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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force - Hints and Tips - Nintendo DS

I found some of this great Hints and Club Penguin Tips for Elite Penguin Force here and it works for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite.
Game Features

  • Take on the role of an Elite Penguin Forces agent, completing top secret missions only available on the Nintendo DS.
  • Play favorite Club Penguin mini-games such as Cart Surfer, Jet Pack Adventure and Ice Fishing in a whole new way, using the DS stylus and the unique dual-screen view.
  • Meet new characters and explore never before seen locations including the Puffle Training Dojo, Mine Tunnels and Pizza Shop Kitchen.
  • Earn coins that you can transfer wirelessly to your online Club Penguin account. You can find coins at many places that are hidden so if you move over a thing and get a hand you can tap and see if you get a coin.
  • Includes DGamer™ - the first of its kind online community exclusively for Disney gamers. Customize unique 3-D avatars, create a persistent profile, earn in-game honors, unlock exclusive Disney content and chat with other gamers via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

Spy Puffles
Spy Puffles are a lot like Puffles in Club Penguin online, except here they are enhanced with special abilities. There are seven Spy Puffles, each with its own special ability. Use the Puffle Whistle to call one to your side during a mission.
  • Bouncer the blue puffle with throw snowball power.
  • Blast the red puffle with cannon power.
  • Flare the black puffle with welding power. Note:Unlike other black puffles, he does NOT turn into a red fireball, but instead blows blue fire from his mouth.
  • Loop the pink puffle with lasso power.
  • Pop the purple puffle with super-strong (yet breakable) bubbles power.
  • Flit the green puffle with flying powers. Although his normal flying into enemies attack is weak, he can cut the ropes of things on balloons like anvils and coffee bags to drop on enemies heads.
  • Chirp the yellow puffle who uses her flute to create super sonic waves that can shatter glass.
Talking to Other Penguins
Your neighbors have a lot of information – talk to them to find out what they know. During a conversation, you can choose what to say by selecting from several possible comments. Once you have chosen a comment, select it by tapping it with your stylus.
Minor Mysteries
In addition to your main mission, many of your friends and neighbors will also need your help. Help them whenever you can! A good deed is always its own reward, but you never know when a good deed will be rewarded with something extra special!
You can use the wireless connection capability of your Nintendo DS™ to connect to another Nintendo DS™ player and compete against one another in Club Penguin DS mini games. Or you can share cool new missions and other stuff for Club Penguin DS.
DS to DS Mini games
If both players have copies of Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, then you will be able to compete head-to-head in several Club Penguin mini games:
  • Snowboarding
  • Jet Pack Adventure
  • Dance Challenge
Once both players have joined, select a mini game to play, and then select game level and difficulty.
Command Coach
Command Coach is a multiplayer mode in which one player can help another in the Elite Penguin Force missions. The player that chooses to ‘Host’ will get to play the role of the Agent. The player that chooses to ‘Join’ will get to play the role of the Command Coach. The Command Coach helps the Agent by drawing hints and circling objects that the Agent cannot see. The Agent controls the game as normal and is able to see hints that the Coach draws on their own screen. While in Command Coach mode each player gets to play the Mini Games individually. The Mini Games end when one of the players finishes.
For more information on gadgets and other game details, see the Elite Penguin Force Game Manual if you have a problem or don’t know how to play EPF.
Mini-games are great to have fun, earn coins and train for the real missions. There are 6 mini-games.
  1. Snow Boarding. You can win coins and two medals. King of the Mountain Silver Medal (50 coins). King of the Mountain Gold Medal (100 coins).
  2. Cart Surfer. Rail Kahuna Silver Medal (100 coins). Rail Kahuna Gold Medal (150 coins).
  3. Ice Fishing. Golden Chest Medal (How to get the chest from the crab? You need a squid). Golden Mullet Medal (You need a yellow fish to catch the mullet).
  4. Jet Pack Adventure. Rocket Ace Silver Medal (130 coins). Rocket Ace Gold Medal (150 coins).
  5. Dance Challenge. Night Club Fever Silver Medal (80 coins). Night Club Fever Gold Medal (120 coins).
  6. Snow Trekker. Snow Trekker Rocket Medal (200 coins). Snow Trekker Lightning Medal (260 coins).
    Hint! Drag the stylus to steer, or touch the snow trekker to change equipment.
    Hint! With the plow equipment you can remove obstacles without taking damage.
    Hint! You will go slow on ground unless you remove the pontoons.
    Hint! To get across the water you need the pontoons and to blow in the microphone to get wind in the sails.


