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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Remember the Snow Sculpture contest?

ATTENTION ARTISTS! You are needed in Club Penguin Snow Sculpture Contest!  Each week for 3 weeks snow artists will create 5 new snow sculptures that'll be displayed in spots all over the island :) This will start March 20 so NOW is time to enter The Contest! HURRY! HURRY! In total 15 lucky winners will have their sculptures and Penguin names showcased and they'll also receive 10,000 coins! To enter send your Creative Unique Art to Remember… NO words in your drawings!

Here is some Winning Sculptures from earlier Contest…click to enlarge

It is VERY Hard to pick a Favorite but I Really like the Penguin with a Puffle on her head…It’s so cute :)

Read More about The Snow Sculpture Contest HERE

Puffle Adventures:Snowflake Disappears

Snowflake Loves the outdoor and we take Long Nice Walks in The Forest Every day and she always eats some O’Berrys  from the Bushes…

                …When I Woke  up this morning I found a Card…click to enlarge…I went to The Pet Shop to start looking for her there and There she was :) The Puffle Feeder told me that Snowflake sat outside The Pet Shop when he comes to work this morning… I guess she went for a walk and didn't found her way back to your Igloo again…That happens all the time..I Thanked him for taking so Good care of Snowflake and paid for Food and Puffle care… click to emlarge

…When we were Home again I thought about Why she had left…wasn't  she happy here? I didn't need to worry she act so Happy to be back in our Igloo and to meet her Friends again so that could not be the problem……Then Purple explained everything to me…It is all about Food…

She is too shy to eat of the food in our Igloo! Purple told Snowflake that the Food was for everyone and she could have as much as she wanted! We got food here so you don't need to go out in The Forest to eat anymore…

Snowflake immediately  shined up and started to eat! For being a so little Puffle she eats a lot :) She is the smallest Puffle but she eats Most of them all I like a Puffle with a good Apatite!

All well that ends well and In Our Igloo we NEVER run out of Puffle Food :)

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