BUG can happen in CP…But I think they should have made a Blog Post about HOW we can get our Puffles Back and that Club Penguin Team can give us Coins to Adopt Again!

                              They didn't do that but I did :)

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