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Friday, March 6, 2009

Pink Ice Palace Igloo

It was a long time since we Moved and Decorated a New Igloo so Today me and My Puffles did that :) We choose The Pink Ice Palace…

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            This is how it looks like…We are very Happy here :)

click to enlarge

            Welcome to visit us…if you can bring your Puffle too :)

Club Penguin-Elite penguin Force! EPF

Me and Littletias got Elite Penguin Force Today! Finally We had saved up enough Money to buy a Nintendo Ds light and Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Game! WOOHOOO!!!! TOGETHER we choose a Blue one that was for Littletias  :) He REALLY didn't wanted a Pink one…and I am totally okay with that :) click to enlargeNow we have Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force and I have just unpacked it :)

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                          This is How the Game looks like…

Go to Toys and Click on Nintendo DS Game and then on Watch The Trailer…

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                      With our Game we got a Code…

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               …This is the Code it can Not be used again…

click to enlarge

                         …This is The Items I unlocked…

click to enlarge                                   I can use The Wardrobe :)

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WOW!!! The Secret Elite Penguin Force HQ :) It is the same Cool Music in here as in PSA Penguin Secret Agency HQ :)

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    …I open My Player Card…under Awards I have this Certificate…

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The BIG Screen in HQ…The Director gives us information from here…

EPF Info Screen                               …HQ’s Conference Table…

Saraapril in HQ                             …Time for a Secret Mission…

Saraapril gets a Mission I LOVE the Wardrobe it is WAY COOL :) AND some PINK clothes too…LOL…

EPF Wadrobe …Now I will Waddle on to my DS Nintendo Elite Penguin Force Game This will be AWESOME I LOVE Missions so I will start with them :)

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Check this out! We can get Help and Updates too…Click HERE to go to Disney's Gamer Site :)click to enlarge

             If you need help you can go HERE click on Support…

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            …and direct your questions to Customer Support :)click to enlarge

One Advice…Don't be to quick to ask for Support it is so Much MORE FUN to solve the problems without help :)

Read also Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force - Hints and Tips - Nintendo DS

White Puffle Snowflake Ice Dancing

Snowflake and I have so Much FUN around the Island :) We went to the Ice Rink for skating…

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…Just Like me she LOVES to skate and she is so Good at Ice Dancing :) I am so Happy that I now have a Puffle that loves Ice skating as Much as I do THANKS!!!!

saraapril and Snowflake Ice dancing

Penguins at work: The Painter

The Painter is back Great! I like this outfit :) Me and my Friends have had so much Fun with this The First time it was available was when we renovated The Stage…click to enlarge

              Click HERE to see a Video I am Very Happy about :)

New Club Penguin Style Catalog March 2009 Cheats

Here are the Cheats for the New Penguin Style Catalog as usual I will help you without spoiling your FUN :)

click to enlarge

                                      …Pot O’Gold…

click to enlarge

                                       …Boa…In PINK :)

click to enlarge

     …Red Viking Helmet…open and close 3 times open again and…

click to enlarge

                         …you get the Blue Viking Helmet…

click to enlarge

                                      …The Spikester…

click to enlarge

                                     …The Spikette…

click to enlarge

                                   …Fruit Headdress…

click to enlarge

                           …don't forget  the Backgrounds…

click to enlargeI LOVE the New Party Outfits I can Hardly wait for the Penguin Awards Member Party to Start…

Saraapril waiting for Penguins Awards

              I LOVE the way my dress Sparkles when I walk :)

St.Patrick’s Preparations

    Here in Ski Village have Rory started the Party Preparations…

click to enlarge                                     …at the Cove too…

click to enlarge …and here in the Forest we have a New Igloo Design :) I wish we will get this in our Igloo upgrades Catalog…

 click to enlarge

                   …click on window to turn on the light :)

click to enlarge

           …I am sure that my Flowers will grow well in here :)

click to enlarge

Now I must go home with Snowflake she needs Food and Rest…see you all in Club Penguin! Waddle on :)

White Puffle Plays

       Snowflake is so Cute and when she dance it starts to Snow :)

White Puffle Dance This is How you Adopt a Puffle Go to Pet Shop and Click on Catalog…

click to enlarge                  I LOVE this New Cute Adopt a Puffle Catalog :)

click to enlarge

                               …Choose the Puffle you want…

click to enlarge

                 My Adopt certificate no White Puffle on the Card yet…click to enlarge

        Snowflake was little sky but looked around her New Home…

click to enlarge

Soon we Danced TOGETHER and snow started to fall…That so Cute :)

click to enlarge

                                       She needs a little nap..

click to enlarge

…when Snowflake woke up we headed for Town and had so Much FUN TOGETHER with Friends :)

click to enlarge   If you want to see how My White Puffle Snowflake Plays click HERE

THANKS Club Penguin for the White Puffle She is just what I had wished for…a Ice skating Puffle :) THANKS!

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