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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Waiting for White Puffle Party

    Right Now we have a BIG Waiting for The White Puffle PARTY :)

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Please Hurry Club Penguin! We so want to meet our New Friends :)

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New Drawing in Club Penguin :)

Under Fun Activities we have got a New Drawing to Color :) THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!

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I will make the water Sparkling with Glitter Glue…And the Penguin PINK :)click to enlarge                     Click HERE to get this picture to print out  :)

Screenhog’s Rockhopper Migrator Game

Here is a Cool Game that Screenhog have made up for us :)

This is what Screenhog tells us:

Do you know those puzzles where you have a picture with a whole bunch of stuff in it, and you have to find a specific thing? Well, the Migrator is a great place to play this game!click to enlarge The artists hid a lot of stuff on Rockhopper's ship when they built it. Ready to play? Explore the Migrator and try and find all of these things:
- A crown
- 7 treasure chests
- 3 puffle toys (one for the black puffle, one for the purple puffle, one for the blue puffle)
- The camera that was given to Rockhopper by Aunt Arctic
- 9 barrels
- A set of golf clubs
- 2 flags that can wave in the breeze
- 2 green buckets
- Yarr's bed
- A feather
- A mop
- Bambadee's friendship bracelet (read "Rockhopper and the Stowaway" in the Book Room if you don't know what this is)
- A purple octopus

Found all of these? Need one more challenge? OK, try and find the OTHER purple octopus.

THANKS! Screenhog This will be FUN to Play! I will log on and try it Right Now see you on the Migrator :)

Read the original entry HERE

Club Penguin Animation-Puffle Party White Puffle

Me and Speed sat at the Dojo Courtyard to see if the White Puffle Snowflake was brave enough to meet us…She was :)White Puffle at Dojo Courtyard

                    Click HERE for More Sweet Animations :)

Club Penguin Animation-Puffle Party Black Puffle

Underground at the former Pool Area was The Playground for all the Black Puffles…Black Puffle on Fire

   To meet a Wild Black Puffle can be a little bit intimidating…LOL

Black Puffles and The Crabs  Me and Speed had so Much FUN here TOGETHER with our New Friends…

Black Puffles Skateboarding

                       Click HERE for More Cool Animations :)

What time it is? It’s PARTY TIME!!!

Right Now we have Tree Party's Coming up First  March 13-17 The St. Patrick's Party

click to enlarge    …Then we will have The First Annual Penguin Play Awards! This is a Member Party and will take place March 20 and go on to April 9…click to enlarge

We continue to prepare for the Snow Festival that will Start on March 20 too…

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…and right Now Rockhopper and Yarr is still among us :) They will stay until March 8…

        So what will we Penguins do? PARTY! PARTY!! PARTY!!!

Warning! Secret Revealed:Classified

                                         Secret Nr 16…

click to enlarge This Secret is about The Game Cart Surf…Read this and learn and you will earn More coins next time you play :)

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                I like this Game and I am Pretty Good at it too :)

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