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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Rockhopper Post Card in Club Penguin

From Rockhopper’s Desk I  picked up some Post cards that he had asked me to deliver…

click to enlarge

On the Desk I found a NEW Post Card too…and a note from Rockhopper to send this to all my Friends :)Rockhopper Post Card                     …Mail to Angela 104 by Penguin Express…

click to enlarge                 Thanks for the New Card Club Penguin Team :)

Animated Pictures-Puffle Party Yellow Puffles

During the Puffle Party our Puffle Friends were all over the Island to play and Have FUN TOGETHER with us :) It was the BEST Club Penguin Party EVER!!! The Yellow Puffles special place was the Lighthouse I took some moving pictures and here they are…Sunshine and I admiring Shakespeare making Snow Sculptors…

Yellow Sculptore Puffle

        …LOL…you are very LOUD…I think I will go and play too :)

Yellow Producer Puffle

                        …Romeo? Romeo? My sweet Juliet…Yellow Stage PufflesAs a remembrance of my Performance I got My Picture Painted :) Thanks! I will put this up in my Igloo and Treasure it FOREVER!

Yellow Painting Puffle

                        Click HERE for More Fun Animations :)

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and the Cactus

Okay Sensei Really know how to use my weaknesses against me…I LOVE FLOWERS…LOL…He knows me so well :)Sensei and the Cactus

                     Click HERE for More Fun Animations :)

Club Penguin Animation- Sensei using a Mat…

     Thanks for giving me my Mat…I will put it back in my Igloo…

Sensei using a Mat

                      Click HERE for More Animated Pictures :)

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and “G” Gary The Gadget Guy

Sensei gets gadgets from Gary…This must be one of Gary’s prototypes…Sensei and Gary

                       Click HERE for More Great Animations :)

A Story Written about US :)

Today Me and Chillie went to the Pet Shop to visit Snowflake and to tell her a Story that Monstercjr have writhe about US :) it is called: The Mystery of the Missing  Migrator

visiting SnowflakeI am Happy to have Neighbors like you Monstercjr…Thanks for saving me :)

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