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Monday, March 23, 2009

My Yellow Puffle Sunshine

This is my Artistic Puffle Sunshine…she Loves to act…Cool Superhero mask Sunshine :)  Sunshine playing with cookie                        Sunshine draws on EVERYTHING…LOL

Sunshine and the bubblegum This drawing she made for the first time after our Friend Rockhopper had shown her his cannon at the Migrators Crow’s nest…

Sunshine painting cannon                                 And this is Gary's Jet Pack…

Sunshine painting jet Pack again LOL…Sunshine likes to play in the bath and if you stand to close you will end up painted too…

Sunshine bathing

                        I wonder what she dreaming about…

Sunshine sleeping              …and she makes Great Movies and Videos…Action!

Sunshine as a Director

                           TOGETHER we Love to sing :)

Sunshine and I dancing

I am so Happy to have a Friend like Sunshine we always have so Much FUN TOGETHER :)

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 4 - Looking for Clues, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin EPF Mission 4 - Looking for Clues

Starting in the Free Play Command Room, talk to D to start Mission 2, Chapter 1 (Looking for Clues). The mission starts in the Command Room, where an important meeting with the Director is about to take place.

The Director appears on screen; tap through the conversation. The Director delivers the Dossier on Gary through the opening. Tap the Dossier to place it in your inventory.

Talk to Dot to learn more about Gary and how you can help the investigation. Talk to Jet Pack Guy to find out when Gary went missing and where the Gadget Room is located.

Exit the Command Room and talk to Rookie in the PSA HQ (in front of the monitors). He gives you more information about Gary and his room above the Sport Shop. Show him the Dossier object and he compliments the inventor.

Exit the HQ and talk to the orange penguin in the Sport Shop near the counter. He will tell you he is helping out while Gary is away and that penguins have been coming in and out trying to get into Gary's Room. Show him the Dossier and he will give you Gary's Old Glasses.

Go outside to the Ski Village and notice a faint blinking shadow of Dot in the snow bank to the left of the ski lift. Tap on her to get some more info.

Open your suitcase and equip yourself with Gary's Old Glasses. Head back through the Change Rooms to the Eye Scan 3000. Tap the Eye Scan to initiate scan and pass the secondary override. Gadget Room door is now unlocked!

In the Gadget Room, scroll right to the desk with the alarm clock. Feathers stick out of the right hand drawer. Tap the drawer and retrieve the Feather Duster. Scroll around the room some more to interact with various gadgets for fun (hat on the coat rack, boom box on the desk, and shoe on the shelves).

Back in the HQ, show Rookie the Feather Duster to learn a little more about the object. (Feather Duster is intended to snap into the Spy Gadget.)

Go to the Docks and talk to the NPC there to gather more clues about when and where Gary was last seen. He won't remember until you show him the Dossier (conversation currently unavailable.)

Head to the Beach and enter the Lighthouse. Upstairs at the Beacon you find a partially eaten pizza and the telescope pointing at the Ski Hill.

Go to the Pizza Shop and the penguin there tells you Gary came in tired and hungry, so the chef made him a pizza. Gary was covered in snow, he says.

Head to the Ski Hill and you’ll find a pile of messy snow. Equip the Mechano-Duster from your Spy Gadget and clean up the snow to find the key to Gary's Room. (The key looks a little bent.)

Go back to the Sport Shop to find Dot waiting there near the door to Gary's Room. She tells you to try the key and when you do, it breaks in the door. Chapter ends.

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Internet Explorer 8 + Club Penguin = Big Problems

Does Club Penguin work on Internet Explorer 8? No, so far Club Penguin is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8.

If you play Club Penguin you cannot use Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) as several things are not working correctly. You can use older versions of Internet Explorer or other web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 (final release) with Adobe Flash Player version or older still does not work good with Club Penguin.

These problems have been know for a while.

“Multiple Connections error message when using the Log Off button” and navigation in games with the keyboard arrows that hangs.

Compatibility View does not help either.

Hope this incompatibility is fixed soon.

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 and Club Penguin problems

See also Problem with Club Penguin and Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2, Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 tip for Club Penguin and Furniture missing from Storage and Igloo Thanks to IE8 B2!

UPDATE: Now there is a SOLUTION to this Problem :) How to get Club Penguin Games work in Internet Explorer 8.0 :)

We are Building Snow Sculptures :)

Today Rory contacted me and asked if I could do some artistic sculpture work…Here is me and Dingo Dial working TOGETHER on this statue…it is still a secret what the Statue  will look like…but I can tell one thing…it will be AWESOME :)

click to enlarge                                       …I have an Idea…

click to enlarge

…Dc Rulz2 and Lexican2 are Great at this :) It can be tricky to work with snow but they know Exactly how to make it Perfect :) Thanks for your Help I had NEVER fixed it Alone!

 click to enlarge

            …it is so Much FUN to do this I LOVE to be Creative :)

click to enlarge

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