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Sunday, April 5, 2009

I have Moved Again :)

Some Days Ago I Moved to a Backyard Igloo and Today Me Shakespeare and Gosig Decorated our Home :)

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Gosig is back home from the Pet Shop and soon all my Puffles will be back…The Penguin Award have been so Much Fun and is was so cool to help Aunt Arctic and meet The Penguin Band…I miss my Puffles so Much it will be GREAT to have them back HOME :) Then we will have a PARTY!

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 10 - Damage Control, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin EPF Mission 10 - Damage Control

Meet Gary in the Gadget Room to start the mission (Damage Control). Gary asks that you go help the other agents assigned to damage control on the island.

First head to the Ski Lodge and go out the back door to the Ice Fishing pond. The Jet Pack Guy is waiting there. Having spotted a robot, fly by and drop something in the pond. The Jet Pack Guy isn't such a good fisherman, so needs you to fish the clue out of the pond. Play the Ice Fishing minigame to retrieve the clue. Once completed, tap on the notebook on the ground. Connect the dots to reveal the image. The clue goes in your inventory and you can head back to Gary to return the clue, or keep looking for the other agents.

Next, go to the Night Club to find Dot looking for clues. Pick up the Blueprint clue, which you'll need to return to Gary, and connect the dots.

Finally, head to the Plaza, where the Rookie is trying to mend the Ticket Booth, the original having been stolen by the robots. Help the Rookie fix the hole by using Flare to weld the metal on metal. The Rookie is looking for clues once you've helped him, but you'll find one first (another notebook page (it’s on the street, to the left). Return to Gary with the clue (or all 3 clues if you have yet to do so.)

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Playing with Herbert and Klutzy

One Day when I was working in the Garden outside My Igloo I heard a strange sound...Little like small claws…Claws?

…I looked around and just there my Garden ending and the Forest starting i saw…KLUTZY! Hiding behind some trees…

…Hi Klutzy I said… He waved at me…Surprised and Curious i dropped my raft and stepped closer to him…Klutzy came out from his hiding place…

…Gosig and Sunshine run up to him and they started to Play TOGETHER :) They had so Much FUN and in a minute all of My Puffles played Happily with Klutzy…

…WHAT IS THIS? A Grumpy voice called from the forest…Do you try to STEAL MY FRIEND? Herbert yelled…

…Cause NOT I answered don't be silly Herbert…Lets be Friends and have FUN TOGETHER ALL of us! FUN!!! Herbert said…That's all you Penguins thinking about Dancing, Singing Playing Music LOUD MUSIC…I ignored Herbert's complaining and picked up a rope…Let’s have a Rope Pulling Contest I said…You against ME? Herbert Laughed Loudly…HA HA HA…I will WIN!

…One…Two…Tree…Pull…Suddenly the rope snapped and Both me and Herbert fell back…Ouch that Hurt! KLUTZY WHAT DID YOU DO? Herbert yelled…Klutzy had cut the Rope! Speed, Chilly I said…you two tricked Klutzy to do this! My Puffles Laughed so Much at us and I started to Laugh too…

Saraapril and Herberts rope pulling  

…This is NOT OVER Herbert Roared I had ALMOST WON! This is NOT Fair! And before I could stop him Herbert took off in Anger…

Herbert is Angry                              …Poor Klutzy hurried after him…

Klutzy…Well I said to My Laughing Puffles I think we have to do something to Apologies to Herbert Remember we Trying to make Friends with him…But My Puffles didn't listen at all they just Laughed! I went to Uncle Gary to see if he had anything that could Help me out…Hmmm a Gift for Herbert…I think I have something here…Gary gave me a Box..

   …I took the Box and brought It to Herbert's Camp…Hi Herbert I said Sorry for My Puffles joke…they didn't want to offend you Please take this Gift as a Peace offering and let us be Friends…I put the Box in front of Herbert and opened it…  Butterflie Box

…Can we be Friends? I asked…Grhmmmupphhh Herbert said…Smiled Happily at the Box and started to Dance!

Herbert Dancing…Well…Herbert looked so Happy that I decide to leave him Klutzy and the Butterflies alone…On My way Back to My Igloo I picked up My phone and Called My Uncle Gary to report and ask him something……Hi Uncle I said do you think we can build Herbert the Green House we have talked about soon? Yes Gary said I think that is a GREAT Idea let’s talk to the Director about this…

…I am so Happy that Herbert starting to enjoy Life here on our Island who knows maybe we will be Really Good Friends some day :)

My Stories and Adventures :)

My New Friends :)

Today I meet some New Friends at the Cove :) Philly4evi, Julie207, Maxs120 and Linneasweden are all FUN and Cool Penguins :) I am Happy to meet you all see you soon again in Club Penguin :)

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