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Monday, March 30, 2009

Franky – Club Penguin Band

Aunt Arctic and I looked around us…You try that side of the room Aunt Arctic said and I try this side…okay I said and waddled away…Right at Backstage Stage in the middle of a Big crowd I saw Franky …Hi there Franky have you time for some questions for The Club Penguin Times? click to enlarge

Yes Franky said Lets hear them! Thanks Franky what instruments are you playing? I  play the acoustic guitar Franky hold up the guitar in his hand  and the ukulele and the banjo…That is Awesome I said…I know you were the last Penguin to join The Band…How did you feel about joining The Big Famous Penguin Band? Franky smiled and answered…I was so Happy and Surprised when G Billy asked me to join…our first show was at a Western Party in The Night Club I was quite nervous…I had serious stage fright you know…By the way have you read The story about that? Yes I have I answered…I Love that story you wrote and what G Billy told you right before you entered the Stage for the first time…You can find The Book “Frany’s First Show” in the Book Room over in Book Room over The Coffee shop…

click to enlarge

What did you do before you became a Famous Band Member? I used to work in the Pet Shop Franky said I Love Puffles and they Loves me…Franky smiled…Great! Franky suddenly said…Now Our Fish Pizzas are here we Always eat that before we have a show… I must go Bye…Thanks for The Interview I shout after him…One more thing…can you wave to me from the Stage during the Show? I will be in the crowd…It was to late Franky was surrounded by screaming Fans all wanted his Autograph and he couldn't hear me anymore…

Here I am Trying to be Franky’s Look alike :) Yellow color acoustic guitar and Black Hat…Franky has a Brown Hat…do I look like him?…LOL :)

I meet Aunt Arctic at The Plaza outside The Stage…Thanks for your Help Saraapril Aunt Arctic said Now I will go and writhe an Article for The Club Penguin Times and then it will go to Snow ball Press…I am Always Happy to Help you Aunt Arctic I said…this was so Much FUN AND I meet The Penguin Band again :)

click to enlarge

Looking Forward to your Concert Club Penguin Band You Guys ROCK!

G Billy, Petey K, Stompin’ Bob

Stompin’ Bob – Club Penguin Band

I couldn't see Aunt Arctic anywhere the Backstage was so crowded with Penguins but I spotted Stompin’ Bob in a corner playing the bass guitar for his Fans…click to enlarge

Hello there I am working for The Club Penguin Times today may I ask some questions please? NOOO!!! Shouted the crowed don't stop Playing Stompin’Bob! Stompin’ Bob continued to play and said Of course you can I can play during your Interview…Thanks that is so Kind I said…First Question…Who taught you to play this Great? I am a self-taught musician Stompin’ Bob said…You ARE! I was Amazed…but how come that you are so good then? Stompin’ Bob Laughed  at my surprise so Much that his Belly jumped Up and Down…Practice my Friend I Practices CONSTANTLY that why I am Good at my instrument…I LOVE to Practice both alone and TOGETHER with other Penguins…Stompin’ Bob smiled Happily…Do you have any Hobbies I asked? I Love taking the Hydro Hopper boat for a spin as often as possible Stompin’ Bob  said…The Big crowd of Penguins Sang and Danced around us…Thanks for the Interview I said you are have been so Kind :) You very Welcome Stompin’ Bob  said I have always time for a fellow reporter…Right then Aunt Arctic appeared by my side…Good work Saraapril did you know that Stompin’ Bob used to write for the Club Penguin Times before he was in the Band? He did? I said that is so COOL! Aunt Arctic Laughed…Yes it is! And he is a Great writher too…Hello There Aunt Arctic ! Stompin’ Bob shouted Friendly and waved to us…If I wasn’t a Musician, I would  be writing poems for the Club Penguin Times…That is so AWESOME! THANKS again Stompin’ Bob…

Stompin’ Bob is Red with a Brown Hat and he often plays the Bass Guitar…I can play a fiddle and whistle at the same time…LOL… :)

Now I must find Franky too…

G Billy, Petey K, Franky

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