Tap on the Green Penguin holding a notepad.  Tap “Can you tell me if there are any special events going on?”  Enter the Coffee Shop. Tap on the newspaper on the coffee table. Tap “I think I’ll take a break to read the newspaper.
Tap the Blue Puffle bouncing the postcard to pick up the item. Talk to the Barista behind the counter, who will encourage you to show it the postcard. Tap the note in your inventory (bottom left icon) and drag it to the Barista.
Look left and tap the ketchup, mustard and napkins each to reveal coins. Many interactive objects will drop coins when tapped.
Exit the Coffee Shop and talk to the purple penguin in front of the Gift Shop, counting coins. Show the NPC the card and they hint to go to the Snow Forts, accessed through the door farthest right in the Town.
At the Snow Forts, tap the snowman to retrieve the second postcard. To the right near the clock tower, will be a sad penguin who has lost his favorite hat in the clock tower gears. Tap the Blue Puffle and then the target on the clock tower to fire a snowball at the target. The hat will fall from the gears. Pick up the hat and then give it to the NPC. The NPC rewards you with a pair of Disguise Glasses, which can be equipped in the Suitcase. The NPC will now talk to you about the cards in your inventory and direct you to the Plaza, accessed through the door to the right.
At the Plaza, tap the Mailbox to retrieve the third postcard. Head back to the Snow Forts and show the NPC that card as well. Keep moving left through the Snow Forts to the Town and on to the Docks.
Showing the second and third postcards to the penguins in the Town and Coffee Shop will give hints related to those cards.
At the Docks, talk to the yellow penguin looking out at sea. Tap the Inner Tubes to the left of the dock to get the final piece of postcard and trigger the Jigsaw Puzzle minigame.
Tap a piece of the puzzle at the corner with the Stylus and drag it in a circular motion to rotate into position, which forms the Map. You can use the four yellow dots around the pieces to rotate them.
Enter the Lighthouse and scroll right until you see a Barrel, whose lid occasionally wobbles and exposes Dot. Tap the Barrel and Dot will appear, explaining that she is with the EPF and Bouncer has led you to her as the first part of a secret agent test. Dot gives you the Club Penguin world map and marks it with your next mission start location, the Dojo.
Free Play Mission 1 - A Wrenching In Works
After completing Mission 1, go to the Ski Village where you will find Rory, looking through his tool box. Talk to him and he tells you he lost his Wrench. He has a Thermos with him, which he got filled at the Coffee Shop.
Go to the Coffee Shop, and the Barista tells you Rory was there, and sat on the Couch. Tap on the couch cushions to find Rory's Wrench. Pick up the Wrench and return it to Rory at the Ski Village to complete the mission. The Construction Worker Rory will reward you with a Construction Worker’s Vest.
Free Play Mission 2 - Hide And Seek
After completing Mission 1, go to the Pet Shop and talk to the blue pet shop owner or the purple penguin next to him. Accept the mission and he will tell you about his hiding puffles. You have to find each one and click on it to make it go back to its owner. The puffle locations are: The Forest for green puffle, The Stage for red puffle, The Mine Shack (go to the Underground Pool and through the tunnel) for black puffle, the Gift Shop for pink puffle, the Ski Lodge (in the attic) for blue puffle, the coffee shop (upstairs in the book room) for yellow puffle and Night Club (in the Lounge area) for purple puffle. After clicking on all seven, talk to the purple NPC in the pet shop to end the mission.
Free Play Mission 3 - Leaning Order Of Pizza
After completing Mission 1, go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the Parlor owner or Pizza Chef. He will tell you that his delivery penguin is sick and can't deliver the four pizzas that he has ready. When you decide to help him, pick up the pizzas by the tables. Once you pick them up, he will give you advice on where to deliver them if you talk to him.
The four customers are at the Iceberg (give him a Desert Pizza), inside the Lighthouse there is a penguin with a guitar (give him a Hot Sauce pizza), at the Underground Pool, and Outside the Mine Shack (give him a Seaweed Pizza). You need to hand each customer the correct pizza. If you hand them the wrong pizza they will tell you which one they want.
Once you have given away all four pizzas, return to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the owner (Pizza Chef). He will end the mission and give a reward of some coins.
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Mission 2 - Left To Your Own Devices
Start from Free Play by going to the Dojo. Here you meet Dot and Bouncer. When you talk to Dot, you get two options: Start a mission or continue on in Free Play.
Upon beginning the mission, you learn Bouncer is a Secret Agent Puffle. Before you gain access to the Puffle Training Room, you must solve the Shoji Wall puzzle by combining the Special Pin Dot gives you with the door panel next to her on the right.
Inside the Puffle Training Room, you meet the Director, who explains the EPF and Secret Agent Puffles. Following the Director's explanation, you are left with PH to learn more about Puffle Abilities.
Tap on PH to learn about Blast’s, the red puffle, abilities. Use Blast to break the remaining crate and complete puffle training. PH then tells you your training will continue at the Ski Village, and marks the location on your map. Before you go, PH gives you the puffle whistle, used to call a puffle when you need it.
Tapping the Ski Village on your map will take you there. When you arrive at the Ski Village you find Dot. Enter the Sport Shop and find Dot waiting by the Change Rooms. Dot informs you that the Changing Rooms are really an entrance to Penguin Secret Agent Head Quarters. Tap the Changing Rooms to access Head Quarters.
Once in Head Quarters, you learn about the Gadget Room and a secret door hidden in the closet. Tap on the wardrobe and a keypad appears. Enter 3000 in as the password and gain access to the Command Room. This password is provided by Dot.
In the Command Room, Dot and the Director are waiting to speak with you. The Spy Gadget is sitting in two parts on the table in the middle of the room. Tap each part to place them in your inventory. You must correctly put the Spy Gadget together before going to the next task, which is done by tapping one half in the inventory and then the other.
With the Spy Gadget together, another box enters through the table and the Director disappears, leaving only a cryptic code in her place.
Use the Puffle Whistle to call Blast. The Wooden Crate in the room can be broken by Blast’s ability. Once open, a Decoder is provided to the player. Once this is combined with the Spy Gadget, the player can decode the message on the Director's screen.
Open the Spy Gadget and tap on the Decoder function, which gives you a Spy Gadget cursor. Tap the secret code with the cursor to decode the message, which reads "red blue blue red red blue."
Click on the combination box to solve the formula necessary to open the box (press the buttons in order of red blue blue red red blue). Open the box to find the Communicator Antenna. Combine the Antenna with the Spy Gadget to create the Communicator. Open the Spy Gadget and tap on the communicator icon to be contacted by Dot, who will congratulate you on passing another test.
Dot reenters the room and she and the Director congratulate you on assembling your Spy Gadget in record time. You are now an official Agent and are given your first Assignment. Chapter ends.
Free Play Mission 4 - The Wrong Orders
Go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the Parlor owner. He says that people have received the wrong pizzas all over Club Penguin. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go out and find the four penguins who have the wrong pizzas, take their pizzas, and make sure they all get the correct pizzas.
The four customers are: Snow Forts Pals, whose pizza needs to go to Aunt Arctic at the Beacon. Aunt Arctic at the Beacon, whose pizza needs to go to the Barista at the Coffee Shop, Barista at the Coffee Shop, whose pizza needs to go to Coin Counting penguin at the Dojo. Coin Counting penguin at the Dojo, whose pizza needs to go to Snow Forts Guys.
You need to talk to the penguins before you can take their pizzas. Once you have delivered all of the pizzas to their rightful owners, go back and talk to the Parlor owner for a reward of some coins.
Free Play Mission 5 - Alien Conspiracy
Go to the Forest and talk to the confused penguin. He will tell you about his dilemma involving the encoded message on the ground which he is puzzling over. If you decide to help him, you get to decode the message with your spy gadget decoder. The message is apparently about an alien invasion.
Once you decode this first message, the NPC will tell you to go looking around with him for other messages. The three other messages are in the Mine Interior, the Ski Hill, and the Town. You must decode all three messages.
Once all messages are decoded the NPC will reveal that he was just testing you with the messages. He will ask you to recall the heading of the 4 messages. If you don't answer the questions correctly, you will have to try answering them again until you do get it right.
The right answers are: INVASION, UNDERGROUND, EXPOSURE, VICTORY. Once you get it right you get a prize that is a Space Helmet (Moon Helmet) as reward item and the mission is over.

Mission 3 - Rookie on the Rocks
You start the mission in the Ski Village by talking to Dot, who is disguised as a Snowman, in hopes of catching the Snowman Thief. She informs you that your first mission is to perform surveillance on the Ski Hill by trading places with Rookie.
You arrive at the Ski Hill to find a blue penguin, BlazerX and no Rookie. BlazerX was waiting to race a rival. When you question BlazerX, he tells you that Rookie went down the Test Track. He won’t tell you more unless you race him. You must obtain a snowboard.
Dot will tell you that the only way to get a snowboard is checking the Sport Shop, as the EPF doesn’t have any and G the inventor is gone so there is no chance there. When you check at the Sport Shop, they inform you they are sold out of snowboards but suggest checking with other penguins who usually hang out at the Ski Hill or Ski Lodge.
At the Ski Lodge is a sick penguin. He is sick and mentions leaving his soup at the Pizza Shop. You go to the Pizza Shop and the chef tells you the soup is over by the table. When you return it to the sick penguin, you learn he was BlazerX’s rival. You suggest to race in his place and gain a ProBoard to do so.
Back at the Ski Hill, you challenge BlazerX to a trick competition. You must win in order to continue. When you win, BlazerX gives you a trophy. When you bring it back to the Sick Penguin, he will let you keep his Pro Board, which is placed in your suitcase.
Once you equip the Pro Board, you may go down the Test Track. When you get to the bottom of the Test Track, you find a message in the snow that you can decode. The message tells you that Rookie is somewhere down in the Wilderness. You wander the wilderness to find a camp with a fire burning hot. You must extinguish the fire with Bouncer’s ability. Once the fire is extinguished, you can examine the shelter that was built. By following tracks to the river, you find Rookie trapped across the river. You call Dot to call in someone to rescue you. Jet Pack Guy lands and takes you back to the Command Room. The Director congratulates you for a job well done and presents High Level Clearance Badge and Secret Agent Sunglasses. Talk to Dot after picking up the badge and glasses to end the chapter.

