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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force April fools day extra jester hat item, Nintendo DS

April fools day jester hat

When you have completed all 13 missions you can set the Clock to April 1 (April fools day). Look for the shelf box “case files” in the Command Room and tap on it. Now go to mission number three. “Rookie on the rocks.” In the mission where you see Rookie on the other side of the river you will find a box and get a jester hat if you tap on it. Finish the mission and you might find new items in the Catalog.

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Box Dimension – Tour Guide :)

                                   Wow! Where are we?

click to enlarge

      They didn't cover this Box Dimension in tour guide training…

 click to enlarge

                                      …I’m confused!

click to enlarge

                            …See Animated Pictures Here :)

Box Store – Member Room Tour Guide :)

            Here we have the Box Store, for all your box needs.

click to enlarge

        Here you can buy your own boxes and box accessories…

click to enlarge

         …try throwing balloons at the paper to paint a picture!

click to enlarge

                                     …see More Here :)

Snowball Fun In Secret Box Room :)

          If you throw a Snowball in this Room it will fly Funny :)

click to enlarge

Animated April Fool’s Day Party :)

                 Inside the Ski Lodge fishy things Happens…LOL

April Fool fishy Box April Fool Mullet Box

                                            …Fish Box…

April Fool Fish Box

                                    …did I do that?…LOL

April Fool Fragile Box


April Fool confused Box

      A HAPPY JUMPING BOX :) AWESOME! This Box makes me Smile :)

April Fool HAPPY JUMPING Box                         …On The Beach this Box disappears…

April Fool Box Missing

                              …and this Box flying away…

April Fool Flying Box

                       …Time for rest at the Beach :)

April Fool Sun Bathing Box

                  The Coolest Transporter is the one in My Igloo…

April Fool Transporter from My Igloo to secret Room

                         …and it goes to This Secret Room :)

April Fool Party Secret Room

Thanks to Spider880 for the EARLY Sneak Peek of this Room you are An AWESOME FRIEND :)

Now after Blogging about this FANTASTIC April Fool’s Day Party it is one thing Left for me to do…TIME TO PARTY! See you all in Club Penguin :) WADDLE ON!

Animated April Fool’s Party Picture – More FUN :)

           This Whistle Box is Cool…WARNING for the Anvil…LOL

April Fool Whistle Box and more

  …Balloon Box this is Great Box to have if you prepare for a PARTY :)April Fool Ballon blowing Box

     …Coffee Table…Box…Coffee Table…Box…Coffee Table…Box…

April Fool Coffee Table                          Green Hair Box :) A Professor Box!

April Fool Green Hair Box                              …were will Transport to Now?

April Fool Transporter!

                                       …Airplane Box…

April Fool Airplaine  …The Green Puffles have so Much FUN and we can FLY TOGETHER!

April Fool Green Puffle Fun

                    …Box in a Box in a Box in a Box in a Box…

April Fool Boxes                           …calm down…Deep Breath Now…LOL…

April Fool Air Box

                             …LOOK one MORE Transporter :)

April Fool Transporter

                           Time for next Room see you there…

Some More Animated April Fool’s Party Pictures :)

A MONSTER HELP!!!! I think The Forest Monster is Cute I call him Boxivar :)

April Fool Forest Box Monster

                                      This is SO CUTE :)

April Fool Butterflies

                               …I like the Cool Diving Box…

April Fool Diving Box  …GO GREEN Box…Perfect for the Environment I think Herbert would like to have one of this Boxes :)

April Fool Green Growing  Box

                              …The Flying Umbrella is BACK!

April Fool Umbrella

       …Cannon Box? Can I send a message to Rockhopper this way?

April Fool cannon Box

                            …The Perfect Ice Cream Box :)

April Fool Cool Box

…yuck…eating your Friends…oohh you spit him out again…still yuck…LOLApril Fool Hungry Box

                                       …Firefighter Box!

April Fool Water Box                           …This is a cute Submarine Box :)

April Fool Submarine Box It is SO MUCH FUN Effects during this Party I will be Back with MORE…

More Animated April Fool’s Party Pictures :)

                     This FLOWER Box is one of My FAVORITES!

April Fool Party Flower Box                                               …LOL…

April Fool Silly Crabs                                   This Must be a SIGN…LOL

April Fool Sign Box

                               The Boiler Room Joker is BACK!

April Fool Boiler Room

                                      …Hanging Boxes…

April Fool Hanging Boxes 


April Fool Mine Underground

                                 Free Item for EVERYONE :)

April Fool Free Item

                           I LOVE these BOXES They are Great!

April Fool Color Boxes

                            More Animations will come…

Animated April Fool’s Party Pictures :)

            In The Night Club it is a Game going on on The Floor…

April Fool Night Club                …Transport Between Nightclub and Pizza Pallor…

April Fool Transport Night Club-Pizza

                                           Music Box :)

April Fool Music Box                             …This Drawing Box is so cute :)

Aprl Fool Drawing Box

                                        PUFFLE FUN :)

April Fool Puffle Fun 


April Fool Balloons

                       I will Post More Fun Animations Later :)

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