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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Club Penguin Books and Toys!

Thanks to the fact that Club Penguin is a Disney product now we gets More and More Toys and stuff (and MORE will come)…My Favorites are the New Books I LOVE BOOKS :)

We have got Tree New Book to add to our Collection:

Club Penguin Secret Agent Handbook:

Club Penguin Secret Agent HandbookThis book gives you the inside scoop on a new, exciting world you will find when your penguin becomes a Secret Agent! In this top secret guide, Secret Agent G teaches you about your missions and the gadgets you can use to keep Club Penguin safe and sound. You’ll even get a special look at the Secret Agent headquarters!

Spy Gear

The right tools can really help on a mission. A good agent knows that creative thinking and hard work can solve even the toughest missions. But sometimes and agent may come across an obstacle that seems impossible to overcome. That’s where the gadgets I make come in. If there is a need for something, I immediately go to work to find a solution. Throughout this section, I’m going to share with you some of the inventions that I have created for the PSA. A lot of scientific research has gone into these high-tech gadgets.

The Spy Phone

The first thing you receive when you become an agent is the model #102405 Spy Phone. You teleport at the touch of a button and the phone is equipped with useful tools. Try using the phone’s wrench, comb and scissors when you encounter something that needs to be fixed. You never know what might work.

Long-Range Antenna Allows you to keep in contact with HQ no matter where you are on Club Penguin.

LED Blinking Light Click on this light to access your spy tools.

View Screen Shows the names of different rooms. Click on the screen to change the room names or use the teleporter scroll button.

Teleporter Scroll Button Click to scroll between room names.

13.4 hz Auditory Impulse Receptor State-of-the-art technology makes sure your reception is crystal clear.

Teleport Click to teleport to room showing on view screen.

Visit HQ Push this button and you’ll instantly be teleported to HQ.

Club Penguin The Inventor’s Apprentice:

Club Penguin The Inventor’s Apprentice

Gary the Gadget Guy is always creating new inventions that will make penguins’ lives easier-and more fun! In this book, you can help Gary with his latest invention. Will you help him come up with a fantastic invention, or will the project go terribly wrong? In this Pick Your Path book, the choice is yours!

Club Penguin Igloo Makeover:

Club Penguin Igloo Makeover

This book will teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about igloos: how to upgrade your igloo, visit other penguins’ igloos, invite friends over, and more! It even includes more than 100 reusable stickers to decorate your igloo and create your own penguin parties!

Deck Out Your Digs

It’s time to design your igloo. To move an item into place, click and drag it. Use the left and right arrow keys to face it in different directions.

Many items do something special. If you buy a stereo or jukebox, a cassette tape icon appears on your  right-hand menu. Click it to choose a sound track. If you buy a television, you can change channels by clicking on it in edit mode and pressing the up and down arrows. The up and down arrows can change other items, too – just try it out!

Lots of items have more than one use. Some penguins buy a lot of one item and use them to create other things. You could line up a few bookcases to make a wall, or buy a whole lot of beach balls and create a ball pit. You can make whatever you want!

Awesome Decor for Your Igloo

Click the tape measure icon from inside your igloo to go into edit mode. (To exit edit mode, just click it again.) Then check out the Better Igloos catalogue. The items in Better Igloos change every two months, so don’t put off buying something you like or you might miss it!

When you buy an item, your purchase is sent to your storage box. Click the box and select the item to move it into your igloo. You can keep items in your storage box when you don’t want them on display.

Top Secret!
To find the hidden items in every catalogue, scroll your mouse over the pages. If the cursor becomes active over an unusual spot, click there! A secret item might pop up.

These Books are Cool too :)

Club Penguin Stowaway! Adventures at Sea:

Club Penguin Stowaway! Adventures at Sea

You’ve snuck about Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator! As the ship takes to the sea, you’re off on an adventure. Where does your path take you? Will Rockhopper discover you and send you back to Club Penguin, or will you become his trusted friend, helping him out on his wild expeditions? In this Pick You Path book, YOU decide!

