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Saturday, March 14, 2009

St.Patrick's Party Update! or HELP WERE IS THE St.PATRICK'S PARTY!!!

If you feel like… HELP I Have NO St.Patrick’s PARTY on Club Penguin!!! Why cant I see the St. Patrick's Party or WHERE are the PARTY??? Don't worry…It is NOT YOU Club Penguin have some problems even Billybob was excluded from the Party for a while…but he can see it now :) This is what you can do First Make sure you clear your computer's cache to see if that solves the problem…If it DON'T! Please be Patient The Club Penguin Team is working really hard to fix this issue and they trying to make everything green for ALL of us in Club Penguin!

click to enlarge

When you get The Party Started on your Computer Climb up here…it is a wonderful view and The Stage need all Penguins aboard to be ready for The Penguin Awards :)

A Letter to Club Penguin-Lets Have a Aunt Arctic Party!

This is a Letter I sent to Club Penguin Support some times ago…If you have an Idea for something FUN you want to happen in Club Penguin you can write and tell them about it…I think it is AWESOME that they listen to us :)  Your Ideas and other Penguin’s Ideas will be put TOGETHER and…One day some of your wishes might come true…some of mine have :)

Hi Thanks for answering :)
I think that the BEST thing about the Puffle Party was EVERYTHING!!!!! I LOVE to see all these Puffles playing around the Island and the white Puffle is SO CUTE! I think Next Party could be about Aunt Arctic! or The silent Party to make Herbert more Happy I have told you about the silent Party for a long time ago :) Aunt Arctic deserves a Party she is so nice and Kind and working so Hard to keep us updated. I’m making a blog and it is so MUCH work! I think that is sad that not so many care for her it is ROCKHOPPER ROCKHOPPER NEVER AUNT ARCTIC! Please let us change that! Maybe we could have a FLOWER PARTY for her I think she LOVES Flowers just like me :) And an old printing machine there you can print your own Newspaper...Like this: Penguin (Name) is a GREAT Friend and a AWESOME Penguin and so on ONLY POSITIVE comments we can choose from some preprinted sentence and then print them out as Newspaper or a card to send to our Friends:) Big Printing Press all over town with newspaper rolling in the press...An office...And a PINK Room with drinks and chips for resting ONLY for Members and There we can meet Aunt Arctic :) Please give us a Press Pass and a code so we FOR SURE can meet her PLEASE! Please read this to understand
I LOVE to smell the Print in the Air and Help To Celebrate Aunt Arctic! She is as Many women working Hard but get NO credit...That's what Mum says...Let her know how Much she Means to us and Club Penguin :) Let it be a Surprise Party not a Birthday Party! I sometimes makes Party's to my Friends just be cause I like them and they get so surprised and Happy :) On your Birthday you know you will have a Party...
Oh one more Idea I like to have Balloons and you can pop them and out comes confetti in pink purple and sparkles :) and I was at Aunt Arctic's Party LOL
Bye for Now Saraapril :)

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Club Penguin have give us Rockhopper,  G-The Gadget Guy and Many Others  but NO Aunt Arctic Toy! Please Club Penguin I LOVE Aunt Arctic can she be a Toy Too? Please :)


What do you think? can this be a FUN Party? Do you have something to add or another idea? Please let me know :)

You can read More about Toys HERE and HERE and for MUCH MORE HERE …LOL

Club Penguin’s Snow Sculpture Contest still going on :)

                      Have you entered The Contest Yet?

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…you can submit your Drawing to March 19 as the Latest but…the sooner the Better :) I sitting here listen to my IPod and trying to get good ideas for Drawings I am so Lucky to have a Puffle like Sunshine that helps me with creative Ideas :)

click to enlargeDid you notice that last weeks Newspaper Issue Nr 177 had this Awesome Drawing about Sunshine :) I wonder  who the GREAT Artist is?

click to enlarge           You can still go to the Boiler Room and Read that Issue…

click to enlarge

…In the end of The weekly Newspaper you can contact Aunt Arctic :) She is a very Busy Penguin and appreciates All Help she can get…I wish we could have an Aunt Arctic Party to let her know how Much her work means to us …It is so easy to take her hard work for granted…

 click to enlarge

                      HERE is my Ideas for a Aunt Arctic Party :)

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