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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Waiting for Rockhopper and Yarr Party!

              Soon, Soon The Migrator will Dock at the Beach…click to enlarge      …and Me and My Friends are Ready to Welcome him and Yarr :)click to enlarge    I hope He take Time to stay and Chat for a while and have some Cream Soda with us :)

click to enlarge                                          Soon, Soon, Soon :)

Where can I find the White Puffle?

I am Happy to report that I just met Snowflake at the Puffle Roundup! She willingly let herself be round up TOGETHER with the other Puffles and I have now taken her to the Pet Shop! click to enlarge   The Puffle trainer Penguin was Amazed because Snowflake was the FIRST White Puffle  he ever had seen…click to enlarge When we talked another Penguin brought in a white Puffle…This means that we soon can start to adopt white Puffles too :) But first they have to get used to us Penguins…

New Comics in Club Penguin :)

We have got a NEW Comic today…and Happy77 interview a coworker about The Puffle Roundup…click to enlarge

I LOVE this Game and Thanks to Dad and my Brother I am Pretty Good at it too :)

click to enlarge

If you meet me in Club Penguin I am Happy to Play Find Four with you :)

New Friends

Today I and Chillie meet Two New Friends Zarsuena and Plompy 1 :)Sorry I couldn't add you to My Buddy List…it is Full! But we are FRIENDS ANYWAY :)click to enlarge                            See you again in Club Penguin :)

Rockhopper Returns Tomorrow :)

Rockhopper and Yarr will be here TOMORROW :) I can Hardly wait to meet them again!

click to enlarge

         Hurry Yarr and Rockhopper I have missed  you so Much!click to enlarge

Club Penguins Drawing Contest!

Gary the Gadget Guy have all this extra snow stored in the Attic…And Now he and Club Penguin invite US to a DRAWING CONTEST :)

click to enlargeYours or Mine Drawing can be made into a SNOW SCULPTURE :) I LOVE THIS! 15 Designs will be Picked and the winners will get 10,000 Coins! AND have their Statue unveiled somewhere in Club Penguin! WOW!!! Artists are looking for Drawings to be interesting, creative and request that they are without words. The best thing is that they can be about ANYTHING :) Penguins, Puffles, Friendship, sports…click to enlarge

            …Were is My Crayons? Sorry i must stop Blogging…

White Puffle spotted at The Dojo Courtyard

During the Puffle Party Me and all of my Puffles meet the shy White Puffle :) Now we hope to see Snowflake again…

click to enlarge

I will go and play Puffle Roundup now it is a good chance to spot her There… click to enlarge

                                          Waddle on!

Secret Revealed: Classified

                                         Secret Nr 15 :) click to enlargeChange your Furniture! This is a Feature I use a lot :) Hit  the arrow keys to change the Items… click to enlarge

Update: Secret Green Puffle in News Paper

We just got a New Newspaper but go to The Boiler Room and open the archive…click to enlarge

                                      …find Issue 175…

click to enlarge

                                …Hoover over Review…

click to enlarge  …and a Green Flying Puffle comes to read Aunt Arctic’s draft for the Newspaper :) Cool!

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