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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trading Cards and DS Update!

This is NEWS! This is what Billybob tells us:

The team's really excited to let you know that there will be a new set of Puffle Trading Cards coming sometime in April!! Just like the last set, you'll be able to play at home with your friends, and you'll also be able to enter unique codes in Club Penguin to build up your Card-Jitsu™ deck online!

click to enlarge

The team always loves to hear your feedback about the Club Penguin toys. We're busy working on ideas for new trading cards - and we really want to hear your ideas!! What kinds of things would you like to see?

In Other News: You've been asking, so we wanted to give you some great news about the Club Penguin DS Game which is now available (in English) in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland! It'll be available in several places including Top Toys and Elgiganten. We're still working on getting it into Australia, and we'll let you know when we have more details.

Until then...Waddle on!


This is AWESOME I wish for a lots of FLOWERS in the Card-Jitsu Game…PURPLE and PINK FLOWERS that Raining down and cover EVERYONE! I would LOVE that :)

click to enlarge

I LOVE my Club Penguin DS Game :) I am HAPPY so that More children can have it too CONGRATULATIONS! to NORWAY! SWEDEN! FINLAND! and ICELAND! You have so Much FUN to look Forward to the Game is AWESOME!

If you get sucked in the Ds Elite Penguin Force Game and need Help you find that here :)

The Penguin Band invisible Bug

The Penguin Band were here at Abominable but something is WRONG I can only see Petey K on my screen…

click to enlarge  click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Where is the rest of the band? I can see them on Users in the Room…and I can click on them in the Users in the Room list to get their player card and get their background…

click to enlarge      click to enlarge click to enlarge 
The Penguin Band Members: Franky, Stompin Bob, Peter K and G Billy :)

       click to enlargeclick to enlarge

        click to enlarge click to enlarge

I can see what they are saying in the history list of what penguins says…

click to enlarge

…some Penguins are gadded Together to the right in this picture but you don't see The Band Member!

click to enlarge

          WHY are not ALL The Penguin Band Members visible?

click to enlarge    Franky is needed at The Stage to play but NOBODY ELSE of the Band are Visible!

click to enlarge

…I Logged of and then Right Back again to see if that would Help to get Them Visible… but I JUST MISSED THEM!

click to enlarge Please Club Penguin Team what is wrong? can you please fix this fast? My Cache is cleared so that is NOT the problem!

Here is  when I meet The Penguin Band for the First Time and got their Background signed with their Autographs :)

The Penguin Band is in Abominable right now

They are at the back stage right now.

UPDATE: The Penguin Band just left the server

UPDATE: TRACKER! Where is DJ Cadence and Penguin Band in Club Penguin? CHEATS :) Music Jam Party July 17-26, 2009

My Family Tree

Hello Friends :) Today I will tell you More about me and my Family…My Name is Saraapril…LOL…you probably already know that…My Full name is Saraapril Penguin Gary :) Here is My Family Tree!

    It started with Grandpa Gary and Grandma Gary they fell in Love, got Married and had four children First Dad Gary then Brother Gary, Sister Gary and then Gary :)  Dad Gary met Mum Gary (her maiden name was Arctic, Mum is Aunt Arctic’s younger Sister) a beautiful Spring Day in May and he immediately fell in Love with her…I have asked him Why? and Dad Gary said that Mum Gary had the cutest Laugh and the Biggest Smile he had Ever seen :) Dad Gary and Mum Gary married one year later and then they traveled TOGETHER all around the World! After have done that they got two children…First my Brother Littletias and then Me :) You have all met my Grandpa Gary he is the Friendly Penguin that Welcomes you to the Island :)

click to enlarge He LOVES to Talk and to work in his garden…I and Littletias Loves to help him cultivate things :) Right now we building a garden frame for Cucumbers :)  Sometimes he tries to solve Hard Mathematic problems he says that thinking hard helps him to relax he LOVES to Paint too :)

click to enlarge Grandma Gary LOVES Flowers and Together we are planting Flower seeds :) In her Garden it is Blooming EVERYWHERE and I LOVE to be there! And she bakes and cooks all the time…yummmm and she takes me to all kinds of Fundraising Party’s she knitting Mittens and Socks (sometimes they are itchy!) and she tells me story’s about when she was young I LOVE to listen to her Stories :)

click to enlarge Dad Gary is the Oldest Child and he working with computers and helps his youngest brother Gary with all kind of computer stuff…Dad Gary working Together with Rory around the Island too :) Together they take care of whatever is needed to be built or repaired…

 click to enlarge Mum Gary LOVES clothes and shoes  Mum Gary works with computers too and I think she sometimes is smarter than Dad Gary…at least Mum Gary knows were to put dirty socks…and we NEVER run out of Food when Mum Gary is home... She LOVES to Paint and TOGETHER we redecorate our House all the Time…

click to enlarge Aunt Arctic is Mum Gary’s older sister and she is a Famous Penguin! I am very proud of her and reading every letter in her Club Penguin Newspaper…she is a role Model for me and one day I want to be a Reporter like she is…or maybe a Gardener…or a  Computer programmer…:)

click to enlarge Brother Gary is the second child and he Loves to take care of Animals so you can easily meet him in The Pet Shop…He is one of the best Puffle Feeders on this Island :) Brother Gary is very Athletic and Rocky Mountain Climbing and Parasailing is his Favorite Sports…one time he jumped out from an airplane ( with a parachute and an instructor) He takes me and Littletias out for Fun adventures and we often comes home so Dusty and Dirty that we have to shower and change clothes in the garage before Mum lets us come back in the House again…

click to enlarge Sister Gary is working with her Famous Brother Gary G the Gadget Guy all the time :) She is VERY SMART and have lots of Ideas…if something is broken she will fix it and probably add some gadget to it that Might make it work better…or NOT! Grandma Gary was NOT Happy when She and Gary were young and made the whole Kitchen EXPLODE! They was both Grounded for several MONTHS!

