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Friday, March 27, 2009

Meeting Friends Backstage :)

Today I have spent a lot of time Backstage waiting for The Penguin Band…No Luck so far…BUT I met some other Good Friends :) I was Happy to see Greg4545 :)

click to enlarge                         …and then I meet Shell Away too :)

click to enlarge …TOGETHER we waited for The Penguin Band…Talked…Laughed  and…

click to enlarge

                       …Happy Running! it was so Much FUN :)

 click to enlarge

                                 …see you soon Again :)

click to enlarge

Some of us started a Great Band called The Brownies…LOL…I LOVE CAKE… it was so Much FUN :)  Thanks to ALL Band Members TOGETHER WE ROCKED!

click to enlarge

            So No Penguin Band for me today…Maybe Tomorrow…

Small Screen is Back :)

                       LOL…Busy BUG’S in Club Penguin :)


More Here!

Club Penguin Bug – Penguins Missing!

Where are Everyone?

It is many Problems in Club Penguin today…First Sticky Bubbles and Now This…

In the list of Users in the Room there are 80 penguins…but as you can see on the screenshot just a Few are visible…

click to enlarge      …If I Leave the room and go back in Everyone shows up Again! If I wait in the room some time it seems that More and More Penguins goes INVISIBLE!!!

click to enlarge    What does this Means? Will we be able to see The Famous Penguins if they comes? Or will they be invisible so we MISS Them?

     Can you Please fix this problem FAST Club Penguin Team?

Mail from Club Penguin Band :)

Thanks Penguin Band for this Invitation Card :) This is so Cool! The Penguin Band AND Cadence will Rock The Stage TOGETHER! click to enlarge
This Concert I MUST go to! See you There Cadence, Franky, Petey K, G-Billy and Stampin’ Bob and All My Friends :)
If you go to the Book Room you can read a Book about The Penguin Band it is called Franky’s First Show…It was an Amazing Concert…

No Small Screen anymore

March 25 the “Small Screen” button at the top of Club Penguin was removed but if you still want to have a small screen you can just resize your Internet browser window to your favorite size :)



I can use My Club Penguin Book Code :)

Thanks to Cowtail5 for telling me about this you are a Great Friend :) Club Penguin have added Two More Book so Now I can Finally Use My Book Code :)

click to enlarge

                                    …I got 2000 Coins…

 click to enlarge

Thanks Club Penguin Team for fixing the Book Code Problem :) If you can make Books in Different Colors too I would be so Happy :) Think PINK and PURPLE…LOL

Bug Alarm! Server problems in Club Penguin Right Now!

Our Talk Bubbles gets Frozen in place and stays until we say something New…I am sure that Club Penguin Team working Hard to fix this :) Right Now I can’t log in at all…

UPDATE: Everything Working Fine again :) THANKS Club Penguin Team You are AWESOME!

UPDATE: Same Problem Again…

Talking about Earth Hour with Herbert and Klutzy

Today Gary gave me a special assignment he said: Your Mission is to Find Herbert and Klutzy and convince them to take part in Earth Hour! click to enlarge

I waddled away to look for them…Herbert was startled to see me again but I told him that I was here for a Friendly chat :)

click to enlarge

They both listen to what I said about Earth Hour and then Herbert told Klutzy…This is IMPORTANT!

 click to enlarge

…Herbert Immediately Picked up a Notebook and started to write and mumble for himself… This kind of Opportunity  is something I have DREAMED about! Shut down Music…Disco light…No more annoying Music…HA HA…click to enlargeGREAT Herbert I said…but it is only for an Hour Remember that… We will see about that Herbert answered…Shut Down Main Power Central…take fuses from fuse box…in boiling Room we can…ooookay I think i leave Herbert for now…

click to enlarge

…I went back to HQ to reporting to G Suddenly all Monitors showed Herbert's Face…Hello my foul Friends Gary and Agent Saraapril…I will take over now and I WILL SHUT DOWN ALL POWER IN CLUB PENGUIN FOREVER!

click to enlarge

…the Monitors was back to normal and I looked at Gary starting to feel little Panicked…I didn't ask him for THAT I said but… Don't worry I will send out some Agents to keep an eye on him G said I will contact PinkPen3009, Monstercjr…

           Read More about Earth Hour…You can Help out too :)

More Snow Sculptures Build around The Island :)

            CONGRATULATIONS! To our AWESOME Winners :)

Eggy1plant have made this cute Puffle and Zsanett this Happy Dancing Penguin :)

click to enlarge

                             …The Drawings looked like this…

click to enlarge                                            …and this…

click to enlarge

         …What a Great Idea Imagem you are walking your Puffle :)

click to enlarge 

                             …the Drawing looked like this…

click to enlarge

                   …and Yacou123 have made a Super Hero Puffle!

click to enlarge

                             …here is the original drawing…

click to enlarge

                     Extraboum have made this HUGE Penguin :)

click to enlarge)

                     I LOVE the Friendly Face on this Penguin :)

click to enlarge

Thanks for your Hard Work Everyone :) You are All Worthy Winners! CONGRATULATIONS!

