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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Camping Trip

In Town Today I meet Macy70, Slimball2007, Feephill and Bartolo8 Together we were on a Mission…

…Closer to the Nature Mission:) We used Goggles to look for trace in the snow…and we found something strange…seeds was all over the Dock…and marks after tiny claws…

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…after using our Spy Phones to call and report to Uncle Gary we decide to go for a Camping Trip…

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                           …The Forest is a Fantastic place…

…Now we need to build a Shelter, Find Food and Water and catch a Fish or two…Sky Storm2 know exactly were we should build a fire :)

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…If you are a…Shhhhh…lol…Secret Agent you can go to HQ and play Mission 2 G:s Secret Mission it is a GREAT Mission for campers :)

Thanks to all cool Penguins that followed at the Camping Trip it was so Much  FUN :)

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