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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Update:The Migrator Glitch is Fixed :)

    Thanks Club Penguin Team for fixing the Glitch :) You are Great!

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                           You can still see the Glitch HERE

Club Penguin Animation-Puffle Party Pink Puffles

The Iceberg was my Favorite Puffle Party Place…Why? It was PINK!…LOL…EVERYTHING is Pretty in PINK…hmmmm…Littletias happened to see me write this and he Protested Loudly…LOL Anyway I LOVED to bounce on the Trampoline TOGETHER with Friends :)

Pink Puffles on Trampoline

This was Fantastic Fabulous FUN and the Happy Music was AWESOME!Sweet and I jumped for hours…jump…jump…jump in…

Pink Puffle skipping rope

                This Cute fellows training for the Aqua Grabber…

Pink snorkel Puffle

                      Click HERE for More Cute Animations :)

Club Penguin Animation-Puffle Party Red Puffle

At The Cove the Red Puffles had a Pirate Party! I like the canon Puffle… Red Canon ball Puffle

…and she ends up here…Chillie and I had lots of FUN on this float during the Party :)

Red Puffle in Crow's nest

            This little fellow pretended to be Yarr…He was so Cute :)

Red Puffle Walk                                          Surfer Puffle!

Red Surf Puffle

                     Click HERE for More Fun Animations :)

Penguin Play Awards! Sneak Peek

This is Exciting News…We will have a  HUGE Member Event in Club Penguin's Stage :) This will be something New and Different! The Event will take place at The Stage From March 20 - April 9 This will be the FIRST Penguin Play Awards Event! And it's going to be a Special Star-Studded Show! Everyone will be able to vote for their favorite plays in several categories, and Members can walk from the red carpet into the Stage where there will be so Many ways to be a part of The Show…and as usual it will be a lot of Surprises too :)
click to enlarge WOW!!! This will be so AWESOME! Now I must go and get myself a New Dress and Shoes…and…LOL

Club Penguin Animation-Puffle Party Purple Puffle

Me and Purple dancing around in The Night Club TOGETHER with The Purple Puffle Party…DJ Cadence had taught them some New Cool moves to teach us Thanks :)

Purple puffles on dance floor

                                  We Loved the Bubbles…

Purple Puffle dance

                                         …and the Balloons…

Purple Puffle still dancing

…After all this dancing we went to The Snow Fort and Played with a group of Wild Puffles TOGETHER we had a AWESOME FUN Snow Fight :)  We all Laughed so Much :)Puffle snow fort fight

Then All of Us went to the Puffle Feeding Room! WOW! This Wild Puffles can Really eat A LOT…LOL

Puffle feeding Time

                  Click HERE for More Awesome Animations :)

Club Penguin Animations-Puffle Party Blue Puffles

                 The Blue Puffles played around in The Forest…

Blue Puffle Plays with Ball

                         …TOGETHER we had so MUCH FUN :)

Blue Puffle bouncing on ball

Here we are Blueberry and I Dancing and Playing with our New Friends :)Blue Puffles playing Together

               And in The Pet Shop we Danced with old Friends :)

Puffles dancing in Pet Shop                           Click HERE for More Fun Animations :)

Club Penguin Animations-Puffle Party Green Puffle

During The Puffle Party the Beacon was were the Green Puffles jumped around and had FUN!

Green jumping Puffles

                                           AWESOME!Green Line Dancing Puffle

                      All Green Puffles LOVES to fly around :)

Green flying Puffle at the  Beacon

                                              …LOL…Watching Green burping Puffles

At The Beach Gosig found a flying Green Puffle and soon we was flying TOGETHER :)We flying TOGETHER with Green Puffle

                 Click HERE for More Awesome Animations :)

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