                       See the First Five Winning Sculptures :)

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 8 - Flying High Pitched, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin EPF Mission 8 - Flying High Pitched

The chapter starts at the Beacon. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy to start the chapter (Flying High Pitched). You need to take a Jet Pack ride to the Tallest Mountain, so tap on the Jet Pack to start the Jet Pack minigame. Winning the minigame brings you to the Tallest Mountain, where the Jet Pack Guy hands you off to PH.

You have to train with the green puffle first. PH wants you to retrieve 3 rings floating on balloons. Scroll left to the first balloon. Tap the green puffle and then tap the balloon to retrieve the ring. Scroll right to find the 2nd and 3rd balloons; then use the green puffle to get the rings. Take the 3 rings out of your Inventory and give them to PH.

Now it's time to train with Chirp, the yellow puffle. Tap the yellow puffle and then tap the Ice Block to shatter the ice and reveal a Hat Box. Tap on the Hat Box to receive your very own Puffle Handler hat! Climb down the Tallest Mountain at the grappling hook to go to the Puffle Training Room.

PH has a special test waiting for you when you get there. You must use all 7 puffles to complete the test. There is a 100kg weight in the room, too heavy to lift, of course.

Use the Puffle Whistle to call the purple puffle. Tap the purple puffle and then tap the 100kg weight to lift the weight with a bubble. Lifting the bubble makes a Snow Globe with a Frozen Chest inside appear from below and a Piñata appear from above. These can be dealt with in any order.

Call the red puffle to break the Piñata. The Piñata breaks and drops a Jack-in-the-Box, with a Gold Key tied around its neck. The Jack-in-the-box is moving too fast to grab the key.

Call the pink puffle and use its Lasso to stop the Jack-in-the-box from moving. Now tap to get the key.

Call the yellow puffle to break the glass on the Snow Globe. Try the Gold Key on the chest, but it's too cold to unlock.

Call the black puffle and use its welding ability to defrost the Frozen Trunk. Now the trunk is too hot to touch!

Call the blue puffle and throw a snowball at the Trunk to cool it down. Now you can use the key on the Trunk.

The Trunk opens and a balloon with a roll of paper floats out. Call the green puffle and use it to get the paper. It's your secret agent Puffle Training diploma!

PH congratulates you, and you're warped to the Command Room. Chapter ends.

More about EPF in this post:
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force - Hints and Tips - Nintendo DS

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 9 - Super Secret Gadgets, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 7 - Double Trouble, Nintendo DS

Sport Items on Location Catalogs

The New Sport Items Catalogs on Location are Here :) Ice Fishing…You can click on the Note or…

click to enlarge                              …click down here to get the…

click to enlarge

                        …Ice Fishing Game Updates Catalog :)

click to enlarge


click to enlarge

                       …Hydro-Hopper Game Update Catalog :)

click to enlarge

                                       Chatchin’ Waves

click to enlarge                    …Chatchin’ Waves Game Update Catalog…

click to enlarge                             …The Secret Silver Surfboard…

click to enlarge

                       What happened to The Ski Hill Catalog?

 click to enlarge

UPDATE: March 8, 2011 New design on Game UPgrades catalogs :)

Snow and Sports Catalog March 2009

If you visit Winter Sport Shop you find a New Sport Catalog…as always I don't want to spoiling your FUN so I show you on what PAGE the Secret Hidden Items are…

click to enlarge

                  …Green Baseball Uniform and Green Ball Cap…

 click to enlarge

                                      …Red Ball Cap…

click to enlarge

             …I LOVE This Cute Outfit so Much :) PINK and Pretty :)click to enlarge

New Club Penguin Pin-The Top Hat PIN at Ski Lodge Attic!

                            Here is the Pin at the Attic :)

click to enlarge                                           Yes Please :)

click to enlarge

New Marital Artworks Catalog

Sensei have added Two New pages in The Marital Artworks…White Gi…

click to enlarge

                                    …and Tea Table…

click to enlarge

                                        …No Secrets?

Bug on Club Penguin Time!

Club Penguin Time Zone is not working right! Is it THURSDAY? or…

click to enlarge


Please Club Penguin can you fix this? Normally it is Thursday right now…

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