click to enlarge My youngest Uncle Gary or Gary G The Gadget Guy is lot of FUN :) I LOVE to see all his inventions and he often lets me and Littletias help him in his work shop known as the Gadget Room…You NEVER know what you will find there…Gary is in charge over PSA Penguin Secret Agency on our Island and I LOVES all Missions he asking me to do :)

click to enlarge Littletias is my Older Brother and he likes to Snowboarding and fly Jet Pack he and his Friends plays a lot of Games…he likes to hang out with Gary and Brother Gary they Always have lots of FUN TOGETHER :) He is Great with computers! Littletias is  often very kind to me AND he was the one that First Discovered Club Penguin and he gave me My Club Penguin Membership! THANKS :) click to enlarge Saraapril that is ME…LOL I Love to write and make this Blog :) I LOVE Ice skating and Gymnastic, FLOWERS, Drawing, Reading and Running around and do HAPPY RUNNING!

click to enlarge       We have lots of FAMILY FUN TOGETHER I LOVE my Family :)


Happy Running Band :)

Today we started a NEW BAND! and Named it HAPPY RUNNING BAND :) We Play FUN Music that is Hard to stand still to…LOL

Band Practise

                             Thanks Friends this was FUN :)

Happy Running Band

                        LOL…The Backstage is SLOW again…

I have Unlocked some MORE ITEMS :)

I am so Happy :) I have got three NEW Cute Club Penguin Toys! THANKS! Mum and Dad :) This is what I Unlocked…

click to enlarge

                …Candy Cane Scarf…Keytar and 1500 Coins…

 click to enlarge

            …Kitty Kat Hat…Blue daisy Hoodie and 3000 Coins…

click to enlarge

     …Black Diva Sunglasses…Crosshatch Hoodie and 1500 Coins…

click to enlarge

                           I put Almost Everything on…LOL

       If you ONLY wear your Keytar and then Dance you can Play :)Playing Keytar              I got the Codes from My New Club Penguin TOYS :)

click to enlargeclick to enlarge2009-03-28 00.13.03

I got a PURPLE Fairy :) Club Penguin don't sell the Purple Fairy but Toys R Us do :) So now I have Both a PINK and a PURPLE Fairy :)

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 9 - Super Secret Gadgets, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin EPF Mission 9 - Super Secret Gadgets

The chapter starts in the Command Room, where G is waiting to report to the Director. Tell G you'd like to help him with his work to start the mission (Super Secret Gadgets).

The Director pops on screen and congratulates you on completing Puffle Training. The Director agrees you should help G catch up on invention work, and Gary tells you to meet him at his room above the Sport Shop. At Gary's Room, Gary shows you a model of the Super Snow Trekker 3000. G needs an Automated Cocoa Bean Distiller from the Coffee Shop to complete the Snow Trekker.

Go to the Coffee Shop, where you'll find the Rookie agent investigating missing bags of coffee beans. Near the entrance to the Book Room is the cocoa machine you are looking for. Ask the Barista for permission, and then take the cocoa machine.

Meet G at the Gadget Room, where he is waiting with the Super Snow Trekker. Take the Cocoa Machine from the inventory and place it on the Snow Trekker to trigger a minigame (place the parts on the Snow Trekker). Once complete, G tells you the Snow Trekker is ready for testing. Open the Spy Gadget and tap the Snow Trekker to trigger the Snow Trekker minigame. Follow the trail of coins to the goal before the time runs out!

You start in the Wilderness at the cave. Enter the cave. Near a pile of warning signs is another Empty Metal Oil Can. Pick it up. When you try to leave a mysterious shadow appears and all of a sudden a boulder blocks the door. Call Pop, the purple puffle, to lift the boulder away with a bubble. Behind the boulder is a pile of logs. Call Blast, the red puffle, to break the barricade of logs. With the barricade removed, you can now exit the cave.

Outside the cave, there is a trail of cocoa leading away from the Snow Trekker. Open the Spy Gadget and call the Snow Trekker, which will trigger another instance of the minigame. Complete the Snow Trekker minigame to arrive at the Mine Shack.

At the Mine Shack, the Miner is dealing with a real mess. Use the Mechano-Duster in the Spy Gadget to clean up the mess and find a strange object. Open the map and return to the Sport Shop, or use the HQ warp in the Spy Gadget, and go find Gary in the Gadget Room.

G reveals that the strange object is actually a Robo-Locator. This piece of information sparks his memory and he finally remembers that he was looking for robots when he went missing in the Mines. Gary explains that he was looking for crash test robots he invented that had suddenly gone on the fritz. He was never able to catch them, so they're still on the loose!

Report back to the Command Room with G and fill the Director in. G is going to make a deactivating gadget, but it will take some time. Chapter ends.

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