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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools Day Sneak Peek

This Wednesday it is APRIL FOOL’S DAY :)  and you know what that means... Anything is possible while we celebrate silliness during this wacky party in Club Penguin! On Wednesday It is Time to get Silly and Waddling around with your friends in search of special boxes! Club Penguin Promised lot of Surprises for EVERYONE! and some special things for members :) This will be Silly FUNNELIFUN :)

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And on Friday we get a New Penguin Style catalog :)  so it is Time to start saving up coins to get this Season's Designs! Billybob says: If you like gardening gear you might want to check it out…I LOVE GARDENING GEAR :)

              What time is it? GARDENING TIME! FLOWERS…LOL

                     See last years April Fool’s Day Party  Here

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