Mission 4 - Looking for Clues
Starting in the Free Play Command Room, talk to D to start Mission 2, Chapter 1 (Looking for Clues). The mission starts in the Command Room, where an important meeting with the Director is about to take place.
The Director appears on screen; tap through the conversation. The Director delivers the Dossier on Gary through the opening. Tap the Dossier to place it in your inventory.
Talk to Dot to learn more about Gary and how you can help the investigation. Talk to Jet Pack Guy to find out when Gary went missing and where the Gadget Room is located.
Exit the Command Room and talk to Rookie in the PSA HQ (in front of the monitors). He gives you more information about Gary and his room above the Sport Shop. Show him the Dossier object and he compliments the inventor.
Exit the HQ and talk to the orange penguin in the Sport Shop near the counter. He will tell you he is helping out while Gary is away and that penguins have been coming in and out trying to get into Gary's Room. Show him the Dossier and he will give you Gary's Old Glasses.
Go outside to the Ski Village and notice a faint blinking shadow of Dot in the snow bank to the left of the ski lift. Tap on her to get some more info.
Open your suitcase and equip yourself with Gary's Old Glasses. Head back through the Change Rooms to the Eye Scan 3000. Tap the Eye Scan to initiate scan and pass the secondary override. Gadget Room door is now unlocked!
In the Gadget Room, scroll right to the desk with the alarm clock. Feathers stick out of the right hand drawer. Tap the drawer and retrieve the Feather Duster. Scroll around the room some more to interact with various gadgets for fun (hat on the coat rack, boom box on the desk, and shoe on the shelves).
Back in the HQ, show Rookie the Feather Duster to learn a little more about the object. (Feather Duster is intended to snap into the Spy Gadget.)
Go to the Docks and talk to the NPC there to gather more clues about when and where Gary was last seen. He won't remember until you show him the Dossier (conversation currently unavailable.)
Head to the Beach and enter the Lighthouse. Upstairs at the Beacon you find a partially eaten pizza and the telescope pointing at the Ski Hill.
Go to the Pizza Shop and the penguin there tells you Gary came in tired and hungry, so the chef made him a pizza. Gary was covered in snow, he says.
Head to the Ski Hill and you’ll find a pile of messy snow. Equip the Mechano-Duster from your Spy Gadget and clean up the snow to find the key to Gary's Room. (The key looks a little bent.)
Go back to the Sport Shop to find Dot waiting there near the door to Gary's Room. She tells you to try the key and when you do, it breaks in the door. Chapter ends.

Mission 5 - All’s Weld that Ends Weld
Use the Map in Free Play to get to the Dojo. Talk to Dot to begin Mission 2, Chapter 2 (All's Weld that Ends Weld). The mission starts in the Puffle Training Room, downstairs from the Dojo.
Talk to PH in the Puffle Training Room, and then talk to PH again to learn a bit more about Flare and O-Berries.
Open the Map and teleport to the Town. Talk to Aunt Arctic to receive the "You're a Terrific Friend" card. Tap the card in the inventory to change your cursor to the card, and then tap on Aunt Arctic. Tapping on other penguins with the card will elicit various responses.
Enter the Coffee Shop and talk to the penguin behind the counter. Tap on the spilled beans next to the counter. Open the Spy Gadget to access the Mechano-Duster. Tap on the spilled beans with the Mechano-Duster to trigger the minigame. Clean up all the beans to retrieve the missing pen. Talk to the penguin behind the counter again and it will now give you more information. Tap on the penguin with the Missing Pen and she’ll say she doesn’t want it back. (Tapping on other penguins with the pen will elicit various responses.)
With the Missing Pen still selected, tap on the card from Aunt Arctic in the inventory. The two objects combine to create the card with pen object. Now with the card with pen selected, tap on the penguin behind the counter to have it sign the card for Flare. The card with pen becomes the card with one signature in the inventory. (These signatures can be gotten in any order.)
Leave the Coffee Shop and select the card with one signature from your inventory. Tap on Aunt Arctic; she signs the card for Flare and the item in your inventory changes to the card with two signatures.
From the Town, scroll right to go to the Snow Forts (or use the Map to teleport). Talk to the penguins at the Snow Forts to learn about their friendship with Flare. In the inventory, tap on the card with one signature and then tap on each of the Snow Fort penguins to have them sign the card for Flare. With both of their signatures, you should now have the Signed Card for Flare.
Head back to the Dojo and downstairs to the Puffle Training Room. Tap on the Signed Card in the inventory and give it to Flare. Flare sheds a tear and then bursts into flames without an O-Berry. You fixed him!
Tap on PH again to learn how to weld the key with Flare. Follow the instructions and then weld the key! Tap on the fixed key on the anvil to put it in the inventory. Open the map and teleport to the Ski Village.
Enter the Sport Shop and scroll right to the locked door to Gary's Room. Tap on the key in your inventory and then the door to unlock the door. Tap on the door again to head upstairs to Gary's Room.
In Gary's Room; look around to find the Old Maps and Blue Prints. . Each will trigger a "zoomed in" view of the object hinting that Gary has headed to the mines (the blue prints will need to be decoded… they read “Super powered flashlight”). You cannot leave Gary's Room until you find these clues. Once the clues are found, you can exit the room and complete the chapter.
Free Play Mission 6 - Penguin At Work
After completing Mission 5 and Free play Mission 1, Rory the Construction Worker will be working on the clock in the Snow Forts. If you agree to help, he will tell you about four jobs that need to be completed. Go the Ice Rink and use the black puffle on the broken ice rink door, go to the Mine interior and use the black puffle on the lamp hanging from the ceiling, go to the Ski Lodge and use the black puffle on the fireplace and go to the Iceberg and use either the red or yellow puffle on the blocked ice. Then go back to the Snow Forts and end the mission by talking to Rory. You will get  a Hard Hat for Construction Workers as a reward.

