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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Decide what Background!

In May we will have a New Party :) The Medieval Party coming Back! One of this Sketches will be to a Background…Which one do you  want as a Background? Choose your  Favorite…click to enlarge 
           Choice #1                 Choice #2                   Choice #3
…Go here and Vote :) The one that gets most votes will be made into the Background for the Special Party Catalog! I had so Much FUN on the First Medieval Party :) This will be AWESOME!

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 11 - Robotomy 101, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin EPF Mission 11 - Robotomy 101

Talk to Jet Pack guy and Dot. Use the red puffle to knock over the boxes in front of the Gift Shop door. Then use the purple puffle to lift the boxes away. Enter the Gift Shop and scroll right to find the Wheel-Bot trying to steal the Vault door.

Use the blue puffle to blind the Wheel-Bot with a snowball, which makes it run away. Follow the Wheel-Bot to the 2nd floor, where it has stolen the computer, out onto the Roof.

Use the blue puffle again to blind the Wheel-Bot, and then use the black puffle to weld its wheel in place so it falls over. Then use the Robotomy gadget in the Spy Gadget to deactivate the robot.

To use Robotomy, Drag the battery through the maze to the exit without touching the sides. Repeat this for all three chips.

Finally, use the purple puffle to put the robot in a bubble and return it to Gary. Chapter ends.

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