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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Petey K – Club Penguin Band

I lost sight of Aunt Arctic in the crowd but I spotted someone it was Petey K! He was surrounded of screaming Fans all wanted his Autograph…click to enlarge

Hi Petey K I am from The Newspaper…The Club Penguin Times I shouted can I ask you some Questions Please? Petey K couldn't hear me so I tried again on the Top of My lungs I AM FROM THE NEWSPAPER CAN I ASK SOME QUESTIONS! The crowd become silent and ALL Penguins stared at me…ahum I said sorry I am from The Newspaper can I ask Petey K some questions Please? Sure you can Petey K said and smiled at me Go ahead…Thanks Petey K what Instruments are you playing? I play the Piano and accordion Petey K said…Is the rumor true that you are a classically trained musician? Yes it is Petey K said and Smiled again I LOVE Music and the Classic Music ROCKS! That is Great I said making a note to myself in my Notebook…Remember to check up and listen to some classic Music as soon as possible…Do you have any Favorite Food? I asked…I LOVE Coffee and Pizza I prefer Fish Pizza and I ALWAYS eats that before a Show…Petey K answered…Anything More you can tell me? Well…Petey K thought for a moment If I wasn’t so busy with The Penguin Band I would like to be producing the music that goes into other penguin’s igloos that would be so FUN to do…right now I don't have enough time to do all thing I want to…The Crowd started to pull in Petey K’s flippers begging for Autographs… Thanks for the Interview I shouted to Petey K but I don't think he heard me the crowd was so LOUD…

This is how Petey K looks like Green color with a Brown (Black) Hat and a accordion…I am Petey K…LOL…

    This is going Great now I need to find Franky and Stompin’ Bob…

G Billy,Stompin’ Bob,Franky

G Billy – Club Penguin Band

Today Aunt Arctic asked if I would like to come with her and Interview The Penguin Band Member’s? If I want too? I LOVE TOO! We meet them Backstage and first we talked to G Billy…click to enlarge

He is the founding member of the Penguin Band and he plays the drum and the flute…So G Billy I asked do you have any Hobbies? G Billy answered…Sure I am collecting Pins and have well over 50 of them :) That is AWESOME I said so you Must have been on Club Penguin Island for a long time? Yup That's Right G Billy Answered…One More question…I understand that you Love Music what did you do before you Started The Penguin Band? I Worked as chef in the Pizza Parlor and I liked that very Much so if you Penguins get bored of our Music I would start to do that again…BORED of your MUSIC? I looked at him in Chock and Disbelief… That will NEVER HAPPEN! I said…He…He…He…G Billy laughed…Glad to hear that Saraapril he said…winked at me and started to sign Autographs…Thanks for the Interview I called out and G Billy Waved friendly to me… G Billy is dressed in a Brown Hat and has Dark Blue color…ME TOO…Almost…LOL

click to enlarge

This is a Great Work! Now we need to find the other Members in The Penguin Band…

Petey K, Stompin’ Bob, Franky

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