Mission 6 – Do It Yourself Carting
Use the Map in Free Play to teleport to the Mine Shack. Tap on the entrance to the mines to begin Mission 2, Chapter 3 (D.I.Y. Carting). The mission starts in the Mine Interior, downstairs from the Mine Shack.
Scroll to the right and tap on the service elevator to go outside to the Mine Shack. If you tap the Water Trough or Mine Shed door before talking to the miner, you will be told to ask permission before using/ entering.
Tap the miner penguin to learn that the mine carts have all gone missing and there is some strange activity inside the mines. The miner will encourage you to build a mine cart of your own; you just need to find the materials.
Tap the Water Trough to tip it over and empty it of water. Enter the Mine Shed to the left and pick up the Spool, and two sets of Pulleys. Go back out to the Mine Shack and add the Spool and two sets of Pulleys to the Water Trough. If you talk to the miner again, he will advise you that mine carts must be welded securely to ride the rails.
Use the whistle and call Flare, the black Puffle. Tap Flare and then tap the Water Trough with all wheels placed. Flare welds the Makeshift Mine Cart, which can now be placed in inventory and brought into the mines.
Tap the entrance to the Mine Interior to go downstairs. Then tap the Mine Cart in your inventory and tap the entrance to the mines with the cart to start the mine cart minigame. Tap the upper left corner of the entrance to enter the Crash Site.
At the Crash Site, scroll right to the overturned cart. Tap the cart to talk to Gary, who is trapped underneath.
Pick up the 3 Yellow Balloons around the crash site as well as the Old Rope. Use the Old Rope on Gary's cart and Gary will discourage you from trying to remove the heavy cart on your own. When he notices the balloons, Gary will tell you they need to be blown up with hot air, which you can't do alone.
Use the whistle to call Blast, the red puffle, to break the Boulder. Tap Blast and then the Boulder and the Boulder disappears, revealing a Steam Geyser.
Tap the rope in your inventory, and then tap the cart to tie the rope to the top. Tap a Yellow Balloon and place it on the Steam Geyser; the balloon inflates. You can't hold more than one inflated balloon at a time, so place the inflated balloon on the overturned cart. Fill and place the other 2 balloons so the cart is removed from Gary.
Talk to Gary to learn he is fine, but does not have any ideas on how to get out of the mines. Next to him is the High Power Flashlight; pick it up and then talk to Gary. The Flashlight looks familiar, and Gary remembers it is an upgrade to the Spy Gadget.
Tap on the Flashlight in and the Spy Gadget and then on the dark tunnel behind Gary. The Flashlight minigame will be triggered. Drag the Stylus in quick circles to crank the light to full power and then drag the light to find the entrance. Hurry or the light will run out!
Scroll right and tap the barricade over the exit. It is boarded shut, and will imply there is a way to break through. Open the Spy Gadget and call Blast again (if not still equipped), and tap Blast and then the Barricade to break through and leave.
Back at the Command Room, the Director commends you on the successful recovery of Gary the Gadget Guy. Chapter ends.
Free Play Mission 7 - Sweet Friend Of Mines
Go to the Mine Interior and there will be a penguin. Talk to him and he will say that he is scared of the extreme track and you say that you will show him how it's done. After talking to him, click on the door and it will activate the cart surfer minigame. If you win, you will be teleported to the mine shack where the penguin will be waiting for you and if you talk to him he will give you a prize, a red Viking helmet. If you fail the minigame you will be in the same room and can try again. The penguin will still be outside but he will say something different if you just failed.

Mission 7 - Double Trouble
The mission starts at the Puffle Training Room. Once the chapter is started, tap PH again to wake her up. PH tells you that you need to find something pointy to pop the bubble and get her out. On the right wall on the edge of the bamboo planters is a piece of Bamboo Shaft. Pick it up and use it on the bubble to free PH. PH then tells you that the puffles you need to train with have taken off for the day. She suggests you find them.
Teleport to the Ice Rink using the Map, where you will find Loop, along with her #1 Fan, and a competitive Goalie. Tap the #1 Fan to learn that getting something past the Goalie will impress Loop and convince her to go with you to training. Tap the Goalie, who challenges you and hints that he can even deflect snowballs.
Use the Puffle Whistle to call Bouncer, the blue puffle. Tap Bouncer and then the Goalie to throw a snowball at him. He deflects the first two snowballs thrown, but on the third he falls over. Loop is impressed, and will now go back to the Dojo with you. Just then, PH calls on the Communicator and warps you back to the Puffle Training Room to train.
Back at the Puffle Training Room, PH teaches you how to use Loop's special ability. Tap Loop to equip her Lasso, and then tap the Remote Control Jet Pack to get it to stop moving. PH then asks you to go find Pop, the purple puffle that likes music.
Use the Map to warp to the Town Center, where a Doorman is working the door to the Night Club. The Doorman tells you it's a Fancy Party, so you'll need Fancy Clothes to get in. The Doorman suggests trying the Gift Shop for Fancy Clothes, but the Gift Shop is closed. The pink penguin standing near him is waiting for a friend to bring them their Fancy Clothes, but suggests you look at the Stage.
Go to the Plaza and enter the Stage. The Stage Manager and Rory are upset over a Jackhammer gone wild, and won't help you until you get it under control for them. Use the pink puffles Lasso to rope the Jackhammer and stop it from moving around on the stage. Rory thanks you for your help, and the Stage Manager will now tell you that you can take some Fancy Clothes from the Costume Trunk. Scroll right to the Costume Trunk and select Fancy Pants or a Fancy Dress. Equip the Fancy Clothes (all 3 pieces) and head back to the Night Club. Talk to the Doorman and he will now let you in.
Inside the Night Club, talk to the DJ at the turntables, who tells you a Dance Challenge will impress Pop. Scroll right to find Pop and the Club penguin dancing on the dance floor. Talk to the Club penguin to have a Dance Challenge (make sure you tap "Alright, let's boogie!" to begin the minigame).
After winning the Dance Challenge minigame, a brief animation sequence progresses, informing the player that a loud crash has been heard downstairs in the Boiler Room. Head downstairs to the Boiler Room through the speaker cabinet, where you find out the boiler has been stolen.
Tap on the overturned File Cabinet. It's too heavy to lift. Tap on the purple puffle and then the File Cabinet to put the File Cabinet in a bubble, so it rises off the floor. Where the File Cabinet was is an Empty Metal Oil can. Pick it up, and then head through the green door out to the Underground.
Follow the puddles of water to the Mine entrance. Inside the Mine, you find Dot inspecting a Deflated Inner Tube with a magnifying glass. Talk to her and she tells you she is following a trail of clues, too. Dot warps you back to the Command Room with her and you report to the Director. The Director tells you that you need to complete puffle training before you can join this investigation. Chapter ends.

