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Friday, March 20, 2009

Aunt Arctic is in Abominable RIGHT NOW!

Hurry to The Stage and go Backstage Aunt Arctic is here Right NOW :)

UPDATE: Aunt Arctic have Left Picture will be Published later…

Penguin Play Awards- Club Penguins latest Opening Picture :)

I Like this Opening Pic :) And Fairy Fables is My Favorite Play Together with Ruby and the Ruby…

click to enlarge

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Saraapril in Club Penguin

Penguin Play Awards Invitation

Thanks Club Penguin for the Invitation to this AWESOME PARTY! If you are a Member look in your Mailbox for this :)click to enlarge

Cadence is in Abominable RIGHT NOW!

Update: Sorry DJ Cadence has Left The Stage Backstage Now…Pictures will be Published Later… 

Cadence Tracker

Meet Aunt Arctic and Cadence!

Sunygirl235 have Meet Aunt Arctic AWESOME! I hope to meet her too :)click to enlarge Rumor says that Cadence is out and around too…Go Backstage at The Stage to meet them :) 

All Special Effects from Swithbox3000-Penguin Play Awards

To My Non Member Friends :) Look at all the Cool Special Effects…I Love the Confetti and the Sparkles, The Lightning is so Cool and Shakespeare is Awesome!

You can see All My Videos on You Tube

Underwater World

This is a AWESOME Place to Relax :) If you Hoover over the Seahorse it Blows Bubbles :) So Cute :) First I thought this was a Aquarium but now I believe this is the Underwater World outside our Island :) I wish we could put on some snorkeling equipment and go for a swim…

Underwater world

                                      If you Click on Clam…                The Clam                                      This is so Peaceful :)

Read Script from Penguin Play Award!

The Stage is so Much FUN right now! TOGETHER we have a AWESOME Time!

click to enlarge  For all Non Members here is The Script if you want to read it…I will do my best and Blogging as Much I can so you don't have to Miss anything :)

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

We have Great FUN Backstage and Some Famous Penguin will come here for a break too :)

click to enlarge

Penguin Play Awards Nominee Video

Non Members can’t come in at The Stage right Now so this Blog Post is for You! Here is The Nominees Enjoy :)

Thanks to Chockyman7 that working so Hard to make Everything Perfect!

You can see All My Videos on You Tube

Shakespeare gets Penguin Play Award!

And The Winner is Shakespeare! Thanks for being Involved in so Manny  Plays at The Stage :) Nobody deserves this Award More than You! CONGRATULATIONS!


Screenhog tells about The Stage

This Message is from Screenhog:

Hi everyone! It's Screenhog again, with a little bit of Club Penguin history.
The Penguin Play Awards are almost here, and excitement is in the air! All eyes will be focused on the Stage, where the Awards will be presented. In fact, it's almost hard to remember a time when there wasn't a Stage in Club Penguin at all.
The Stage came to Club Penguin in November of 2007. Before that, the area between the Pizza Shop and the Pet Shop looked like this:

click to enlargeIt was a pretty empty area. Sometimes, penguins would sit around the tables and hang out with friends, and sometimes we'd decorate it for parties, but we'd always wanted to put a building there. What should it be? Should we put another shop there? Should we build a bowling alley? Should we have hundreds of penguins with jetpacks lift the Dojo from the top of its mountain and drop it there?
Then, we noticed how there were a lot of penguins that were pretending to do all sorts of things on Club Penguin that we didn't have yet... going to school, being superheroes, even going into space! What if we built a place that would change every month so that penguins could do all of those things? And that's why the stage was built.
As a bonus, building a very artistic stage made a very artistic puffle come out of hiding for the first time. I'm sure you know which one I mean:

click to enlarge

Yes I Remember…It was so Much FUN Building The Stage :) This is Shakespeare she still Lives at The Stage…

Snow Sculpture Festival Card!

                                     I Like this Card :) click enlarge    I Wish we had a card about The Penguin Play Awards Too…Please Club Penguin can you fix that…Please?

Better Igloos Furniture catalog March-April 2009

          I LOVE to Decorate and Redecorate so this is GREAT!

click to enlarge

                                          …Disco Ball…

 click to enlarge

        …A White Puffle Poster Is Hidden Here awwww so Cute :)

click to enlarge


click to enlarge

                                     …The Ice Table…

click to enlarge

                                      …Welcome Mat…

click to enlarge

                                    …Green Birdhouse…

click to enlarge   That was it for this Time…Now I will go and Decorate Our New Igloo :)

New Igloo Music

Thanks Club Penguin Team for the New Igloo Music You are GREAT:)

click to enlarge

                                This I have Wished For :)

Igloo Upgrades!

                            We have got a NEW Catalog :)

click to enlarge

     …And Now we can Live a Stage…LOL…This is for True Actors :)

click to enlarge

                Me and my Puffles think this will be AWESOME!

 click to enlarge

  Find The Four Places to click on…and get the Gingerbread House

click to enlarge

         …on this page you find the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo…

click to enlarge

    That was all secret I found in this Catalog did I miss anything?

Snow Sculpture Festival Is Finally HERE 2009 :)

Congratulations Again to our Contest Winners :) At the Beach I found a Cool Surfer…
click to enlarge
            …and this is the Original Drawing made by Rosette37…
click to enlarge
               …inside The Lighthouse I found this Snow Fort :)
                                   Great Work Marco A9…
click to enlarge
                        Lot of Friends up here at the Beacon :)
 click to enlarge
                                        Thanks Wubby98
click to enlarge
                             I Like this one PUFFLES…LOL
click to enlarge 
                                              True Art :)
click to enlarge
Up here at the Ski Hill we have Piles of Snow but no Sculptures…Yet…
click to enlarge
                            This one was a Sneak Peek
click to enlarge
                                    …made by Lucasbas…
click to enlarge
Gary have got All snow Down from here GREAT ! Now we can sit in the sofas again :)
click to enlarge
GREAT Work all of You! You are Awesome Artists :) Next week we will get Five New Statues :)

AC 3000 are Back!

Party Delayed!

Club Penguins Drawing Contest!

What time it is? It’s PARTY TIME!!!

Remember the Snow Sculpture contest?

How to make a Snow Sculpture

Club Penguin’s Snow Sculpture Contest still going on :)

Snow Festival Sneak Peek…

Congratulations Snow Sculpture Contest Winners!

Snow Festival 2009

Snow Sculpture Festival Card!

We are Building Snow Sculptures :)

More Snow Sculpture Contest Winners!

More Snow Sculptures Build around The Island :)

The Last Snow Sculpture Winners :)

Here are The Last Five Winners in The Snow Sculpture Contest :)

Welcome Home Puffle Party!

The Costume Trunk cheats :)

New Stuff Great! Here are The Secret Hidden Items as Always I tell what PAGE to look at I NEVER ruin your FUN :)

click to enlarge                               …Penguin Awards Background…

click to enlarge

                                 …Time machine Hat…

click to enlarge

                                 …The Squidzoid Outfit…

click to enlarge    I am so Happy and Proud to get this Penguin Play Awards :) Sob… Sob…I would like to THANK so Many Penguins for this Fantastic Honor…I Love to be a Actor…and Thanks to all that have Helped me with this Blog too…Thanks To Mum, Dad, Littletias Grandpa I LOVE you all so MUCH! I would like to take the time to say a BIG Thanks to Club Penguin Team…(Music starts)…Billybob you are My HERO and a Thanks to…(Music gets Louder) to My Wonderful FRIENDS to EVERYONE THANKS! THANKS!! THANKS!!!

click to enlarge

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