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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our Island is Back to Normal Again

I LOVE Party’s They are AWESOME! But I am Happy when they ending before I get bored of them :)click to enlarge

          The Giant Pot of Gold is Gone but the Pin is still here…click to enlarge

                  We need Workers to the Stage PRONTO…LOL

click to enlarge

…Now I will grab My tools and find Rory TOGETHER we will make sure that Everything is ready for Tomorrow :)

Aunt Arctic at Work-Penguin Play Awards

click to enlarge

Aunt Arctic is presenting the Five Nominees

Fairy Fables

Enter the magical world of Twee and her mismatched fairy tales. Prince Redhood has some croissants with Grumpunzel’s name on them, but can he sneak past the Big Bad Wool?

click to enlarge

Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal

When the city is threatened by a giant monster, superheroes Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal must fly into action to save the day. But can they stop the terrible Squidzoid?

click to enlargeThe Penguins that Time Forgot

Chester gets more than he bargains for when he buys a time machine that actually works. Now in prehistoric times, can he deal with dinosaurs, tiki totems, and lava lakes? click to enlarge

 Quest for the Golden Puffle

Join expert treasure hunters, Alaska and Yukon, as they search for the legendary Golden Puffle. Guiant boulders, rampaging mummies, and hungry alligators are only the beginning for this dynamic duo.

click to enlargeRuby and the Ruby 

When a priceless ruby goes missing, it’s up to Jacques Hammer to investigate. Can he solve the case, or has Ruby, the mysterious lady in red, lost her ruby forever?

click to enlarge

We will vote in this categories: Beat Play, Best Music, Best Costume, Best Set and Best Special Effects The Plaza will have a Poll Both don't miss to go and get your voice heard :) The Stage Director promises us that It will be surprises every week so remember to come back…

Congratulations Snow Sculpture Contest Winners!

The First Five Snow Sculpture winner is announced! Congratulations to  Marco A9, Lucasbas, Rosette37, Ice4biel  and Wubby98 I looking forward to see your Art Displayed tomorrow :)

click to enlarge

                                      Read More Here

Secret Revealed: Classified

                                         Secret Nr 18…

click to enlarge

Here is a Special Dances Secret :) I Love this feature is is so Cool :)

click to enlarge

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