Mission 8 - Flying High Pitched
The chapter starts at the Beacon. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy to start the chapter (Flying High Pitched). You need to take a Jet Pack ride to the Tallest Mountain, so tap on the Jet Pack to start the Jet Pack minigame. Winning the minigame brings you to the Tallest Mountain, where the Jet Pack Guy hands you off to PH.
You have to train with the green puffle first. PH wants you to retrieve 3 rings floating on balloons. Scroll left to the first balloon. Tap the green puffle and then tap the balloon to retrieve the ring. Scroll right to find the 2nd and 3rd balloons; then use the green puffle to get the rings. Take the 3 rings out of your Inventory and give them to PH.
Now it's time to train with Chirp, the yellow puffle. Tap the yellow puffle and then tap the Ice Block to shatter the ice and reveal a Hat Box. Tap on the Hat Box to receive your very own Puffle Handler hat! Climb down the Tallest Mountain at the grappling hook to go to the Puffle Training Room.
PH has a special test waiting for you when you get there. You must use all 7 puffles to complete the test. There is a 100kg weight in the room, too heavy to lift, of course.
Use the Puffle Whistle to call the purple puffle. Tap the purple puffle and then tap the 100kg weight to lift the weight with a bubble. Lifting the bubble makes a Snow Globe with a Frozen Chest inside appear from below and a Piñata appear from above. These can be dealt with in any order.
Call the red puffle to break the Piñata. The Piñata breaks and drops a Jack-in-the-Box, with a Gold Key tied around its neck. The Jack-in-the-box is moving too fast to grab the key.
Call the pink puffle and use its Lasso to stop the Jack-in-the-box from moving. Now tap to get the key.
Call the yellow puffle to break the glass on the Snow Globe. Try the Gold Key on the chest, but it's too cold to unlock.
Call the black puffle and use its welding ability to defrost the Frozen Trunk. Now the trunk is too hot to touch!
Call the blue puffle and throw a snowball at the Trunk to cool it down. Now you can use the key on the Trunk.
The Trunk opens and a balloon with a roll of paper floats out. Call the green puffle and use it to get the paper. It's your secret agent Puffle Training diploma!
PH congratulates you, and you're warped to the Command Room. Chapter ends.
Free Play Mission 8 - Drifting Away
There will be a blue penguin at the Dock with a blue puffle. If you talk to him he will tell you about his sailboats and if you accept the mission three of them will appear, one in the water at the Dock, one in the water at the Beach and one in the water at the Iceberg. If you use the green puffle on them, you will get each of them in your inventory slot. Give all three to the penguin to complete the mission and get an old fashioned diving helmet as a reward.
Free Play Mission 9 - Cause And Effect
Go to the Ski Hill and pick up the scarf on the ground, your goal is to find the owner of the lost scarf. The owner of the scarf will show up to claim the mitten once you have helped 3 penguins around Club Penguin with their problems.
At the Ice Rink, help the Goalie break the goal out of an ice block by hitting it with either the Red Puffle or the Yellow Puffle.
At the Plaza help Lost Jacket penguin find his lost jacket. If you mechano-dust the snow pile at the Glacier, you will find the jacket.
At the Sports Shop, help the clerk lift his wardrobe by hitting it with the Purple Puffle. Once you have helped all three characters, the Lost Scarf penguin will show up and ask for his scarf. Hand him the scarf to end the mission. You will get some coins as a reward.

Mission 9 - Super Secret Gadgets
The chapter starts in the Command Room, where G is waiting to report to the Director. Tell G you'd like to help him with his work to start the mission (Super Secret Gadgets).
The Director pops on screen and congratulates you on completing Puffle Training. The Director agrees you should help G catch up on invention work, and Gary tells you to meet him at his room above the Sport Shop. At Gary's Room, Gary shows you a model of the Super Snow Trekker 3000. G needs an Automated Cocoa Bean Distiller from the Coffee Shop to complete the Snow Trekker.
Go to the Coffee Shop, where you'll find the Rookie agent investigating missing bags of coffee beans. Near the entrance to the Book Room is the cocoa machine you are looking for. Ask the Barista for permission, and then take the cocoa machine.
Meet G at the Gadget Room, where he is waiting with the Super Snow Trekker. Take the Cocoa Machine from the inventory and place it on the Snow Trekker to trigger a minigame (place the parts on the Snow Trekker). Once complete, G tells you the Snow Trekker is ready for testing. Open the Spy Gadget and tap the Snow Trekker to trigger the Snow Trekker minigame. Follow the trail of coins to the goal before the time runs out!
You start in the Wilderness at the cave. Enter the cave. Near a pile of warning signs is another Empty Metal Oil Can. Pick it up. When you try to leave a mysterious shadow appears and all of a sudden a boulder blocks the door. Call Pop, the purple puffle, to lift the boulder away with a bubble. Behind the boulder is a pile of logs. Call Blast, the red puffle, to break the barricade of logs. With the barricade removed, you can now exit the cave.
Outside the cave, there is a trail of cocoa leading away from the Snow Trekker. Open the Spy Gadget and call the Snow Trekker, which will trigger another instance of the minigame. Complete the Snow Trekker minigame to arrive at the Mine Shack.
At the Mine Shack, the Miner is dealing with a real mess. Use the Mechano-Duster in the Spy Gadget to clean up the mess and find a strange object. Open the map and return to the Sport Shop, or use the HQ warp in the Spy Gadget, and go find Gary in the Gadget Room.
G reveals that the strange object is actually a Robo-Locator. This piece of information sparks his memory and he finally remembers that he was looking for robots when he went missing in the Mines. Gary explains that he was looking for crash test robots he invented that had suddenly gone on the fritz. He was never able to catch them, so they're still on the loose!
Report back to the Command Room with G and fill the Director in. G is going to make a deactivating gadget, but it will take some time. Chapter ends.
Free Play Mission 10 - Lost And Confused
Go to the Forest. Talk to the blue and black penguins and they will talk about their missing guide. Use the Snow Trekker to follow the trail and find the lost tour guide. After winning the minigame, the mission will be complete and you get an award of some coins.

Mission 10 - Damage Control
Meet Gary in the Gadget Room to start the mission (Damage Control). Gary asks that you go help the other agents assigned to damage control on the island.
First head to the Ski Lodge and go out the back door to the Ice Fishing pond. The Jet Pack Guy is waiting there. Having spotted a robot, fly by and drop something in the pond. The Jet Pack Guy isn't such a good fisherman, so needs you to fish the clue out of the pond. Play the Ice Fishing minigame to retrieve the clue. Once completed, tap on the notebook on the ground. Connect the dots to reveal the image. The clue goes in your inventory and you can head back to Gary to return the clue, or keep looking for the other agents.
Next, go to the Night Club to find Dot looking for clues. Pick up the Blueprint clue, which you'll need to return to Gary, and connect the dots.
Finally, head to the Plaza, where the Rookie is trying to mend the Ticket Booth, the original having been stolen by the robots. Help the Rookie fix the hole by using Flare to weld the metal on metal. The Rookie is looking for clues once you've helped him, but you'll find one first (another notebook page (it’s on the street, to the left). Return to Gary with the clue (or all 3 clues if you have yet to do so.)
Giving Gary all 3 clues will trigger a cutscene where Gary explains how to use the Robotomy gadget.

