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Monday, April 6, 2009

Back to Normal Again :)

The April Fool’s Party is over and our Island is back to Normal again :)

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…The Box Dimension is still here and will be for around for a while I think this Room is Cool :)

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And Non Members can still go to this Room Thru other Penguins Portals…If your Member Friends don't have their Portal up try Igloos on Map :)

Igloo Glitch

Today when I walked in to my Igloo I DISAPPEARED! Only my name was visible and when I tried to move around I JUMPED instead of walking normal…I was caught in an Igloo Glitch!

Igloo Glitch  …I left the room and reentered and then Everything was Back to Normal again :)

Igloo Glitch Over

Have this Happened to you too? Now I will Report this to Club Penguin Report a Bug so they can fix this :)

Party Invitation – Welcome Home Puffles PARTY!

Sometime this week I will have a Igloo  PARTY for My Puffles and you and your Puffles are INVITED!

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I will post Time and Server some hours before the Party start…WELCOME!

Odog4’s Igloo

I Like to go and visit Igloos on the Map :) Today I meet Odog4 I Like this Igloo Decoration…

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…Odog4 is an AWESOME Break dancer! And TOGETHER with all Puffles we had a ROCKING FUN Time :)

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    If you put your Igloo on the Map i Might visit you too one day :)

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