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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Club Penguins Puffle Party Video!

In What's New Club Penguin have this Awesome Puffle Video :) This is Club Penguins Official Puffle Party Video :) Now for the First Time we can see how Wild Puffles Live…

click to enlarge

I saw this charming Video first at Thanks All Sparkle for telling me :) You are a Great Friend! I LOVE this Video it is so Cute and FUN :)

Thanks to Idoy101 :)

I want to say THANKS! to Idoy101…You are a so Nice, Kind, Smart and Helpful…You are a Fantastic Friend :) THANKS!click to enlarge

If you happen to meet Idoy101 Please give my Penguin Friend all Flowers you can find and say Thanks from me :)

click to enlarge

  Next time I will add you to My Buddy List…Please add me to yours :)

click to enlarge

                                        I am so HAPPY :)

click to enlarge    


Igloo and Catalog Updates

    I have Post Posters on My Beloved Puffles all over our Igloo :)

click to enlarge

And The Red Collection in the Catalog works again :) Thanks! Club Penguin Bug Fixers :)

click to enlarge

New Puffle Party Post Cards

Club Penguin have given us Three New Cards to send to our Friends :)

 click to enlarge click to enlargeclick to enlarge     

I LOVE this Puffle Cards :) Make sure you have room in your Mail Box so you can Receive Cards too :)

New White Puffle in Club Penguin :)

Were can I find the White Puffle? Here it is at The Dojo Courtyard! So now you know that it is True…A NEW White Puffle is HERE in Club Penguin! Amazing :) When can you see the White Puffle? You can see her here every half hour :)

click to enlargeWhen I first meet The White Puffle she Looked directly at me Smiled and Disappear…I immediately named her Snowflake :)

click to enlarge I wonder what personality she has and how she likes to Play :) Maybe Sensei have some information for us? I wish that we can adopt her soon Me and my Puffles are so eager to meet her :)

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