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Friday, April 3, 2009

NON Members can Meet Gary the Gadget Guy too :)

My Friend Greg4545 Met Gary Today at THE STAGE! This is AWESOME! So all my NON Member Friends that want to meet Gary try inside The Stage :)

See Greg4545 Picture Here :)

New Wallpaper in Club Penguin

We have got a New Wallpaper in Club Penguin :) THANKS! You find it under Community…

Aunt Arctic, The Penguin Band, Cadence and Gary Relaxing and having FUN TOGETHER :)

click to enlarge

    Click Here to get this and other Cool Club Penguin Wallpapers :)

I Meet Gary G The Gadget Guy Today :)

Today my Famous Uncle Gary left his Gadget Room to visit Penguins Backstage :) He was immediately Crowded and very stressed out…

click to enlarge  …but then he got some scientific questions to answer…That makes him HAPPY :)

click to enlarge

         …if you meet Uncle Gary remember to get his Autograph…

click to enlarge                                    …Gary LOVES coffee…

2009-04-03 20.16.18 - Copy …LOL…Gary tries to avoid the crowd AGAIN…he is hiding behind the coffee table…

click to enlarge …During his coffee break he got many interesting questions about Herbert and New Missions…

click to enlarge                    …and he needed glue to fix his glasses…

click to enlarge …this is WAY to crowded for my Uncle Gary…Every Sunday we all visit Grandma and Grandpa for dinner so I will meet him there Tomorrow…

2009-04-03 20.18.34 - Copy

                                  …Everyone step back…

click to enlarge

Well…Uncle Gary left to think up something new…and here we are TOGETHER :)

click to enlarge

The First Time Gary was out and Meet other Penguin was at Halloween 2008 See pictures here :)

The Winner of Penguin Plays Awards is…

Thanks Club Penguin Team for this Card :) I LOVE Cards! I ALWAYS get so HAPPY when I got Mail :) The Winner of The First Annual Penguin Awards is…Drum roll…

click to enlarge

        …open envelop…And The Penguin Play Award goes to…

click to enlarge

…Quest for the Golden Puffle wins…Best Play and Best Music and Best Effect and Best Set…and Fairy  Fables wins Best Costume! APPLAUDS…Thanks to All Nominees and CONGRATULATION to Quest for the Golden Puffle and Fairy Fables :) Thanks to All of you that Voted…See you all Again next year…

                       See a Video of the Nominated Plays

April Fool PIN ?

In The Newspaper we got this Message…but I couldn't find this Pin …could you?

click to enlarge 

       …Today Club Penguin have change the Message to this…

click to enlarge

          …was the Box Pin a April Fool’s Day Joke? or a Mistake?

Club Penguin EPF Mission Spring Seasonal Mission, April 1-7, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin EPF Mission Spring Seasonal Mission, April 1-7
Talk to Aunt Arctic in the Plaza. She will start the mission, a flower scavenger hunt. There are 16 flowers around Club Penguin to collect. Only four can be carried at a time. Each flower that is found can be dropped on Aunt Arctic for a prize. If sixteen flowers are found and given to Aunt Arctic, the mission will end. Otherwise, you can end the mission at any time by talking to her and saying you cannot find any more flowers. All flowers are outdoors and can be found in the plaza, town, snowforts, forest, ice rink, ski village, ski hill, dock, beach, mine shack and mine interior. This mission can be replayed immediately.

  • The blue flowers is worth 1 coin.
  • The pink flowers is worth 2 coins.
  • The white or yellow flower is worth 3 coins.

Tap several times on the boxes you find and you can get a coin.

Check out the new items in the Catalog.

Tip! If you don’t want to wait you can change the Clock date for the system calendar on the Settings Menu (touch the Settings Panel on the DS Menu Screen). Select "Confirm" when you are finished setting the date.

More about EPF in this post:
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force - Hints and Tips - Nintendo DS

Here are The Last Five Winners in The Snow Sculpture Contest :)

The Last Five Sculptures are now ready for us to admire so waddle around and take a look…Doudou15 …have made this Awesome surf Penguin and Puffle…

 click to enlarge                                    
                            ...This is the Original Drawing :)

click to enlarge 

           Zohanna7’s Sculpture is about Friendship :) I LOVE that!

click to enlarge

                                       Great Drawing :)

click to enlarge

           Monalooka have made this Cool Sled Racing Penguin :) 

click to enlarge

                                      Good Drawing :)

click to enlarge

                  This Pizza Sculpture makes me HUNGRY…LOL

click to enlarge

Thanks Giraffe106 this is a Great Sculpture Idea and a Great Drawing :)

 click to enlarge 

             Dj Girl Rox have made this AWESOME Drawing :)

click to enlarge


click to enlarge

       I think This is the PERFECT Place for a FLOWER Garden :)

Snow Sculpture and Gardening

THANKS to All Fifteen Winners you are all GREAT Artists :) I LOVE all this Sculptures…Very Well Done :)

                        See More Winning Sculptures Here

Penguin Style Catalog April 2009 – Secrets Items

A New Cool Catalog is here :) On this pages you find the Secret Hidden Items…

click to enlarge

…Black Graduation Cap…Thanks CP I wrote last year and asked for one and now it is here :) THANKS!

 click to enlarge

                                 …Red Viking Helmet…

click to enlarge

…as ALWAYS open and close the red Viking Helmet tree times…open again and…The Blue Viking Helmet…

click to enlarge

                                      …The Spikester…

click to enlarge


click to enlarge

                                     …The Spikette…

click to enlarge

                                       …Pot O’Gold…

click to enlarge

                     This is all I found did I miss anything?

Penguins at Work –GARDENER :) My Dream come True :)

MY DREAM COME TRUE! THANKS CLUB PENGUIN TEAM  :) This is WONDERFUL! :) A long Time ago I wrote to Club Penguin and asked for a Gardener outfit with a Rake and I wanted FLOWERS growing up from the ground when I used the Rake…TODAY This come TRUE :) I AM SO HAPPY :) THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU :)

                                           FLOWERS :)

Saraapril as FLOWER Gardener

Put on this Gardening outfit…or pick up only the Rake…Dance…and cover our Island in Beautiful FLOWERS :) Flower Gardening

             The Gift Shop Catalog have all the Gears you need :)

click to enlarge         TOGETHER we will make our Island Blooming with FLOWERS :)

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