Mission 11 - Robotomy 101
Talk to Jet Pack guy and Dot. Use the red puffle to knock over the boxes in front of the Gift Shop door. Then use the purple puffle to lift the boxes away. Enter the Gift Shop and scroll right to find the Wheel-Bot trying to steal the Vault door.
Use the blue puffle to blind the Wheel-Bot with a snowball, which makes it run away. Follow the Wheel-Bot to the 2nd floor, where it has stolen the computer, out onto the Roof.
Use the blue puffle again to blind the Wheel-Bot, and then use the black puffle to weld its wheel in place so it falls over. Then use the Robotomy gadget in the Spy Gadget to deactivate the robot.
To use Robotomy, Drag the battery through the maze to the exit without touching the sides. Repeat this for all three chips.
Finally, use the purple puffle to put the robot in a bubble and return it to Gary. Chapter ends.

Mission 12 - Robots On The Run
Talk to Dot in the Ski Village to start the mission. Go to the Ski Hill where Dot is waiting and the Snow-Bot is throwing metal around. Use the red puffle to knock the Snow-Bot down the hill. Make sure the Pro-Board is equipped and follow the Snow-Bot down the test track.
Use the pink puffle to lasso the Snow-Bot. This ends the slope battle. In the wilderness, use the Robotomy tool on the Snow-Bot. When the minigame is complete, the Jet-Bot will swoop in and steal the Snow-Bot. Jet Pack Guy will parachute in and tell you if you can find jet fuel you can take his jet pack to chase the robots. Scroll to the right to a pile of junk and tap to find jet fuel. Drop the jet fuel on the jet pack. Tap the jet pack again to trigger the minigame.
After the jet pack minigame, use the green puffle to drop a coffee bag on the Jet-Bot. It will fly closer and then use the yellow puffle to make it fall to the ground. Use the Robotomy tool on the robot to shut it down. Put both the Snow-Bot and the Jet-Bot in bubbles to return to Gary. Chapter ends.

Mission 13 - An Agent's Work Is Never Done Guide
Enter the Stage from the Plaza to start the mission. Play the Flashlight minigame and find the jack-in-the-box to win. Talk to the agents in the Stage; then answer the Director’s call in the communicator (Gary’s icon). Close the Spy Gadget and get sent to HQ where Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, and PH are waiting.
Go to the Gadget Room and talk to Dot. Click on the Snow Trekker twice to start a cut scene about following the trail to a Hideout and discovering the Super Robot. The Super Robot has trapped Gary and the puffles, and goes in search of objects it can add to itself.
In Town, there is another cut scene about the robot and Dot talks. Go through the Gift Shop and Gift Office to the Roof. Use the Mechano Duster gadget on the Super Robot’s head to trigger a minigame. Dusting the Super Robot’s nose will win the game, cause the Super Robot to sneeze and drop the red puffle.
Go back to Town to rescue the red puffle and follow the Super Robot to the Dock. Use the red puffle on the Super Robot to knock it into the water; it will release pink puffle. Fly away to the ski village.
Click on the pink puffle and then continue after the Super Robot to the Ski Village. Rookie is standing by to help. Use the pink puffle to rope the Super Robot and it will drop the black puffle before going to the Beach to try and steal nets.
Click on the black puffle and follow to the Beach. Once there, use the black puffle on the robot to weld its wheel, causing it to lose balance, drop the nets, and release the green puffle before flying up to the Beacon.
Click on the green puffle and then go through the Lighthouse to the Beacon. At the Beacon, hit the balloon above the anvil above the Super Robot’s head to trigger a cutscene where the Super Robot drops the blue puffle and flies away.
Click on the blue puffle, then on the Jetpack next to the platform to chase after the Super Robot. Win the Jetpack minigame to end in the Tallest Mountain where the Super Robot is hovering.
After the introductory conversation with the Super Robot and Gary, use the blue puffle on the robot. This can take 1-3 snowballs depending on whether or not the Super Robot has been made aware of someone else in the room. Just keep using the blue puffle until the robot drops the yellow puffle and crashes into the snow.
Click on the yellow puffle and use it on the Super Robot to shatter its glass dome and ticket booth window, freeing both Gary and the purple puffle. Click on the purple puffle and then use it on Gary inside the Super Robot’s head, to put Gary in a bubble in lift him to safety.
The Super Robot, now without puffles or Gary, is vulnerable to Robotomy at this point. Use the Spy Gadget Robotomy Tool on the robot to start the minigame, and win it to deactivate the Super Robot. A victory cut scene will play, and the mission will end. Ending the game returns to Freeplay.

Mission 14 - The Puffle Pranksters

More details on my Club Penguin blog about Mission 14 - Puffle Prankster
Experience fun and mischief with "The Puffle Pranksters" exclusive to Nintendo DS™
Beginning today, players can download the new free mission, "The Puffle Pranksters," directly to their DS game via the Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection. The new mission focuses on spy puffles, a specially-trained, elite group of secret agents in the Club Penguin DS world. A strange mystery involving the colorful creatures has come to light and players must solve it.

First Download this Game to your Nintendo DS via the Wi-Fi Connection :) Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup Club Penguin :)

Time to Play :) As Always Listen and Talk to the Penguins you meet in the Game. Take a Good Look around you and click on everything to find clues and Secret Hidden coins :)

You meet Rookie in the HQ talk to him :)

Agent Saraapril! You won’t believe this! All of the elite Puffles have gone missing! I try blowing on my whistle and acting like an O-berry, but nothing works…

Go to the Puffle Training room to see PH located at The Secret Room in the Dojo :)

Talk to RH :) And take the Puffle O- Berry you get offered :)

Go to The Pet Shop to talk to the Pet Shop Clerk he tells you to go to the underground pool…

…at the underground cave pool you will find a white Puffle and a Secret coded message on the ground…Decode it…NOPE! I don’t help you with that answer YOU are a SMART Secret Agent you can do it :)

The Puffle Pranksters :)

Why is it tracks around the White Puffle? Go to pet shop clerk and ask :)

He will tell you to clean up the Puffle but unfortunately he is out of Puffle Shampoo so go to The Pizza parlor…Talk to the chef and you will get some pepper :)

Now waddle back to the white Puffle in the underground Pool…click on the Puffle and answer the question Guess which Puffle this is? What is this Puffles name? If you Decoded the clue earlier you will know this answer :) Put Pepper on the Puffle he will sneeze and you have found Flare the Black Puffle :)

Go the Beach and you will find another White Puffle look for the Secret Message at The Beach and Decode it :) The Puffle wants to Play a Game so you need to Guess this Puffle’s name too :) Clean the Puffle with pepper :) You have found the Red Puffle Blast :)

Time to Waddle around to look for more Puffles :) At the Snow Fort you will find some Penguins Talk to them :) They will give you a Water balloon that can be used to clean a Puffle :)

Inside the Night Club you will find a Box use The Red Puffle Blast to open it and you find another White Puffle :) Play the Game guess the Puffles name…Then use Pepper to clean it…you have found the Purple Puffle Pop :)

