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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Screenhog on Puffle History

Under What’s New Screenhog have published this Story:

In honor of the upcoming Puffle Party, I dug really deep to find out the history of the puffle. It's hard to believe now, but when Club Penguin launched, there were no puffles at all. At that time, the community of Club Penguin asked if they could have some kind of pet to adopt for their igloo, and we decided that, instead of using animals that already existed, we wanted to make up a completely new creature for the penguins to adopt.

We started sketching some ideas of what a Club Penguin pet might look like, and now, showing for the first time ever, here are some of those original sketches from November 2005:click to enlarge

Some of the ideas were combined, and the puffle as we know it now was born (although we liked the propeller one enough that we gave the green puffle a propeller cap to fly around with). We'd love to know what your very favorite thing is about puffles.

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog on February 19 2009

Thank for letting us know about this :) I must say that the early Puffles look…hmm…interesting but the Result…The  Puffles we have Today are AWESOME! I LOVE the way they Look and their Cute, Adorable and FUN Personality's Together with my Puffles I Never have a dull moment! They are my BEST FRIENDS :)click to enlarge

                   Hugs and Kisses to My Puffles I LOVE You All!

Mail Box BUG!

I am Always Happy when I got a Card :) And The Ones I gets from Club Penguin are Rare and I treasure them…Right Now many of them are GONE! And I have NOT Deleted them!!click to enlarge

The very First Card The Blue Mail Box Card is GONE! My Cool Card from The Penguin Band is GONE too! And so are Many other Special Cards from Club Penguin and from My Friends :’(

click to enlarge

Please Club Penguin Help me to get My Cards Back Please…You can Read about The Blue Mail Bag Card Here…If you too have this problem you can reported it to Club Penguin’s Report a Bug

The Date Mistakes

LOL…Today it is The 19 February and we have to wait for Almost A YEAR before we gets a New Penguin Style Catalog?…Nah this is just a Misprint…Can you please correct this Club Penguin Team?

Puffle Party Starts Tomorrow :)

In this weeks News Paper we can read About our Puffles…First PUFFLE PARTY STARTS TOMORROW! WOHOOOO!!click to enlarge

Read here to learn some Puffle Myths! As a Secret Agent I can confirm that some of them are True…Shhh that is a SECRET!!! Please don't tell… 

click to enlarge

Log in at Club Penguin and read the News…It is so Much about Puffles in this issue…I LOVE THAT :)

Sensei’s Fortune Cookie and Rockhopper…

If you go to this weeks News Paper in Club Penguin you find a Fortune Cookie…

click to enlarge                                …Our Friends coming BACK!

click to enlarge

              If they can find our Island…LOL…Are they LOST?

      Yarr is a Smart Little Puffle I’m sure he can Help Rockhopper :)

Secret Revealed: Classified…Items Old and New

                                        Secret Nr 14…click to enlarge

…Do you miss some of the Old Items or do you want New ones? Read this… click to enlarge                         I have Most of Club Penguins Items :)

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