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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Members Badge!

Look at my Member Badge! Now we can see how old a Penguin is…Cool :) Thanks to Spider880 that asked me to investigate this :)

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More Great Features will be here soon…Billybob says: This Thursday, you might notice that when you're chatting with your penguin friends, the font in your chat bubbles will look different! Not everyone could see the other font very easily on their computers so we updated it to make it better for everyone. Thanks Billybob this will be GREAT! Can you please fix the chat bubbles so they get colored for the Famous Penguins too? Please?

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 5 - All’s Weld that Ends Weld, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin EPF Mission 5 - All’s Weld that Ends Weld

Use the Map in Free Play to get to the Dojo. Talk to Dot to begin Mission 2, Chapter 2 (All's Weld that Ends Weld). The mission starts in the Puffle Training Room, downstairs from the Dojo.

Talk to PH in the Puffle Training Room, and then talk to PH again to learn a bit more about Flare and O-Berries.

Open the Map and teleport to the Town. Talk to Aunt Arctic to receive the "You're a Terrific Friend" card. Tap the card in the inventory to change your cursor to the card, and then tap on Aunt Arctic. Tapping on other penguins with the card will elicit various responses.

Enter the Coffee Shop and talk to the penguin behind the counter. Tap on the spilled beans next to the counter. Open the Spy Gadget to access the Mechano-Duster. Tap on the spilled beans with the Mechano-Duster to trigger the minigame. Clean up all the beans to retrieve the missing pen. Talk to the penguin behind the counter again and it will now give you more information. Tap on the penguin with the Missing Pen and she’ll say she doesn’t want it back. (Tapping on other penguins with the pen will elicit various responses.)

With the Missing Pen still selected, tap on the card from Aunt Arctic in the inventory. The two objects combine to create the card with pen object. Now with the card with pen selected, tap on the penguin behind the counter to have it sign the card for Flare. The card with pen becomes the card with one signature in the inventory. (These signatures can be gotten in any order.)

Leave the Coffee Shop and select the card with one signature from your inventory. Tap on Aunt Arctic; she signs the card for Flare and the item in your inventory changes to the card with two signatures.

From the Town, scroll right to go to the Snow Forts (or use the Map to teleport). Talk to the penguins at the Snow Forts to learn about their friendship with Flare. In the inventory, tap on the card with one signature and then tap on each of the Snow Fort penguins to have them sign the card for Flare. With both of their signatures, you should now have the Signed Card for Flare.

Head back to the Dojo and downstairs to the Puffle Training Room. Tap on the Signed Card in the inventory and give it to Flare. Flare sheds a tear and then bursts into flames without an O-Berry. You fixed him!

Tap on PH again to learn how to weld the key with Flare. Follow the instructions and then weld the key! Tap on the fixed key on the anvil to put it in the inventory. Open the map and teleport to the Ski Village.

Enter the Sport Shop and scroll right to the locked door to Gary's Room. Tap on the key in your inventory and then the door to unlock the door. Tap on the door again to head upstairs to Gary's Room.

In Gary's Room; look around to find the Old Maps and Blue Prints. . Each will trigger a "zoomed in" view of the object hinting that Gary has headed to the mines (the blue prints will need to be decoded… they read “Super powered flashlight”). You cannot leave Gary's Room until you find these clues. Once the clues are found, you can exit the room and complete the chapter.

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Aunt Arctic is in Abominable right NOW!

UPDATE: Aunt Arctic have just left…she talked to us and gave me some interesting information I will Blog about that later…

Earth Hour March 28, 2009

Something Really Great will Happen this Saturday March 28…It is time for EARTH HOUR :) 

EARTH HOUEREarth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for one hour. The inaugural 2007 Earth Hour campaign led by WWF-Australia and supported by the City of Sydney saw more than two million people switch off their lights for one hour.

Sydney 2007 before switch off and below is during switch off.


In 2008, millions of Australian residents joined Earth Hour with approximately 58 per cent of adults in capital cities taking part. AMR Interactive research showed that they participated in Earth Hour in a number of ways including turning off the lights at home (56%), turning off some household appliances (46%), and taking their mobile phone charger off standby (37%).

TOGETHER we can do BETTER This Year!

Sydney 2008


Sydney 2008

operahouse Sydney 

Canberra 2008

Canberra Earth Hour

Toronto 2008

Toronto   Dubai 2008


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Read More about what YOU can do to Help with this

What will Club Penguin do? WE are the Children The Earth is OURS will they support this and close down Club Penguin for an Hour?

PLEASE Club Penguin close Down for an Hour and Support our FUTURE!

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