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Friday, March 13, 2009

A New Friend :)

Today at Flubby123456’s Party I meet Floppyj10 and we become Friends :)click to enlarge

My Buddy List is Full but we can be Friends anyway :) Here is how…Just send me a “Be My Buddy Card” and I will send you one back…Then we are FRIENDS :)

click to enlarge                Here is Floppyj10 I like her outfit It is very Cute :)

click to enlarge

Running Around in the Green clover Flowers at the Dock is Wonderful :)

click to enlarge

             …A Great Green place for a FUN Happy Running!

click to enlarge

                       Lets make this to a FLOWER PARTY!

click to enlarge Patotoy, Madyshay123, Floppyj10. Sunshine and Me Love to Dance and sing surrounding by FLOWERS :)

click to enlargeThis was FUN Thanks Friends :) And Please Club Penguin can we get More Flowers, Flowers, Flowers, Flowers, Flowers, FLOWERS…LOL

I am Here Today :)

flubby123456 have a Party Today and all Penguins are Invited :) Thanks flubby123456 see you there :)click to enlarge

It will be so Much FUN to go to a Party :) Now I need to put Together a Party outfit :)

 click to enlarge

                          See you at flubby123456’s Party!

Sorry i can’t add anyone my Buddy List is full :( Lets be FRIENDS ANYWAY :)

Home Cute Home :)

I LOVE this Cute Tree House :) And it is FLOWERS everywhere outside :) This is Perfect! I wish that we could get a Igloo like this and an update on the Igloo Music…Door Fun

                                …It is still Christmas songs…

click to enlarge I would LOVE to have this cute St.Patrick's Party Music too play in My Igloo and  Puffle Party Music and Fairy Fables Music…Please Club Penguin can you fix this?

Welcome to Club Penguin’s St Patrick's Party :)

I Like this Cool Party Picture :) Now I just wait for Club Penguin to Decorate the Home Page too :) Please let the Island be GREEN!

click to enlarge

Guide Tour of Club Penguin’s St.Patrick’s Day Party Member Room-The Leprechauns Tree House :)

I have arranged a Guide Tour for all  you Non-members that can’t enter the Leprechaun House…

click to enlarge 

                          Welcome to the Leprechaun house!

click to enlarge

                                    Look at all that Gold!

click to enlarge

                             Leprechauns are very musical…

 click to enlarge

                           …and they like the color Green…

click to enlarge

                                 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 click to enlarge

            Special for this Party is “Tell a Joke” try it it is FUN :)click to enlarge

                       The only thing left to do is to PARTY!

click to enlarge

Click HERE for Secrets in this St. Patrick’s Party and Animated Pictures :)

Hydro-Hopper going Green :)

The Hydro-Hopper have a Green Ring now…I thing G have made up a Great Green Fuel for the Boat too :) We need to think of the delicate sea life that surrounds our Island and make as little pollution as possible… With  a Green Fuel we can have FUN Hydro-Hopping whiteout making the crabs, fish, sharks, clams, squids and seaweed sick…That is GREEN GREAT! click to enlarge

New Club Penguin St. Patrick's Post Card

               We have a new cute card to send to our Friends :)

click to enlarge                       …if you click on the mail box it opens…

click to enlarge

                             I LOVE to send and get Cards :)

ST Patrick's Day Party is HERE :)

                              Time for a GREEN TOWN :)

 click to enlarge

           Here inside The Coffee Shop you find a Free Item…

click to enlarge

…The Shamrock Hat :) This old Item now brought back will make Many Penguins HAPPY!

click to enlarge

                              …Dance for Luck and FUN :)

click to enlarge

                     …I LOVE the Snow Fort FLOWERS…LOL

click to enlarge

                     …something is going on at The Stage…

click to enlarge

                          …Look at that Golden Penguin…

click to enlarge 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Forest! it is so cute and filled with FLOWERS :) This is AMAZING!

click to enlarge

…Follow the sign to the cool secret room…Oops only for Members…Sorry Littletias…

click to enlarge

…This room is Celtic and cute…and here you find a Second Free Item…

click to enlarge                                          …The Accordion…

click to enlarge

                                         …This is FUN…

Playing  The Accordion                        …click on logs to make the Fire going…

Playing Music by the Fire

                                 …Lots of GOLD in Here :)

click to enlarge                         …click on The Drum…it is LOUD…LOL 

Playing The Drum too                        …click on jar to let the rainbow out…

Rainbow jar

                …from the Iceberg you can see the Rainbow…

 click to enlarge

…Ahhh so Lovely a Clover FLOWER Field this will be one of my Favorite room during the Party…It’s smells Wonderful :) 

click to enlarge

…and at the end of the Rainbow you find a BIG pot of Gold and a Pin :)

2009-03-13 01.14.45 - Copy

…in The Ski Village i found a wishing well…I wish for MORE FLOWERS…LOL

click to enlarge

I think this will be a FUN Party and Remember Green for St. Patrick's Day AND GREEN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!

New Club Penguin Pin-The Lucky Coin Pin :)

The St. Patrick's Party has Started WOHOO! If you follow the Rainbow you ends up here on the Ski Hill…

click to enlarge 

                         …and Here you find the new Pin :)

click to enlarge

Waddling around waiting for St. Patrick's Day Party to start

Today I played in Mammoth and we had so Muck Fun! Look at me and Gosig…LOL I am a Alien Princess and Gosig is my best knight :)

click to enlarge

…on my Secret Quest as a Alien Princess I meet Icecap4 and Drum421…TOGETHER we started a FOREST PARTY :)

click to enlarge        …Isabella505 is GREAT! She invited MANY More Penguins :)

click to enlarge

                                     …FOREST PARTY…

click to enlarge

…Then we ALL Played Follow Me! Drum421 was the leader…To the Cove…

click to enlargey

                       …Through the Forest to the Snow Fort…

click to enlarge …                          …sliding around on The Ice Rink…

click to enlarge  

                                    …Time to Follow again :)

click to enlarge                               …We tried to Tip The Ice Berg…

click to enlarge

…and then we Party at the Dock and then…LOL…This was so Much Fun :)

 click to enlarge

Thanks to all Fun Party Penguins and Thanks for Following Drum421 you ALL ROCKS!

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