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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My New Igloo is Decorated :)

During the Penguin Play Awards as at the Prize Winning Artist I now am…LOL…I Living at The Stage :)

click to enlarge  My Puffles are in Puffle Day Care at the Pet Shop I have no time to Feed and Play with them during the Award so the Great Puffle Feeders takes care of them for me :) THANKS!

Both me and Shakespeare won the Golden Penguin Statue and she staying with me during the Penguin Play Awards it is to busy  there now to get any sleep…LOL…TOGETHER we Redecorated My Igloo :) Shakespeare now Exactly how a Stage should look THANKS for your Help Shakespeare ! You are Welcome to stay for as long time you want…Our Igloo is your Igloo :)

click to enlarge

                         This is when I Bought  our New Igloo :)

Club Penguin DS EPF New items in the Catalogue :)

New items have been added to the Nintendo DS Elite Penguin Force game catalogue.

  • Blue Ball Cap 200 coins
  • Rugby Shirt 400 coins
  • Brown Shoes 400 coins
  • Floppy Hat 300 coins
  • Daisy Hoodie 500 coins

Old items are:

  • You can chose from 13 colors only 20 coins each!
  • Apron 100 coins (for coffee shop workers)
  • Pearls 550 coins
  • Pink Purse 300 coins
  • Sun Dress 500 coins
  • Top Hat 350 coins
  • Blue Coat 625 coins
  • Dress Shoes 420 coins
  • Russian Hat 600 coins
  • Jean Jacket 450 coins
  • Hiking Boots 325 coins
  • Scarf (yellow) 150 coins
  • Pink Ear Muffs 250 coins
  • Pink Hoodie 400 coins
  • Hockey Stick 260 coins
  • Pink Toque (hat) 75 coins
  • Suede Jacket 700 coins
  • Parka (black) 500 coins
  • Fishing Rod 200 coins
  • Lei 100 coins
  • Diva Sun Glasses 225 coins
  • Grass Skirt 200 coins
  • Pink Sandals 160 coins
  • Poncho 350 coins
  • Tiara 200 coins
  • Princess Costume (purple) 550 coins
  • Sun Striker Wig 550 coins
  • Black Guitar 975 coins
  • Black Sneakers 250 coins
  • Dazzle Dress (red) 600 coins
  • Rain Coat 450 coins
  • Pendant 110 coins
  • Purple Dress 400 coins
  • Black Eye Glasses 225 coins
  • Back Pack (red) 410 coins
  • Track Jacket (blue) 550 coins
  • Head Phones 350 coins
  • Black Hoodie 400 coins
  • 3D Glasses 225 coins
  • Bunny Slippers (white) 450 coins
  • Santa Hat 100 coins
  • Long Johns 350 coins
  • Black Sun Glasses 200 coins
  • Bow Tie 50 coins
  • Black Suit 650 coins
  • Funny Glasses 50 coins
  • NV Goggles 1000 coins
  • Black Tie 125 coins
  • Fedora (hat) 300 coins
  • Light Trench Coat 550 coins
  • Glazer Suit 600 coins
  • Tweed Hat 350 coins
  • Tweed Coat 650 coins
  • Magnifying Glass 200 coins
  • Dark Trench Coat 550 coins

Total price 22270 coins!!!

I have bought Everything of this so now I need More items AGAIN :)

One thing…I wish that we could upload all our items to Club Penguin and use them as all other items we buy…I have most of them already but if we could upload them the same way we can upload coins we earn in the DS Game, all Non Members could get more stuff to wear too :) I think Many Penguins would be so Happy… Can you Please fix this Club Penguin Team? Please :)

I have earned a Really cool Necklace in Mission number 7 and I would LOVE to wear that necklace in Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force - Hints and Tips - Nintendo DS

Solving a Problem - I Wish for…

It is so Hard to see Cadence and It is impossible too see if she saying something BUT…Here is an Idea…

click to enlarge  …I wish for colored Talk Bubbles for All Famous Penguins so we Easy can see when they Talking :) For example Cadence’s talk Bubble could be light PINK instead of white! Like this…

click to enlarge

I think Aunt Arctic’s should have a Light Yellow Bubble She have such Sunny Personality, Gary’s could be Light Blue, Rockhopper’s Red , Sensei’s Grey, Rookie’s Green…lol, Rory’s Orange, Dot’s Purple, Herbert’s Cream White and so on…

Then I wish for a Feature that could take away All Talk Bubbles and Emotes just like we can Mute the Music…

click to enlarge

That would be AWESOME so we could actually SEE the Famous Penguins…Today all this Talk Bubbles and Emotes Totally Blocking them and they are Hard to spot :) Please Club Penguin Team can you fix this? I think this will be AWESOME :)

Ruby and the Ruby

I Loved The Mystery Play Ruby and The Ruby I have posted this Video one time before but it is One of Penguin Play Awards Nominees so here is The Video again…I had so Much FUN Making it :) Read background Here

You can see All My Videos on You Tube

Guided Tour of Penguin Play Awards

       Welcome to The Stage Your Guide Tour Starting Right Now…

                 Welcome, ladies and Gentlemen,to the stage…

click to enlarge                   Feel free to get dressed up for the occasion.

click to enlarge

                          Be sure to vote for your Favorites…

click to enlarge                …and, as always, jump on stage and have fun!

click to enlarge

               Now please lets Move to Backstage Follow me…

                             Here we have the Backstage…

click to enlarge                            …there is something for everyone.

click to enlarge

                            Grab some water or cream soda…

 click to enlarge

                       freshen your makeup, or take a break…

click to enlarge

          Those chairs are for interviews. feel free to hold your own!

click to enlarge Thanks for coming to this Guide Tour :) Now if we go to the Red Carpet we can try to get Autographs from Member Penguins there!

click to enlarge

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 3 - Rookie on the Rocks, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin EPF Mission 3 - Rookie on the Rocks

You start the mission in the Ski Village by talking to Dot, who is disguised as a Snowman, in hopes of catching the Snowman Thief. She informs you that your first mission is to perform surveillance on the Ski Hill by trading places with Rookie. 

