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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Martial Artworks Catalog and Snow and Sports Catalog Updates!

Here is a sneak peek from the updates that will be here this Friday :) The Snow and Sports catalog will have some New Items and Hopefully some secret Items hidden too :)  And for us NINJAS The Martial Artworks Catalog (in the Dojo Hideout) will also be Updated! This is the First update in The Martial Artworks Catalog ever :) 

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If you not are a NINJA yet you still have time to become one so you can collect the first Ninja Items before they are replaced with New ones…go to The Dojo and talk to Sensei and he will make sure you gets the training you need…

I got a BOOK :)

I have a BOOK with a Unlock Items Online Icon so to unlock my Item I click on the Icon…

click to enlarge

                                      …choose Penguin…

click to enlarge

                                …click on I have a Book…

click to enlarge                               …Choose the Book you have…

click to enlarge

                           …Answer the Secret Question…

click to enlarge 

                    …I Unlocked a Blue Book and 1500 Coins :)

click to enlarge    If you want to Read your have the Book in your hand and sit down…  I LOVE to read in My Book and Shakespeare Loves to Listen :)

I still wish for an Update so I can use the code I got from My secret Agent Book…I wish All Books comes in Different Colors so I know what Books me and our Friends Reading…Please Club Penguin I wish for a PINK Book and a PURPLE Book can we Please get that? That would be so AWESOME :)

I have a Brain and I am Not Afraid to use it :)

                   I LOVE Clues, Riddles and Secret Missions :)

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Missions is one of My Favorite parts of Club Penguin it is so cool to be a Secret Agent…

  click to enlarge

                      …I LOVE to Help Gary with all this :)

click to enlarge    In the Newspaper we got this cool small Games all the time…They are so FUN :) And CUTE…LOL

click to enlarge

                                          Almost solved…

click to enlarge

                                            I WON!!!

click to enlarge

In our Catalog we have secret Items Hidden…we have to be smart and observant to find them…That is another super cool thing in Club Penguin :)

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I enjoy to be a Tour Guide and Help New Penguins to feel  Welcome to our Island and help them feel like Home :)

click to enlarge

               The Card-Jitsu Game learn you to be smart…

click to enlarge

             When you are a Ninja you can play against Sensei…

click to enlarge

                                 Saraapril wins :) That's me!

click to enlarge 

  Secret Rooms for Penguins that are trained to use their Brains :)

click to enlarge

                                        I Love to Read :)

click to enlarge                    Every Day I want to Learn something New!

Please Club Penguin can we get a Pain by number Book too? So we can train Math? That would be so Much FUN :)                

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 6 – Do It Yourself Carting, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin EPF Mission  6 – Do It Yourself Carting

Use the Map in Free Play to teleport to the Mine Shack. Tap on the entrance to the mines to begin Mission 2, Chapter 3 (D.I.Y. Carting). The mission starts in the Mine Interior, downstairs from the Mine Shack.

Scroll to the right and tap on the service elevator to go outside to the Mine Shack. If you tap the Water Trough or Mine Shed door before talking to the miner, you will be told to ask permission before using/ entering.

Tap the miner penguin to learn that the mine carts have all gone missing and there is some strange activity inside the mines. The miner will encourage you to build a mine cart of your own; you just need to find the materials.

Tap the Water Trough to tip it over and empty it of water. Enter the Mine Shed to the left and pick up the Spool, and two sets of Pulleys. Go back out to the Mine Shack and add the Spool and two sets of Pulleys to the Water Trough. If you talk to the miner again, he will advise you that mine carts must be welded securely to ride the rails.

Use the whistle and call Flare, the black Puffle. Tap Flare and then tap the Water Trough with all wheels placed. Flare welds the Makeshift Mine Cart, which can now be placed in inventory and brought into the mines.

Tap the entrance to the Mine Interior to go downstairs. Then tap the Mine Cart in your inventory and tap the entrance to the mines with the cart to start the mine cart minigame. Tap the upper left corner of the entrance to enter the Crash Site.

At the Crash Site, scroll right to the overturned cart. Tap the cart to talk to Gary, who is trapped underneath.