In the Forest you will find a BIG Stone let Purple Puffle Pop blow a bubble to lift the big stone and you find one more White Puffle :)Answer questions and use pepper to clean the Puffle…Good Work you have found the Blue Puffle Bounce :)

Inside the Mine you will find another BIG stone…again use Purple Puffle Pop to Blow a Bubble and Lift the Stone…you have found a New White Puffle :) Answer the Question and then Clean The Puffle with pepper…You have found the PINK Puffle Loop :)

Now it is time to go inside the Lighthouse BUT the door can’t be opened the doorknob looks cracked. Whistle for your Black Puffle Flare and let him fix the Lighthouse door :) Now you can enter the Lighthouse :) At the Lighthouse Stage you will find a White Puffle…Play the guess Game and then clean The Puffle with pepper…it is the Yellow puffle Chirp :)

Now waddle upstairs to the beacon and here you will find a Box :) Let Red Puffle Blast break the box…a new White Puffle :) Again play the guess my name Game…clean Puffle with pepper…Congrats you have found the Green Puffle Flit :)

Time to talk to the Puffle Handler PH at the Secret Room in Dojo :) Rookie is there too they have found another White Puffle and it is SO cute :) Strange…you have already found ALL the Elite Puffles…hmmm…Which Puffle is this? Give the Puffle the O’Berry and then Try to clean it with Pepper…NO pepper will not help here…LOL :) Try the Water Balloon you got from the Snow Fort Penguins :) WOW! This White Puffle turned the water Balloon into ice.It IS a REAL White Puffle :) And it seems like it wants to join the Team as an Elite Puffle :)

I bet this whole Prank was a way for the Puffles to Welcome a newcomer!

LOL…Rookies says something Funny :)

Thanks to you we have a NEW Elite Puffle and I can finally start my Mission :)

You are Very Welcome Rookie Secret Agents ALWAYS Helps each other :) You are Very Welcome Rookie :)

Seasonal Missions
Tip! If you don’t want to wait you can change the Clock date for the system calendar on the Settings Menu (touch the Settings Panel on the DS Menu Screen). Select "Confirm" when you are finished setting the date.
When you have completed all 13 missions you can set the Clock to April 1 (April fools day). Look for the shelf box “case files” in the Command Room and tap on it. Now go to mission number three. “Rookie on the rocks.” In the mission where you see Rookie on the other side of the river you will find a box and get a jester hat if you tap on it. Finish the mission and you might find new items in the Catalog.

Spring Seasonal Mission, April 1-7
Talk to Aunt Arctic in the Plaza. She will start the mission, a flower scavenger hunt. There are 16 flowers around Club Penguin to collect. Only four can be carried at a time. Each flower that is found can be dropped on Aunt Arctic for a prize. If sixteen flowers are found and given to Aunt Arctic, the mission will end. Otherwise, you can end the mission at any time by talking to her and saying you cannot find any more flowers. All flowers are outdoors and can be found in the plaza, town, snowforts, forest, ice rink, ski village, ski hill, dock, beach, mine shack and mine interior. This mission can be replayed immediately.
  • The blue flowers is worth 1 coin.
  • The pink flowers is worth 2 coins.
  • The white or yellow flower is worth 3 coins.
Tap several times on the boxes you find and you can get a coin.
Check out the new items in the Catalog.

Summer Seasonal Mission, June 20-30
Go to the Pizza Parlor. The Parlor owner will tell you that he needs four coconuts to complete his masterpiece. If you agree to help him, four coconut trees will spawn around club penguin. The first is in the Town, the second is on the Beach, the third is in the Forest, the Fourth is on the Ski Hill.
To get a coconut, find a tree and hit it with a snowball from the blue puffle. It does not matter what order you find the trees in, because they will all appear at once. Deliver all four coconuts to the Pizza Chef to win the mission.
Fiesta Hat (sombrero) on the Frozen Pond (behind the Ski Lodge) is a free item.
Check out the new items in the Catalog.

Autumn Seasonal Mission, October 25-31
Go to the Night Club. There will be 5 costumed characters there. If you talk to any one of them you will be asked if you want to play a game to figure out who they are. If you agree to play, they will give you clues about the other penguin's identities. Using these clues, you need to guess who each penguin is. From left to right the 5 penguins are: Dot, Rookie, Aunt Arctic, Gary, Jet Pack Guy. Any wrong guess will subtract coins as a penalty. Once you have guessed all 5 characters correctly, you win the game and get a prize (some coins). You can do this many times and will get coins each time.
Fish costume on ski lodge attic is a free item.

Winter Seasonal Mission, December 14-25
Talk to Santa in the town and accept the mission. He will drop 4 gifts for you to pick up. Give the pogo stick gift to the sick snowboarder at the dock, the guitar gift to the guitar penguin at the beach, the snowboard gift to BlazerX at the lodge and the big box to the agent at the snowforts. After all gifts are delivered, talk to Santa again and he will end the mission and you will get some coins. This mission can be replayed immediately.
Ice Skates on the Iceberg is a free item.

  • Green Dive Mask 200 Coins
  • Pink Swimsuit 250 Coins
  • Green Flippers 200 Coins
  • Life Jacket 330 Coins
  • Red Shorts 250 Coins
  • Brown Sandals 200 Coins
  • You can chose from 13 colors only 20 coins each!
  • Apron 100 coins (for coffee shop workers)
  • Pearls 550 coins
  • Pink Purse 300 coins
  • Sun Dress 500 coins
  • Top Hat 350 coins
  • Blue Coat 625 coins
  • Dress Shoes 420 coins
  • Russian Hat 600 coins
  • Jean Jacket 450 coins
  • Hiking Boots 325 coins
  • Scarf (yellow) 150 coins
  • Pink Ear Muffs 250 coins
  • Pink Hoodie 400 coins
  • Hockey Stick 260 coins
  • Pink Toque (hat) 75 coins
  • Suede Jacket 700 coins
  • Parka (black) 500 coins
  • Fishing Rod 200 coins
  • Lei 100 coins
  • Diva Sun Glasses 225 coins
  • Grass Skirt 200 coins
  • Pink Sandals 160 coins
  • Poncho 350 coins
  • Tiara 200 coins
  • Princess Costume (purple) 550 coins
  • Sun Striker Wig 550 coins
  • Black Guitar 975 coins
  • Black Sneakers 250 coins
  • Dazzle Dress (red) 600 coins
  • Rain Coat 450 coins
  • Pendant 110 coins
  • Purple Dress 400 coins
  • Black Eye Glasses 225 coins
  • Back Pack (red) 410 coins
  • Track Jacket (blue) 550 coins
  • Head Phones 350 coins
  • Black Hoodie 400 coins
  • 3D Glasses 225 coins
  • Bunny Slippers (white) 450 coins
  • Santa Hat 100 coins
  • Long Johns 350 coins
  • Black Sun Glasses 200 coins
  • Bow Tie 50 coins
  • Black Suit 650 coins
  • Funny Glasses 50 coins
  • NV Goggles 1000 coins
  • Black Tie 125 coins
  • Fedora (hat) 300 coins
  • Light Trench Coat 550 coins
  • Glazer Suit 600 coins
  • Tweed Hat 350 coins
  • Tweed Coat 650 coins
  • Magnifying Glass 200 coins
  • Dark Trench Coat 550 coins
Old items not available
  • Blue Ball Cap 200 coins
  • Rugby Shirt 400 coins
  • Brown Shoes 400 coins
  • Floppy Hat 300 coins
  • Daisy Hoodie 500 coins
Update: Special clothes items available right now (no longer available)
  • Gold Watch 170 coins
  • Pink Sweater 440 coins
  • Pink Coat 625 coins
Update: Special clothes items available right now (no longer available)
  • Black Toque 75 coins
  • (Orange and Black) Snow Suite 600 coins
  • Blue Earmuffs 250 coins
  • Pink (and Blue) Snow Suite 600 coins
Update: Special clothes items available right now
  • Blue Ball Cap 200 coins
  • Rugby Shirt 400 coins
  • Brown Shoes 400 coins
  • Floppy Hat 300 coins
  • Daisy Hoodie 500 coins