You arrive at the Ski Hill to find a blue penguin, BlazerX and no Rookie. BlazerX was waiting to race a rival. When you question BlazerX, he tells you that Rookie went down the Test Track. He won’t tell you more unless you race him. You must obtain a snowboard.

Dot will tell you that the only way to get a snowboard is checking the Sport Shop, as the EPF doesn’t have any and G the inventor is gone so there is no chance there. When you check at the Sport Shop, they inform you they are sold out of snowboards but suggest checking with other penguins who usually hang out at the Ski Hill or Ski Lodge.

At the Ski Lodge is a sick penguin. He is sick and mentions leaving his soup at the Pizza Shop. You go to the Pizza Shop and the chef tells you the soup is over by the table. When you return it to the sick penguin, you learn he was BlazerX’s rival. You suggest to race in his place and gain a ProBoard to do so.

Back at the Ski Hill, you challenge BlazerX to a trick competition. You must win in order to continue. When you win, BlazerX gives you a trophy. When you bring it back to the Sick Penguin, he will let you keep his Pro Board, which is placed in your suitcase.

Once you equip the Pro Board, you may go down the Test Track. When you get to the bottom of the Test Track, you find a message in the snow that you can decode. The message tells you that Rookie is somewhere down in the Wilderness. You wander the wilderness to find a camp with a fire burning hot. You must extinguish the fire with Bouncer’s ability. Once the fire is extinguished, you can examine the shelter that was built. By following tracks to the river, you find Rookie trapped across the river. You call Dot to call in someone to rescue you. Jet Pack Guy lands and takes you back to the Command Room. The Director congratulates you for a job well done and presents High Level Clearance Badge and Secret Agent Sunglasses. Talk to Dot after picking up the badge and glasses to end the chapter.

More about EPF in this post:
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force - Hints and Tips - Nintendo DS

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 2 - Left To Your Own Devices, Nintendo DS


                             Aunt Arctic Aunt Arctic :)

click to enlarge

                       …Look at this Picture she is so Cute :)

click to enlarge     Thanks Aunt Arctic for the  Background with your Autograph :)

click to enlarge

                     Me and Aunt Arctic :) This is AWESOME!

click to enlarge

It was hard too see her and we all tried to talk to her at the same time…

click to enlarge

                           LOL…We TOTALLY Crowded her…

click to enlarge                  Here she is! Let me present Aunt Arctic at Work :)

click to enlarge

                        …We had so Many questions for her…

 click to enlarge 

…You can tell that she is a Great journalist she talked to All of Us :)

click to enlarge 

…some Questions we asked was of more Private Nature…like do you have feelings for Rockhopper…She didn't answered just blushed and smiled…click to enlarge

And then she was gone…Aunt Arctic stayed for 5 Minutes and it was FANTASTIC to Meet Her :) This will go in my Diary for sure :)

Waiting for Aunt Arctic…

Everyone that knows me knows how MUCH I have have longing to Meet Aunt Arctic…So This Morning I decided TODAY IS THE DAY My Dream will come True! I went to The Stage and Waddle Backstage Determinate to wait until I meet her…Logo57w8 dressed up like her :) 

click to enlarge

                        We are Aunt Arctic's BIGGEST FANS!

click to enlarge                         Freya231 was dressed like Gary :)

click to enlarge

…I waited and Waited…No Aunt Arctic…Sometimes we all got Sad…

  click to enlarge                       …We were Happy when Cadence came…

click to enlarge             …Then we waited again…Ice cream For Aunt Arctic…

click to enlarge

                                …Clover for Aunt Arctic…

click to enlarge

           …Heart, Flowers and a Dance Party for Aunt Arctic…

click to enlarge          …PLEASE AUNT ARCTIC PLEASE COME! WE LOVE YOU!!!

click to enlarge

       …and then After 13 Hours and 23 Minutes she Came…!!!!!

I meet Cadence Today :)

                      I Meet My Old Friend Cadence Today :)

click to enlarge                 Hi Friend It is Awesome too meet you Again :)

click to enlarge

        We All asked if she know were Aunt Arctic was…She didn't…

 click to enlarge

…Here is a Great Feature to know about…If Cadence or other Famous Penguin is so Crowed that you can’t click on Them use your List…Click on Name and you get Their Card :)

click to enlarge

All Famous Penguins have this Big Smile on the List so they are Easy and Quick to Find! I Love that :)

click to enlarge

I LOVE that Cadence is Full with Energy and she Always plays Fun Games TOGETHER with us…She is AWESOME!

click to enlarge


click to enlarge                               We LOVE to Follow her :)

click to enlarge 

                                     This was SO FUN…

click to enlarge

                                               …LOLZ…click to enlarge

                       All of us runs TOGETHER to the Couch…

click to enlarge                             …Make Room for EVERYONE…

click to enlarge                               …All TOGETHER JUMP…LOL

click to enlarge

                     I agree…This is a GREAT Day in My Life :)

click to enlarge                                 Cadence wants COFFEE!

click to enlarge

                           We All went COFFEE CRAZY…LOL

click to enlarge click to enlarge

click to enlarge

                               Time for an interview :)

click to enlarge                                            WOOT! WOOT!

click to enlarge

                                      We will All be on TV!

click to enlarge                           THANKS for all the FUN Cadence :)

click to enlarge                                          We LOVE You!

click to enlarge

                            Bye Friend! See you soon Again :)

click to enlarge


click to enlarge

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