Pick up the 3 Yellow Balloons around the crash site as well as the Old Rope. Use the Old Rope on Gary's cart and Gary will discourage you from trying to remove the heavy cart on your own. When he notices the balloons, Gary will tell you they need to be blown up with hot air, which you can't do alone.

Use the whistle to call Blast, the red puffle, to break the Boulder. Tap Blast and then the Boulder and the Boulder disappears, revealing a Steam Geyser.

Tap the rope in your inventory, and then tap the cart to tie the rope to the top. Tap a Yellow Balloon and place it on the Steam Geyser; the balloon inflates. You can't hold more than one inflated balloon at a time, so place the inflated balloon on the overturned cart. Fill and place the other 2 balloons so the cart is removed from Gary.

Talk to Gary to learn he is fine, but does not have any ideas on how to get out of the mines. Next to him is the High Power Flashlight; pick it up and then talk to Gary. The Flashlight looks familiar, and Gary remembers it is an upgrade to the Spy Gadget.

Tap on the Flashlight in and the Spy Gadget and then on the dark tunnel behind Gary. The Flashlight minigame will be triggered. Drag the Stylus in quick circles to crank the light to full power and then drag the light to find the entrance. Hurry or the light will run out!

Scroll right and tap the barricade over the exit. It is boarded shut, and will imply there is a way to break through. Open the Spy Gadget and call Blast again (if not still equipped), and tap Blast and then the Barricade to break through and leave.

Back at the Command Room, the Director commends you on the successful recovery of Gary the Gadget Guy. Chapter ends.

More about EPF in this post:
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force - Hints and Tips - Nintendo DS

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 7 - Double Trouble, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 5 - All’s Weld that Ends Weld, Nintendo DS

More Toys :)

           Have you checked out Club Penguin Online Store yet?

click to enlarge

        Some of the Toys have a Code to Unlock Items Online

click to enlarge

Here you can Create your own Backpack or Duffel Bag :) Or get a Cool T-shirt or…

click to enlarge

On Toys R Us you find this Cute I Love My Puffle Club Penguin Tee T-shirt :) I LOVE to have one…and Mum just Promised me one WOHOOO!!! Thanks Mum you are Awesome :)

 Click to enlarge

LOL…Now I can Dress Like a Penguin :) I Wish ALL my Club Penguin Clothes were for real :) And I would LOVE to have REAL Puffles too!

                       Read about more Books and Toys Here

I Meet Aunt Arctic Today in Abominable :)

                Ones Again I met our Adorable Aunt Arctic :)

click to enlarge

This is what she told me: I don't use a buddy list you may collect my fantastic background It is a keep sake of our meeting…

click to enlarge

…I do not know Gary's plans I will let him know you would like a visit! there are many stars here just keep looking! I do write for the newspaper It is quite a fun job!

click to enlarge

                       She politely gave away Autographs

click to enlarge

                                   I said Hi to my Friend :)

click to enlargeAunt Arctic said: I hear Cadence is around just keep looking…I prefer to stay here were the party is…Are you all enjoying the party? It is quite wonderful! We asked her a lot of questions and she tried to answer them all… One Penguin asked if she liked Cereals and she answered: Cereals goes lovely with tea! I catch up with penguins through the newspaper…click to enlarge

       Before she left she asked us to come back to the Backstage…

click to enlarge                   There are loads of surprise guests coming!

click to enlarge Just as she was to leave some Penguin cried out that they hadn't got her Autograph yet…so Aunt Arctic kindly stayed for a couple more minutes :)

                                  Then she said Good-Bye…

                   …Hope to see you soon again My Friend :)

Unlock Items Online Code is USELESS!

I CAN’T Use My Unlock Items Online Code! Club Penguin needs to make an Update and that FAST! If you buy some of the NEW Club Penguin Books you get a Code but YOU CANT USE IT! This will make many Penguins Sad and UPSET! Please Club Penguin can you Update Unlock Items Online…I have a Book…so that we can use our Codes?

click to enlarge    I have PAID for our Book AND the Unlock Items Online…and I want to Unlock my Items Right NOW!

My Secret Agent Handbook have a Code but It is NOWHERE I can USE My CODE!

click to enlarge

   UPDATE: This Problem is Now Fixed Thanks Club Penguin Team :)

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