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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today All My Puffles came HOME :) I am so Happy and TOGETHER we had a Family Party  :) We talk, Play, Dance and Hugged so Much I LOVE that we All are TOGETHER Again :) 

click to enlarge     Tomorrow we will have a BIG WELCOME HOME PARTY! And you are INVITED! Right Now we thinking up FUN Party Games Gosig have a cool idea for Hide and Seek and Snowflake has hidden a secret in My Igloo…LOL

Party information!

Day: Wednesday April 8, 2009

Server: Klondike

Place: My Igloo (It will be on the Map) and Box Dimension

Time 5 PM Club Penguin Time (Look at the Clock at Snow Fort)

If this server is to full I will Post an Update here :)

                               LET’S PARTY! WELCOME!

Coins for Change 2008

Today Happy77 gives us a update about Coins for changes…I think Coins for Change is one of the BEST Things About Club Penguin TOGETHER WE KIDS CAN HELP OTHER KIDS TO A BETTER LIFE :) That is AWESOME!

Happy77 said: Many of you have said that you think one of the coolest events in Club Penguin is Coins For Change -- when players donate virtual coins in the game to decide where $1 million is donated in the real world. This year, the donations were totally amazing (more than 2.5 million penguins donated more than 3 billion virtual coins!) and we were awed by your spirit of giving. 

Your efforts paid off - and we wanted to give you an update. I talked to someone on the team who's an expert in global citizenship:

What's the best part of the Coins For Change campaign? Seeing how much penguins around the globe want to make the world a better place!

When have you been the proudest of the Club Penguin community?When they show how much they care for each other and the world around them by giving to something they believe in that will benefit others they don't even know!

If you could tell the community one thing, what would it be? Every single penguin can make a difference in the world when they come together for a common cause - just look what's been done this past Coins For Change!

Check out the new video at the Coins for Change page - it shows some of the great things that have happened because of your generosity during the Coins For Change program in Club Penguin. We're all crazy proud of this community. Hats off (and candy) to all of you. Thanks for this information Happy77 :)


See my Music video about Coins for Change and read ALL about Coins for Change and Earth Hour here :)

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