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Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Drawing to Color in Club Penguin :)

           Under Community you find this New Picture to Color :)

I think I will make Sensei’s Beard Glittering and the Ninja will be black with Glitter on too…I still LOVE Glitter Glue :)

click to enlarge         Click Here to see and Print out Club Penguin Coloring Pages

Non Members INVITED to Penguin Play Awards :)

Great News :) Starting  Tomorrow ALL PENGUINS will be able to check out what's going on in the Stage!
EVERYONE will be able to Enter The Stage but the VIP Backstage area where you can pick up your Award and hang out with Special Guests will remain Exclusive for Members. For those of you planning to go to the Penguin Play Awards this weekend, I just heard there might be surprise visits from MORE Special Guests in the Backstage!!

click to enlarge   That is Great so now Non Members can pick up the Secret Hidden Background too :) I Hope Sensei comes for a visit…

Thanks Billybob for telling us this :)

Chat Bubbles Updates!

Our Chat Bubbles looking little different Today…this will help us to Read them easier :)

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

                              Thanks Club Penguin Team :)

Surprises Everywhere!

We have got a New Opening Page in Club Penguin :) Surprises Everywhere! Get Together with Friends and joins the Search at the April Fools Party April 1-6

click to enlarge

Wow this will be so Much FUN :) I LOVE the Butterflies and the cute dress…I can Hardly wait!

Remember to Vote on your Favorite Play

The Penguin Play Awards are so Fun :) Remember to Vote on your Favorite Play Even if you not are a Member you can still Vote!

click to enlarge

Make your Voice heard! Here you can see the Nominated Plays  :)

Fred the Cuckoo Clock Bird

Club Penguin have Many secrets one is Fred :) Have you seen him? Fred is the cute cuckoo clock Bird in the Ski loge…and you have to be quick to see him…don't blink…LOL…

Fred the Cuckoo Bird                               …He comes out every Hour :)

UPDATE: Thanks JOJO you were right Fred coming out Every Half Hour :)

My Books are AWESOME :)

So far Me and Littletias have tree of Club Penguin’s Books…

This was my First Favorite Book I have stuck Puffles EVERYWHERE… non in the Book :)

click to enlarge This is my Favorite Book right now I LOVE that I can choose the story and it is FUN to read The Book again and again and still I gets a New Story! I Super Loves the two cute Animations you can see of Yarr if you flip the pages fast :) Look in the Corners of the book to se them they are AWESOME Cute!

click to enlarge

..and this is my Brother Littletias Favorite Book :)  He wanted The Inventors Apprentice too but our Toys R Us didn't have that one…

click to enlarge

                         Read about All Club Penguin Books

For MORE Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items :)

April Fools Party Coming Up!

April 1 is a Silly time on our Island and Always a lot of FUN :) Right now G working Hard to make surprises for us… as an inventor he never stops trying to think up something exciting…warp is the word ;)
click to enlarge
  This is some pictures from last Years April Fools Day Party 2008…
click to enlarge
                                         …Gift Shop…
click to enlarge
                                   …Disco Crazy…LOL
click to enlarge
click to enlarge
                          …When the Egg clock turned…
click to enlarge
                              …LOL…It was Warm here…
click to enlarge  
                                  …I LOVED the Mine…
click to enlarge
…Lots of Silly things happened here the Umbrella Flying away and…
click to enlarge
click to enlarge
                          …Drawing from Kindergarten?
click to enlarge 
During this Time The CPIP was on its way and Billybob Promised us Server Tester something Special for April Fools Day…
click to enlargeclick to enlarge   …AND HE KEEPS HIS PROMISE! In the Test Servers Billybob hold a Special Party for us Server Testers…we all turned to PUFFLES :) it was AWESOME!  click to enlarge  
          …pick up a Flying cap…and you turned to a Puffle :)
click to enlarge
                    …I LOVED the HAPPY Trees they Added :)
click to enlarge                            …you could still put clothes on…
click to enlarge
                                   …and walk your Puffle…
click to enlarge
               …Now we all belong to The Pet Shop…LOL
click to enlarge
…one Awesome Feature was that we Eat…Sleep…and Play like Puffles too :)
click to enlarge
                            …I am soon done with my Bath…
click to enlarge     …If you put on clothes and then danced you become invisible…LOL…
click to enlarge
                                  …Walking on walls :)
click to enlarge
                      …If you waved you could fly around :)
click to enlarge
       …we were still helping Rockhopper to repair The Migrator…
click to enlarge
…inside The Lighthouse you could paint the place by throwing snowballs…I LOVED THAT!
click to enlarge
                                …the same up here :)
click to enlarge
               …back then we lived in a Snow globe Igloo :)
click to enlarge    After CPIP (Club Penguins Improvement Project) was closed Billybob gave us Server Testers a Cool  Red Hard Hat to say Thanks :)
April Fools Day is so Silly and FUN Filled with Cool Surprises Everywhere :) see you on this Years Silly Party :)

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 7 - Double Trouble, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin EPF Mission 7 - Double Trouble

The mission starts at the Puffle Training Room. Once the chapter is started, tap PH again to wake her up. PH tells you that you need to find something pointy to pop the bubble and get her out. On the right wall on the edge of the bamboo planters is a piece of Bamboo Shaft. Pick it up and use it on the bubble to free PH. PH then tells you that the puffles you need to train with have taken off for the day. She suggests you find them.