Single Card Play (Dance Challenge)
To connect to ad hoc multiplayer:
  1. Press host.
  2. Wait for *all* players to connect
  3. Press Game (only after all players are connected)
  1. Press join
  2. Select host from list
  3. Wait
The clients must be connected to the host before the host presses the Game button. When the host presses Game, it will start the game on all clients.
Players cannot connect after the game has started. The host displays a list of connected players in a pop-up dialog in the menu before you start the game, showing who is connected.
Load Club Penguin DS in one DS system and no card in the other DS. Proceed to the Main Menu and select "Multiplayer", then select "Single Card Play." "Waiting for players" will display until the other DS selects "DS Download Play" on the boot menu. Select "Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force" on the child DS and then answer Yes to "Would you like to download this software?". Press "Play" and the game will load on both DS systems.

Content Share (Multicard only)
Load a Club Penguin DS card in each of two DS systems and proceed to the Main Menu. Select "Multiplayer", then select "2 Player." One DS selects Host, the other selects Join. The client DS should tap the Host in the lobby and then wait for the Host to proceed.
Host taps "Share" and then "Share Newsletter" or "Share Mission." The content will transfer and then appear in the "Downloaded Content" section in the "Upload/Download" menu.

Command Coach (Multicard only)
Connect to Command Coach via ad hoc. The Field Agent will lead the Coach through the world, and the Coach can draw on the Agent's screen and view hidden objects.
Alternate solutions are available in Mission 3 (use a shovel to dig your way to Rookie at the river), Mission 6 (use a crowbar to move the boulder off the geyser), Mission 9 (find a secret passage out of the cave), and Mission 11 (hit the Wheel-Bot with a cream pie instead of a snowball to blind him). There are also hidden items that only the Coach can see:
Mission 1
In Mission 1, go to the Snow Forts to find 3 special items that only the Command Coach can see. Circle the items for the Agent and when the agent taps on them; both players will get a coin. Move on to the Plaza to find another hidden item (5 coins).
Mission 4
Coach can see Gary's footprints around the island, leading the agent to the clues more easily. Go to the Beach to see Gary's footprints, along with the Plaza and the Ski Village.
Mission 7
Go to the Snow Forts and Town to see puffle tracks leading to the places where the pink and purple puffles can be found.
Mission 10
Robot tracks can be seen by the Coach in the Town and Plaza.

Upload/ Download
Upload Coins
To upload coins, select "Upload/ Download" from the Main Menu, and then connect to Nintendo WFC (WI-FI). Advance past the "Do you have a Club Penguin Online Account" dialog and enter your log in info (if required), which will save to the card.
Select "Upload Coins". Tap the + to increment the amount of coins you would like to upload. Tap "Okay" to continue with the upload, or "Cancel" to go back to the menu. Wait for the "Coin Upload Completed" message to know your upload was successful. Upload more coins, or tap "Cancel" to return to the menu.
Upload Progression
Progression data is currently being sent to Club Penguin each time a player connects via Nintendo WFC.
Download Newsletter
To download the most recent newsletter, select "Upload/ Download" from the Main Menu, and then connect to Nintendo WFC. Advance past the "Do you have a Club Penguin Online Account" dialog and enter your log in info (if required), which will save to the card.
Select "Download Newsletter." The newsletter will download automatically and be saved in "Downloaded Content" on the Upload/ Download menu (must disconnect from Wi-Fi to return to original menu). Press the yellow arrow to go back to the menu.
Download Mission
To download a mission, select "Upload/ Download" from the Main Menu. Connect to Nintendo WFC. Advance past the "Do you have a Club Penguin Online Account" dialog and enter your log in info (if required), which will save to the card.
Select "Download Mission." The mission will download automatically and be saved in "Downloaded Content" on the Upload/ Download menu (must disconnect from Wi-Fi to return to original menu). Press the yellow arrow to go back to the menu.
Select Access Previously Download Content. You can download newsletter and take a poll. If you click on new Missions to download you will get this special message from Aunt Arctic: “Welcome Saraapril its good to see you. Allow me to let you in on a little EPF secret. There are challenging special missions you’ll be able to download from Club Penguin. We need you to be ready, so keep an eye out for Download Mission updates in the weekly newsletter. Remember, anything could happen. It’s always best to be a prepared penguin.”

When attempting to upload coins earned in the Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force DS game to the Club Penguin website, you receive the following message:
"Coin upload failed"
This issue can still occur even though the game may have previously allowed uploading.
There is a daily upload limit of 2,000 coins. You will be able to earn and upload more coins; however, 2,000 is the maximum amount you can upload from the Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force DS game to the Club Penguin website per day.
When you enter your Penguin name and password in Club Penguin Online Account you can get the error message “account verification failed”.
This can happen because you entered the wrong password or wrong Penguin name. Another reason is that you can only have 12 or less characters or digits in the password.
Here are some of the EPF items: EPF Certificate, Wood EPF Badge, Ice EPF Badge, Bronze EPF Badge, Silver EPF Badge and Gold EPF Badge.
Honors to win:
  • EPFTrainee Pin – Welcome to the Elite Penguin Force
  • EPF Rank 1 (Elite Penguin Force Rank 1 – High Level Clearance)
  • EPF Rank 2 (Elite Penguin Force Rank 2 – Super High Level Clearance)
  • EPF Rank 3 (Elite Penguin Force Rank 3 – Super Duper High Level Clearance)
  • EPF Rank 4 (Elite Penguin Force Rank 4 – Ultra Super Amazing High Level Clearance)
  • EPF Rank 5 (Elite Penguin Force Rank 5 – Unbelievable Over-the-Top High Level Clearance)
  • Elite Puffle Training Diploma

Read also Club Penguin-Elite penguin Force! EPF

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UPDATE: Herbert’s Revenge CHEATS :) Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS :)

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