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Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to make a Snow Sculpture

Happy77 is a Great Penguin she knows what going on in the development area of Club Penguin and she knows ALL the Artists in Club Penguin Team :) Right now she gave us a inside scoop an interview from the talented pair of snow sculpture artists

Happy77 asks:

What do you look for in all the submissions you get? A great submission is fun, imaginative and makes us smile! But there are so many talented and creative artists playing Club Penguin that they're all making us smile!

Tell us about making sculptures from a drawing. Is it very difficult? The artist who drew it did the difficult stuff. We get to do the fun part. First we transfer the original drawing onto our computer and create a black and white version so that it kinda looks like a coloring book picture. Then we take it and make it look like it's made of ice.

If you added flavored syrup to the snow sculptures, would it make them into beautiful, yummy snow cones? Indeed it would! However, you might unintentionally upset the poor artist whose masterpiece would be inside of your belly... :)

LOL…are you Hungry Happy77? Welcome to my Igloo for a snack!

Look at this cool Drawings:click to enlarge

Thanks Happy77 for giving us a backstage tour of The Art Department in Club Penguin I look forward to the next one :)

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