Teleport to the Ice Rink using the Map, where you will find Loop, along with her #1 Fan, and a competitive Goalie. Tap the #1 Fan to learn that getting something past the Goalie will impress Loop and convince her to go with you to training. Tap the Goalie, who challenges you and hints that he can even deflect snowballs.

Use the Puffle Whistle to call Bouncer, the blue puffle. Tap Bouncer and then the Goalie to throw a snowball at him. He deflects the first two snowballs thrown, but on the third he falls over. Loop is impressed, and will now go back to the Dojo with you. Just then, PH calls on the Communicator and warps you back to the Puffle Training Room to train.

Back at the Puffle Training Room, PH teaches you how to use Loop's special ability. Tap Loop to equip her Lasso, and then tap the Remote Control Jet Pack to get it to stop moving. PH then asks you to go find Pop, the purple puffle that likes music.

Use the Map to warp to the Town Center, where a Doorman is working the door to the Night Club. The Doorman tells you it's a Fancy Party, so you'll need Fancy Clothes to get in. The Doorman suggests trying the Gift Shop for Fancy Clothes, but the Gift Shop is closed. The pink penguin standing near him is waiting for a friend to bring them their Fancy Clothes, but suggests you look at the Stage.

Go to the Plaza and enter the Stage. The Stage Manager and Rory are upset over a Jackhammer gone wild, and won't help you until you get it under control for them. Use the pink puffles Lasso to rope the Jackhammer and stop it from moving around on the stage. Rory thanks you for your help, and the Stage Manager will now tell you that you can take some Fancy Clothes from the Costume Trunk. Scroll right to the Costume Trunk and select Fancy Pants or a Fancy Dress. Equip the Fancy Clothes (all 3 pieces) and head back to the Night Club. Talk to the Doorman and he will now let you in.

Inside the Night Club, talk to the DJ at the turntables, who tells you a Dance Challenge will impress Pop. Scroll right to find Pop and the Club penguin dancing on the dance floor. Talk to the Club penguin to have a Dance Challenge (make sure you tap "Alright, let's boogie!" to begin the minigame).

After winning the Dance Challenge minigame, a brief animation sequence progresses, informing the player that a loud crash has been heard downstairs in the Boiler Room. Head downstairs to the Boiler Room through the speaker cabinet, where you find out the boiler has been stolen.

Tap on the overturned File Cabinet. It's too heavy to lift. Tap on the purple puffle and then the File Cabinet to put the File Cabinet in a bubble, so it rises off the floor. Where the File Cabinet was is an Empty Metal Oil can. Pick it up, and then head through the green door out to the Underground.

Follow the puddles of water to the Mine entrance. Inside the Mine, you find Dot inspecting a Deflated Inner Tube with a magnifying glass. Talk to her and she tells you she is following a trail of clues, too. Dot warps you back to the Command Room with her and you report to the Director. The Director tells you that you need to complete puffle training before you can join this investigation. Chapter ends.

More about EPF in this post:
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force - Hints and Tips - Nintendo DS

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 8 - Flying High Pitched, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 6 – Do It Yourself Carting, Nintendo DS

Game Gear To Go!

From Tomorrow Friday 27 we can buy sport Items on locations close to were the Games are :) Thanks Sport Shop workers! Right now they are working hard to make signs for this…

click to enlarge    You can still play the Games without this special Items but if you have them…you can surf faster and the fishing lures helps you to catch yourself different kinds of fish…

click to enlarge

The Games that will get this Feature are: Ski Hill (for Slade Racing)  Cove (for chatchin’ waves) Dock (for Hydro-Hopper) and the Ski Loge (for Ice Fishing) on top of this Club Penguin working on some New things too…

More Snow Sculpture Contest Winners!

The Next Five winners was Announced Today…Congratulations to  Yacou123, Zsanett, Eggy1plant, Imagem and Extraboum I looking Forward to see your Art Displayed around The Island Tomorrow :)

click to enlarge

                              The First Five Winners were

Secret Reveled: classified

                                       Secret Nr 19…

click to enlarge

                                     Hidden Emotes!

click to enlarge

Press E on your keyboard and then another letter will display an Emoticon some of which you wont find in your Emoticon list…I use this Secret all the time :)

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