Club Penguin Stuck on Puffles:

Stuck On Puffles

What penguin doesn’t love puffles? In this scrapbook-style sticker book, you’ll learn about puffles – where they come from, how to take care of them, and which games they can play along with you. On each page, you can use the stickers of penguins, snowballs, puffles, conversation bubbles, and more to complete the scenes!

Red Puffle

Rockhopper, the pirate penguin, brought red Puffles to Club Penguin on his ship, the Migrator. Rockhopper even has his own pet red Puffle named Yarr. Red Puffles are the only Puddles not originally from Club Penguin. Red Puffles are enthusiastic, fearless and always up for adventure! These Puffles can be adopted by both penguins with and without memberships.

Playful Puffle

Red Puffles like to bowl. Click the play icon and a red Puffle turns itself into a bowling ball and rolls into some pins, knocking them over! Click it again and it will shoot itself out of a cannon, floating back to the ground with a parachute.

Hungry, Hungry Puffle

When you feed a red Puffle a bubble gum, it will blow a bubble, swallow it whole and the deflate like a balloon. When you feed it a cookie, it tosses it like a Frisbee, catches it and eats it!

More Puffle Stuff

Red Puffles are even adventurous in the bath. When a red Puffle batches, it will get out its surfboard and catch some waves!

2011-04-04 14.43.52 - Copy

Club Penguin Waddle Lot of Laughs:

Waddle Lot of Laughs

How does a penguin build a house? Igloos it together. Get ready to giggle when you share these silly jokes with your friends and penguin pals! This hilarious book is filled with jokes, riddles and puns all about Disney’s Club Penguin.

The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin:

The Ultimate Official Guide

This ultimate guide includes hints and how-tos on the Club Penguin essentials – from caring for your puffle to scoring higher on your favorite mini-game. Whether you’re just learning to waddle around or you’re already an expert, this guide will help you make the most of Disney’s Club Penguin – and as an added bonus, it includes a special fold-out poster!

Some of the Books have Codes you can use to unlock Items Online!

For MORE Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items :)

How to unlock Items Online Tutorial Club Penguin

  Toys Unlock More Fun Online!

Use Your Toy Code

How Do I Unlock Items?

Toys Unlock More Fun Online!

Club Penguin is a snow-covered virtual world where children aged 6 – 14 use their imaginations and creativity to play, explore, and make penguin friends.

Unlock More Fun.

When you see this icon , it means that your toy comes with a coin. There’s a code on the back of this coin that you can use to access special online items in Club Penguin.

Use Your Toy Code.

To unlock your items, you need:

  • The code you found with your toy.
  • A penguin account. If you do not have a penguin account, click here to create a free account.

Once you have both of these, you need to:

  • Go to follow the Unlock Your Items icon.
  • Follow the simple steps to enter your code and unlock your items.
  • Select your server and play! Whatever you unlock will automatically
        be added to your account.


How Do I Unlock Items?


When you see this icon , you know your toy has a code that will unlock items online. When you get a new Club Penguin toy, keep the code safe. The code can only be used once, so don’t lose it!


Click the Unlock Items button at the top right hand side of your screen. If you don’t already have a penguin account, first create a free account.


Login with your Penguin Name and Password.


You’ll need your toy code (on the back of the coin) , or your book with you.


If you selected a toy, enter your toy code and click next. Be sure to enter the code exactly as it appears. (Go to #7)


If you have a book, find the code word by following the directions given in the question. Be sure to enter the word exactly as it appears in the book. (Go to #8)


The top bar of The Treasure Book shows how many items you get to unlock. Flip through the pages and then select the items you want.

IMPORTANT: make sure to unlock all the items that you get with your code before you click done.


After you have answered the secret question correctly, a special item and coins will be added to your inventory. If you have already received the special item, you’ll get more coins!


Each code must be entered individually. If you have more than one toy with a code, or if you have a book, click the Enter Another Code button.


Once you are finished, click Play Now! Select your server and then go play!

Whatever your code unlocked will automatically be added to your penguin account.

Whether you have a membership or a free account, the items you unlock will always be accessible!  

See also Unlock Items Online Code and Unlock Items online!

Dancing around and having Fun at St. Patrick's Party :)

I have some favorite places at this Party here they are :) First I LOVE to Run around in this Clover Flower Field… Saraapril and Purple running in Clover

                                  …this is a Fun place too…

Running around in cute Tree House

I LOVE to be here under the Big leaf we often sit here me and My Puffles and read story’s and enjoying the Flowers :)

 Saraapril and Sweet Dancing in Fairyland

                   …Dancing around in the Flowers…lalalalalala

Saraapril and Sunshine dancing around

                                   Welcome to our Home :)

Saraapril and Sunshine singing and dancing                           I think this cute Forest is AWESOME!

Saraapril and Gosig dancing around

                                   LOL…this is FUN too :)

Saraapril and Blueberry having FUN                   The wishing well is so Cute! Cute!! Cute!!!

Saraapril and Chillie dancing

                                 Happily dancing around :)

Saraapril and Speed running around

I LOVE the Colors in the Rainbow and the Sparkles in the Gold :) Look how we get colored from the Rainbow it is so Cool :)

Saraapril and Snowflake running in the rainbow

       This is my Favorite Places during this Party were are yours?

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 1 - The Mystery Unfolds, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin EPF Mission 1 - The Mystery Unfolds

Tap on the Green Penguin holding a notepad.  Tap “Can you tell me if there are any special events going on?”  Enter the Coffee Shop. Tap on the newspaper on the coffee table. Tap “I think I’ll take a break to read the newspaper.

Tap the Blue Puffle bouncing the postcard to pick up the item. Talk to the Barista behind the counter, who will encourage you to show it the postcard. Tap the note in your inventory (bottom left icon) and drag it to the Barista.

Look left and tap the ketchup, mustard and napkins each to reveal coins. Many interactive objects will drop coins when tapped.

Exit the Coffee Shop and talk to the purple penguin in front of the Gift Shop, counting coins. Show the NPC the card and they hint to go to the Snow Forts, accessed through the door farthest right in the Town.

At the Snow Forts, tap the snowman to retrieve the second postcard. To the right near the clock tower, will be a sad penguin who has lost his favorite hat in the clock tower gears. Tap the Blue Puffle and then the target on the clock tower to fire a snowball at the target. The hat will fall from the gears. Pick up the hat and then give it to the NPC. The NPC rewards you with a pair of Disguise Glasses, which can be equipped in the Suitcase. The NPC will now talk to you about the cards in your inventory and direct you to the Plaza, accessed through the door to the right.

At the Plaza, tap the Mailbox to retrieve the third postcard. Head back to the Snow Forts and show the NPC that card as well. Keep moving left through the Snow Forts to the Town and on to the Docks.

Showing the second and third postcards to the penguins in the Town and Coffee Shop will give hints related to those cards.

At the Docks, talk to the yellow penguin looking out at sea. Tap the Inner Tubes to the left of the dock to get the final piece of postcard and trigger the Jigsaw Puzzle minigame.

Tap a piece of the puzzle at the corner with the Stylus and drag it in a circular motion to rotate into position, which forms the Map. You can use the four yellow dots around the pieces to rotate them.

Enter the Lighthouse and scroll right until you see a Barrel, whose lid occasionally wobbles and exposes Dot. Tap the Barrel and Dot will appear, explaining that she is with the EPF and Bouncer has led you to her as the first part of a secret agent test. Dot gives you the Club Penguin world map and marks it with your next mission start location, the Dojo.

More about EPF in this post:
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force - Hints and Tips - Nintendo DS

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 2 - Left To Your Own Devices, Nintendo DS

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